Am I going to regret the Gallo 3.1s?

I am not rich. I am college student that doesnt have a ton of money and love music. It all started years ago with and the purchase of the Onix SP3/Reference 1 combo. Over the years, I have loved the combo but wanted to move into a more dynamic full range speaker... Years went by and as the Gallos came out, there was something about the design that just sucked me in, making me really want a pair. The problem was, they were just waaaay too expensive. Well, times have changed and I now have the money to finally get my hands on a pair for under 2k. My question is... is it too late? Are they outdated? Is there "something better" for the money now?
Not sure from your post whether or not you've actually listened to them yet?
Vedder323...there is an updated version of the Gallo 3.1s called the 3.5s. If you liked the 3.1s then go for it. I don't think there is a huge difference in sound quality (check out the reviews of both version at Personally, I would seek them out and give them a listen one more time before pulling the trigger if you can to make sure that they still do it for you. What amplification will you be using to drive them?

Good luck
Depends on if you've heard them, the condition, room acoustics, setup, gear, etc. No one can truly answer what you'll regret and won't regret. With that being said...

Just because Gallo released an upgraded version doesn't make the 3.1 sound any worse than it did the day before the 3.5 was released. The 3.1 was and still is a great speaker. If you buy a 3.1, it'll be a great speaker until it breaks. That is of course if you like the speaker.

If you've heard the 3.1 and really liked them, I doubt you'll regret buying them. Unless of course they don't pair up well with your gear and/or room.

I think the only time something is truly outdated is when either everything currently on the market sounds better for equal money or the technology is obsolete (ie VHS).
Thanks for the help, I have never heard any of the Gallos, there isnt a place in town that has them so there is no way to listen to them without buying them.

My room is very small, 10ftx9ft.

My setup is the Logitech Squeezebox > Onix SP3 36watt/channel tube integrated amp.

I think you will need more power than your Onyx SP3 to drive and control the sealed woofer in the 3.1. Also, from my experience with the Gallos, your room is going to be too small. You need to be further away from them in order to get the soundstage height correct, or you might have to raise them up on some taller plinths/stands.
I am planning on raising them up a foot or so with concrete blocks. I am also planning on a classdaudio amp with the dodd audio buffer as soon as I recoup the funds from the speaker purchase (1 step at a time)
You gotta go by your ears, not your eyes, if you are going to be happy in this hobby. Resist... when on a budget you will get much more for your buck going for higher efficiency speakers... quality watts are sum squared....... in dollars
It doesnt seem all that out of reach to power the Gallos, those classdaudio amps are getting a lot of attention and can be had under $600.
Your room(10x9)is to small for the Gallo. If your not against a monitor give the Lehmann Audio ML1(used) a serious look.
Im curious as to why you think its too small? Is there some place out there that indicates this or is that just your opinion? Not trying to be argumentative, just curious.

No, I dont want a monitor, I want a full range speaker so the ML1 is not going to cut it.
Search the virtual systems that are using the Gallo speakers and you will see that your room is too small and you will experience boundary issues and uneven bass response. Take heed of the recommendations offered here.

You really should try to get out and listen to some speakers. Even if you have to make a day of it and travel some distance. Call the dealers ahead of time so that you can maximize your time with them and what you are looking at. Take your own music as well. Keep an open mind!

Are there any audio clubs in your area? Zip Code?
There's no doubt your room is too small. The 3.1s have 10-inch side-firing woofers that really need some space away from the side walls that your room simply will not be able to provide. If you had a way to control the bass it might be different. Otherwise you are setting yourself up for a miserable situation.

The 3.1s sound great (although they do need lots of power which is a serious downside) but in my experience, so do their Strada units, which are basically the midrange drivers and ribbon tweeters freed from those 10-inch woofers. Couple those with the Gallo subwoofer - or any other number of quick subwoofers - and you'd have a hell of a system, though admittedly not as cheap...

