A great interconnect between Soulution 751 and 725

Hi all,

I want to improve my RCA interconnect cable between phono and line amps. I'm open on both RCA o XLR solutions and my budget could reach 2k.

What do you suggest me?



How much is the total price of those two units ?
2K $   is not much for these highend gears.

I have once owned Soulution INT 330      
The high frequencies were a bit strong with AMT tweeter.    
Depend on your speakers . ´´ warm ´´ cables would be to consider.

I'm a fan of Acoustic Zen Silver Refererence II.

I don't think you can improve much by going up in price from here, except more marketing, packaging, and cosmetics.


In my view, your best upgrade is to take advantage of your components' balanced design and connect them using balanced XLR cables.

+1 @maxwave 

The quality and transparency of the Soulution components are one of the best in high-end audio so that lower quality cables would bottleneck its performance. I suggest starting at least to the level of Siltech Classic Legend level - this is what I own and my electronics are near the Soulution 3xx entry level while the 7xx is their top of the line.

@renatocomes , Take a look at Audio Envy.

Don’t let the very affordable price deter you, they are very good performers

  • OCC copper
  • Low dielectric constant insulation
  • Gold plated copper connectors
  • Purchase by the foot

Another brand is Zavfino


Regards Steve

In no order

audio sensibility - reasonablly priced

zen waive - great

cardas - great example of you get what you pay for

On my B system I got speaker cables from Kinki studio Wow! Who would have thought

Buy used



Spend your money on more music instead of things that make no objective difference. That's what I suggest to you. 

Buy high end used. AudioQuest Wel balanced for example. They were top of the line 5 years ago and are now priced at a 75% discount from original prices. In my opinion, it is hard to go too wrong. 

Albert Porter uses Purest. Give him a call or contact at Porterhouse Audio. 

Your products certainly deserve top-tier signal cables.  There are plenty of excellent options, as suggested above.  From my own experience, and thus my recommendation, is the new Audioquest Mythical Creatures series.  I had Audioquest Earth signal cables (no slouch as a signal cable) and upgraded to the new Thunderbird cable.  I found an immediate upgrade in quality of musical presentation.  However, I waited for several weeks of run-in time on the cables, then switched back to the Earth cables, making certain about what I was hearing.  I definitely could tell the difference and they didn't stay there for very long.  Switching back to the Thunderbird delivered on SQ, once again.  You can find many reviews on these new cables, providing far better description than mine.  All of them are overwhelmingly positive.  Best to you on your journey.

Used Nordost Tyr 2 XLRs in your price range. Great detail resolution and clarity without any harshness. You want something that would let these components shine and this would be it.

Why would you buy a top-notch Soulution stack and then cheap out so massively on cables? 


Go with an Ansuz Speakz D-TC Gold Signature, or just sell all your Soulution gear because you're definitely not hearing what it's capable of.

@renatocomes - it’s really easy to throw money at a problem in the hope that a more expensive cable might yield better results.

I’ve been building my own cables for over 15 years and fallen nto that trap e.g.

  • I thought companies like Van den Hul produced exceptional cable because they charged a lot for it
    • dont get me wrong, they are good cables, but they are professional grade designed to withstand roadies treading all over them
  • I subsequently learned that companies like DH Labs produce cable that was just as good for a lot less money
    • Because they are designed for in home use

Since those early days I have discovered what acrually makes a geat sounding cable

Take a read of this thread, you may just learn something that can save you money and get you great sounding cables

Then you will be able to have an understanding of some of the features of a good cable

If you have any questions just ask

Regards - Steve

Hi all,

this community is full of great people ...

I'm very happy to pose my questions and doubts to all of you because you help me to see beyond. Thanks.

About the cable: due to the fact that I live in Italy, some of your suggestions cannot be followed. Some brands such as: Acoustic Zen, Nordost and Siltech and sold and supported locally therefore I will restrict my search to those brands plus Audioquest and Ortofon.

+1 Tyr 2 from Nordost is excellent and should be on your list of cables to audition.

I just upgraded my interconnects to a pair of Audioquest Pegasus.  The Pegasus is absolutely brilliant cable!!!  I think I'll be keeping the Pegasus for years to come.