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ML 432 not enough?
336 is 800 watts in 4 ohms and half the price of the 33h. I had 3.6's clipping my Mcintosh 1201's. Room size playes a huge roll, upgrading to the 336 shouldnt be that big a jump. Good luck! 
Buyer Beware of Late Part 2
Add blowspeak to the list...MC1201's for 2k. 
Wilson Audio or JM Lab
There is a little confusion here. You mention Utopia many times but BE once. If your refering to the Jm Labs Nova BE they cost 40% more than the Watt Puppy 7's and not a fair comparison. I currently own the older Utopias, non BE with the 13 inch w... 
Best 10K Speaker
WAF, bummer. Ok, here is an idea. Buy a pair of Jadis Eurythmie speakers and place them in the corners. Show her the speakers and after a brief stroke out period on her part, she might be a litte more receptive to some of the models mentioned here. 
Best 10K Speaker
Why not a used pair of Utopias since your so fond of the Micros? Deep extended bass from the 13 inch woofer, the hyper detail you like, 94 db efficiency and a steal at 10k used IMO. Regards John 
audio research ref 1/ ls-25 tube question newbie
The ls25 takes 4 6922's, I bought a matched quad of EH from tube depot for my LS 25..cost was 30.00 more for the quad. Prefered them to the sovteks that were already there, they seemed less noisy with a blacker background. 
Any suggestions on coolest running monoblocks?
The new Rowland 201's are a pair I can think of. 
Calling all Andy Capps..
She will have no problem carrying your DAC when your ready to sell Yohan, ; ) 
Looking for non-boomy full range speakers
I had fantastic results with the Hybrid Apogee Centaur Major in a 11 by 12 room. It was fairly easy to drive with the right mix of tight bass and beautiful highs that planners are known for. An absolute steal at 1200 to 1500 on the used market. 
Which Home Theater speakers for under $28,000.
If used is an option the last generation Utopia line would be my choice. Utopias up front, mezzos or minis rear and all around. 
B&W Nautilus 800.....where's the bass?
As an ex 800N owner I have to agree about them sounding lean. I auditioned nearly a half dozen amps from MBL to Mcintosh with always the same results. In fact I purchased my 800N's from my neighbour who was bi amping them with a pair of Levinson 3... 
What is your idea of a Perfect Album?
Cheech and Chong Big Bamboo, Hey...its a 70's thing and I actually used the paper. 
Integrated amplifier - selection and alternatives
MA6900 overpriced? You wont think so in 2 years when its upgrade time. Buy one now for 2900 to 3200...its money in the bank! 
How many "tube" watts do Maggie 3.5's or 6's need?
Room size plays a huge roll, bigger the room the more toob your gonna need. Ive heard the 3.6's with VTL MB450 monoblocks and had wondeful results. 
Pink Floyd reunion
Money!! the root of all evil and the use of the Pink Floyd name...haha...Oh well, we have P Diddy, 50 cents, and a huge comeback in the likes of Will Smith for our Philly G 8 bash.