My advice - consider other alternatives. There are a few good ones in your price range.
Tekton Lore an excellent alternative - efficient, and capable of being driven by some very inexpensive, low-powered, beautiful-sounding amps.
Tekton Lore an excellent alternative - efficient, and capable of being driven by some very inexpensive, low-powered, beautiful-sounding amps.
Your room is not too small. Your amp is powerful enough. I had the original Reference 3s for 7+ years playing thru a 12 wpc SET amp -- yeah, it has big transformers and the Gallo subwoofer amp to help out, but still.

BUT, the Stradas are better sounding. I'm planning to use two Gallo TR-3 subwoofers with mine. You can easily get away with one TR-1 sub, IMO. I think you would be amazed by them. Good luck, Dave
His room is not too small, I had Gallos in a room that was just marginally bigger and had a great success with it.
I cant help but think that both Branislav and Dodogue are the voices of reason here. Not because its what I want to hear but because I have read so many reviews/experiences in countless forums that suggest the same. In fact, the first review that turned me onto the idea of power was from Srajan in 2005. Keep n mind, this was with the 3.0s but id think the same would apply to the 3.1s in terms of sensitivity.

"The SP3 and Gallos tangoed as well together as the two impossibly intertwined professional young dancers during the closing credits of Robert Duvall's Assassination Tango that make the otherwise questionable movie."

"I found myself looking for road-house and boogie-woogie piano because the SP3 and Gallos really loved to rumble down low."

"Being a 1st-order series design without a network on the mid/tweeter transition, the Gallos are arguably somewhat of a forgiving load. But the plain fact remains that a $1,000 tube integrated has no business manhandling 10-inch acoustic suspension woofers with Sunfire-type surrounds like today's babe managed as easy as humble pie."

And here is a followup review on the 3.1s from John Potis that indicates the questions about using the Gallos in a small listening room.

"For a long time, I've been wondering why nobody produces a SOTA speaker designed for small rooms. And I'm not talking about monitors. I'm talking about a speaker that gives near full-range bass reproduction and works well with small rooms by not overloading them. There aren't many (if any) speakers that can produce 34Hz (let alone 22Hz) in a small room without creating all manner of problems. Well, the Gallos do that kind of bass without the problems and for considerably less money than comparable monitors that won't touch them in the bass."

"Am I seriously calling the Ref 3.1 a state-of-the-art loudspeaker designed for small rooms? You bet."
Obviously, I do not have intimate knowledge of your schooling and fiscal health, so this is a general piece of guidance...You may regret spending that kind of money on audio when you're in school. How many tens of thousands of dollars school debt are you racking up? Unless you've got a serious benefactor footing the bill, you're going to have a boatload of debt.

Perhaps you are quite well set, and if so you are very blessed. I used a humble stereo through my days in school, which both kept me from spending significanly in unproductive ventures and giving me a fundamental appreciation for the entry level of sound. I flipped gear with virtually no loss of income and found out how much improvement can be attained by alternating components. Later, this was very helpful in the attainment of a serious rig once I was earning, because I knew the sound quality threshold which could not be breached through economical gear and what I had to put into the rig financially to attain the quality I desired.

Basicially, I'm suggesting a little delayed gratification. If you're a true audiophile the desire will never go away and you'll be perahps in better fiscal shape down the road to advance your rig when it's not at odds with larger goals.
01-21-12: Douglas_schroeder

Basicially, I'm suggesting a little delayed gratification. If you're a true audiophile the desire will never go away and you'll be perahps in better fiscal shape down the road to advance your rig when it's not at odds with larger goals.

