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Queen on American Idol
Pretty cool finally, had some silly fillers but love the Burt Bacharach tribute. Whats the deal on Mary J Blige, didnt anyone inform her she was singing a duet? Totally BS selfish self promoting performance, she finally remebered Yamin was on the ... 
What is your favorite speaker wood or veneer?
Hi David, I love burl walnut. Speaking of looks, why not do something about those Teal echo busters? Recover them with a warmer silk pattern or maybe have a local artist paint a van gogh or maybe a monet? You have an excellent rig and room, I thin... 
Which player has all this????
Change out the stock 12at7 chinese tubes in your c2200 , it will really improve detail and make the c2200 come to life. Telefunken ecc801s did the trick for mine, you only need to change the 2 in the front quad if you dont use phono. 
McIntosh MA 230 versus modern integrated tube amps
I agree, very tubey and hollow sound. You would probably need to spend a fortune to bring it up to specs and still have a mediocre integrated at best. I had 3 Klipsch speakers at the time, Cornwall, Forte and Heresy and none sounded good with the ... 
Changes to the Watt/Puppy System 8
I would love wilson if they would get away from the titanium. Wonder what the beef of those hong kong sellers were. 
Changes to the Watt/Puppy System 8
What is new about the tweeter? 
Queen on American Idol
Id also spend money on a well produced Katherine Jazz cd. I saw her first audition when she sang God bless the child and was blown away. She needs to stay away from the Whitney, Celine, boring drone of today's power singers and focus on Ella, Nina... 
Genesis III Speakers Anyone? ?
Had one for a few months, found it a little boomey in smaller rooms but enjoyed the ribbon tweeter. Nice fit and finish, a good buy under 2000.00. 
Is it Ok for RCA barells l&r touch each other
My harmonix cables do the same on my MA2275, a 1/8 thick corrugated inch cardboard square helped that and also corrected a slight sag from the top cable due to weight. 
Tube amp question
Probably are but one thought comes to mind is dump your preamp and try the Vtl it85 integrated, could be found for 1300 to 1500 used and might fit your budget. 
Queen on American Idol
They did him a favour, could you imagine him being paraded around the malls of the US as the trophey boy for AI? He should now focus on a minor pot possesion bust, straighten his street cred and wash the stink of Idol off of him. 
A question to conrad johnson owners
I have a pic of my old unit and the display was excellent, I dont know how to post the pic here but could send you one in private. 
Tweeters, Scanspeak or Seas
Just purchased a Focus FS88 a few weeks ago with a 1 and 1/8 inch scanspeak revaltor. Its a beautiful tweeter I could definatly live with, does everything my old Seas did with a touch more refinement. For my tastes its a huge improvement over the ... 
Berryllium, Diamond, Titanium...whatever happened to good old silk. Ive owned 2 and auditioned the diamond, if there is a tweeter war going on all 3 take a back seat to silk and tubes in my book. Last staw was a wilson sophia/ levinson demo..after... 
Who has compared the Nautilus 800N/ Sig with 800D?
Havnt heard the 800D but I think the 800N is the best 300 pound monitor Ive ever had.