All New Acoustic Energy AE520 Flagship Loudspeakers // The Carbon Fiber Giant Killers ?!

I believe these speakers are a real game-changer at their price range to have all of their speaker drivers made out of Carbon Fiber...Tweeters are made of Carbon Fiber TOO ! For only $3500 UK $4100 a pair USA       Coming soon !
 Here's a review on the smaller Acoustic Energy AE509 speakers, they were comparing these speakers to the raved Estelon X Diamond speakers that cost $65000 and other High-End speakers too !..  
  I can't wait to listen to these new speakers !  

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Your breathless excitement (!) for so many "game changers" "bargains" "new technologies" "greater than the sum of its parts" and "giant killers" tuckers me out.

Are you the Devil of the Exclamation Point, highend666? Because my head has spun around so many times, I'm sure I need an exorcism.

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Please specify what parts of the speakers *aren't" made of carbon fiber.  That would make for a shorter list.
Even the very small and much cheaper Acoustic Energy AE500 has better sound quality than these other raved high-end speakers here ! If you look at their other videos your see what I'm talking about here. Carbon Fiber Speaker Drivers working their magic.. WOW !
 I don't think no other speaker company is making a carbon fiber tweeter  !
Even the very small and much cheaper Acoustic Energy AE500 has better sound quality than these other raved high-end speakers 
Thats just your opinion. Others may disagree.
Your reminder of non- affiliation with all these companies in every thread makes me wonder if you're affiliated with an entity that's affiliated with all these companies. 

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The best full range AE speaker I've heard was the large 3 way stand mount AE3 from 2008, very musical and tube amp friendly.
Cheers George
What about wood fibre! It's AMAZING! Pulp, paper, MDF, plywood, musical instruments...WOW!
Let's see the specs...

Hmm, 30Hz +-6dB is a fail
30 kg is a fail

Two strikes puts it in tough shape already.   :)
Speakers can't be judged by specs alone. The British have been known to be conservative when regarding specs.
There are 5000 speakers just like these and they are all flawed. So, tell me which color you like.
30kg is descent, about 60 pounds+ each. Good weight. 
    Would love to have a pair of these. Same with those SVS prime towers. 
Carbon fiber is for Motorcycles, F1 cars and Posers with their CF hoods on their Camaro.

oh my Cobra driver too.
Heard this at my local dealer. This thing
can compete way above it’s price point.

My dealer gave me aquotation of 3k, this
is probably one of the best bargain today.
i told my wife to take a wild gues on the price
And she thought it’s 5 times the asking price
of the dealer.

This will not compete to my previous speakers
which are sasha 2 and vivid giya 3, but i will be
more than happy to own this and replace my
current speakers which is a pmc mb2se and
save a lot of money.

The only downside i can think of is that it has to
be played a little louder and its a little bright but
this is an out of the box speakers and no break in yet.