6922 Amperex PQ White label... D or O-getter? Holland or Hicksville?

Much has been written about the Amperex 5922/6D8J/E88CC. What's the concensus about the top choice for the meatiest, richest midrange? 
I've tried the 6922/E88CC PQ from both Holland and US. As far as I could tell, both had the liquid and rich midrange that this tube is known for. 
But, the 7308 Amperex PQ  from Holland has outstanding dynamics with the most liquid and warm mids. The E88CC doesn't have the deep low-end of the 7308.
BTW, the Philips SQ Holland is the same tube as the Amperex PQ. They are often substituted due to availability.

agree with Lowrider....the 7308 is terrific if you can still find them. weren't they a military spec 6922?
I don't think the 7308 is mil spec. It's heater is rated at 7V while the 6922, 6DJ8 is 6.3 volts.

Oh yeah, D vs. O-getter. The D getter is in the earlier construction of these tubes and is said to be superior. I have D-getters since my tubes are from the 1950s, so I can't speak to the difference. 

The same can be said of small O getters vs. large. I do have some experience here; large O getters are superior, perhaps they create a greater flash and a better vacuum.

I have a pair of these:   https://www.audiogon.com/listings/tubes-amperex-7308-usn-cep-pq-matched-pair-test-nos-made-in-usa-gold-pin-2014-02-15-accessories-92821-brea-ca, from 1962 and '63(still identical construction), that are just sitting in a drawer.     You’re welcome to try them, no strings.    Just sanitize and UPS them back, after listening/auditioning.     PM me, if interested.
Wow @rodman99999 , that's the good stuff. These are mil spec matched with tight tolerances.

They do perform beautifully.    Just a little too warm, for my tastes.     To me; the grey shield, early '60's, Siemens CCa, is joy in my BAT VK-D5.
Is the "deep low end of the 7308" an actual phenomenon or merely the perceived effect of less midrange emphasis?
@pmboyd , there is no diminished midrange in these tubes. It's the wonderful liquid mids of an Amperex tube.
The 7308 presents a more powerful, deep low-end than  the 6922/E88CC.
Don't get me wrong, all the PQ tubes have great sonics. Much more realistic and smoother and without the the grain of the Bugle Boys.

I don't mean the 7308 may have a diminished or attenuated midrange. It's a question of balance. The suggestion has been made (ie. Joe's Tube Lore) that some iterations are more "midrange forward" than others. However, with respect to sound, I suppose perception is reality. I'm especially interested in a 6922 iteration that has a palpable midbass.
I think the Heerlen, Holland tubes are generally thought of as being the midrange champs and the D getters as being a little more laid back or richer.  The small O getters are a little more lively.

Of course when you try these in your system you may wonder how in the hell people came up with those descriptions as they sound nothing like that in your system.
@tomcy6 , I think you're right about the Amperex Holland having the best midrange. And I've heard a difference between the small and large O-getters.  
I agree the D getter may add the warmth and richness.

Since we were speaking only about Amperex, I'd like to add that I'm now using a pair of 7308 1960 Philips SQ large O-getters in my Dac. These are more neutral with low-end slam and the midrange of the best Amperex. They were a Brent Jessee recommendation and replaced the US Amperex PQ.
My Amperex USN-CEPs, have the large O getter.     Their midrange warmth is the singular reason, I’m not using them.     Everything else is presented, as realistically as my CCa’s.     That’s why I’ve had them in the drawer, all this time.     I thought at some point, my tastes might change(far as warming things up).
@rodman99999 , I checked my records and the USN Amperex only have large O getters. I had a pair of USN 6922s and returned them since they didn’t have an extended low-end. They weren’t too warm; maybe it’s the higher voltage of the 7308 that adds the warmth and richness to the tube.

Here’s my take on Amperex US vs. Holland 6922 PQ...
US is more focused and extended.
Heerlen, Holland has smoother highs and sweeter mids.

I can say for sure that the Holland 7308 Amperex PQ and Philips SQ have a fuller sound from top to bottom with deep liquid mids.

Edit...very lively tubes.

I should try to remember, when describing the sound/presentation of a component, to add, ".....in my system and listening room, to my ears."
I should think that, by now, it goes wuithout saying "in my system...," yet, why bother talking at all if useful genralizations cannot be made about tubes. 
There’s nothing wrong about talking about the sound of tubes, it’s something we enjoy doing, just as long as everyone knows that their results may vary. There are some posters on Audiogon who insist that there is no difference in sound between tubes or that new production tubes always sound better than vintage tubes, for example.

Many more people read threads than actively participate in the discussion. Many of them are people who do not have experience in the topic being discussed. So it’s always good to add the qualifier, IMHO.
There ought to be an Audiogon general disclaimer page, perhaps referenced by an asterisk or numerical code (ie. pertaining to the use of the common term "best"). It's beyond tedious to have to keep returning to these qualifications. 
It's funny, I'm reading the thread and laying on my desk, who knows where I got it from is an Phillips MiniWatt E88CC Special Quality gold pin tube with a D getter, made in Holland.Need to check it out sometime although I don't have any gear that uses the E88CC tube.
Nice looking tube with the gold pins.
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In my system, I found the USA Amperex white label PQ large O-getter 6922 to have richer tonality than the USA Amperex orange label O-getter 7308, but weaker bass. Also, the former has a considerably flatter, less dimensional soundtage than the latter -- everything is more "forward" in presentation. I'd ike to find an iteration that has both saturated tonality and dimensional soundstage with tight palpable bass response. Is that a Siemens cca?
@lowrider57  I have D, Large O and small O getter US made Amperex 6922s.  Your information is not correct.  I switched from the small to the large O getter and got even warmer and more vibrant sound, but very similar compared with other tubes.Haven't used my D getter tubes yet.