Sage advice for sure.
While i said im in school and not rich, i certainly am far from struggling with debt. I am in my last year and working full time making enough money to fund my hobby slowly. The speakers will be paid with cash saved up over the last 6 months.
My advice is not to buy these speakers without hearing them first UNLESS you are able to buy a set at such a good price you can sell them without fiscal regrets. (Probably good advice for any audio purchase unless one has money to burn?) I read Srajan's and other critics lavish praise for the Gallo 3.1's and hot footed it down to my local dealers all ready to plunk down coin for a set. After thirty minutes or so, I thought, these sound like hi-fi, not music. So what the hell's all the buzz about? Another lesson learned: don't put much credence in a critic's opinions unless you know they share YOUR preferences. It's a shame I didn't care for their sound because they do look very cool and hi-design fashionable. I'm not doubting their appeal to those who share a preference for a particular kind of sound, it's just that no one product is ever going to appeal to everyone.
Photon46 had an experience similar to mine only 4 weeks ago. I heard the Gallo on a very expensive system using Aesthetix Atlas mono amps with Aesthetix pre and CDP. Very impressive imaging and percussion; obviously a very fast, crisp speaker, but not listenable long-term for me. Downright thin in the midrange and upper midrange, which is a killer for my tastes. Even when we switched to a $35K Clearaudio TT analog rig, the same characteristics prevailed. It's not a particularly expensive speaker; hence, I don't want to be unduly harsh in my assessment. Just make sure that for your types of music that it will work for the long-haul.
Ill be working with Bill from Gallo Acoustics on a "B pair", I would think if I dont like them, they will offer a refund but I will double check before pulling the trigger.
If you just want some more bass you may want to consider just adding a powered subwoofer. Unless you are unhappy with the overall sound of your current speakers. This way you do not have to worry about changing your amp to accommadate the new speakers.

If you do buy a sub don't cheap out buy the best you can afford.
So you just want more dynamics. I have only heard the Gallo 3.1 once at a dealer and did not find them overly dynamic. Could be they were not paired with the right gear to get the best out of them though.

I would go listen to whatever speakers that are available locally. Your amp is small enough to bring with you. Any decent hifi shop will let you listen with your amp. Other wise you are just taking a gamble on something you have not heard.

Try to seek out speakers with higher effiency for more dynamics. High effiency speakers should mate better with your amp as well. Some examples are Zu and Tekton.
I own two pairs of these speakers in two separate systems. They are excellent speakers and I would suggest that you buy them. You will enjoy them immensely! If you are in the Boston area, you can contact me to audition them for free.
I would say the most appealing thing for me in listening is the soundstage and detail. I appreciate when a speaker can totally disappear and all you hear is the mix. I am also a fan of impact and dynamics like hearing the cannons go off on telarcs 1812 overture. I listen to classic rock, alternative rock, jazz, blues and classical music.
I haven't heard the 3.1, but 3.5 and Stradas are remarkable regards soundstaging and imaging: mouth the right size, above the guitar, etc. (Recording dependant, of course.) Pretty magical, although it's an interesting question how that would wear long term. If that's what you're after, and the 3.1s are close to 3.5s, you might take a chance unheard.

By the way, on my audition, the 3.5 was appreciably better than Strada with subs, and not just deeper. Some discussion on 6moons, I think.


After thinking about it all weekend, im starting to wonder if I really should consider the Strada/T3 combo instead of the 3.1s. Seems to me that it would make more sense in my smaller room and using audiophileliquidator, it looks to be close to the same damn price...

10' x 9' is far too small for any serious audio.

Sorry to have to say this - but good audio requires SPACE. The room is easily the most important component, and 10x9 is the equivalent of a busted tweeter and broken cabinet in rooms.

For anything better than marginal sound, a lot of square footage is required. 400+ square feet ideally, otherwise it will be a fight with the room. 200 sqft is the minimum that I would even attempt to work with, and then only with small monitors and maybe a small sub.

With 10 x 9 the room is going to make such an unrecognizable mess that it won't be worth the effort. Soundstaging and imaging will be junk, and your frequency response will be +/- 10DB all over.

You will be much more satisfied with a nice pair of headphones and a quality headphone amp.

When you get a bigger room, look into speakers.
I think the strada/sub combo is the way to go in your room if you're set on the gallos. I used to own 3.1's and the bass is tight and may play low, but the impact isn't there without the optional sub amp, IMHO. Sound stage is very wide though.

BTW, I was powering them with a wyred st500, so they were receiving plenty of power.

What about the new gallo Classico series?
I wanted to clarify that I'm referring to the mid bass impact that I felt was lacking in my room without the sub amp with the crossover turned up a little higher than recommended by gallo.

Im leaning more and more to the stradas as well. I am just hoping for seamless integration with a sub cause ive had difficulties in the past making a sub and satellites work well together.
01-23-12: Vedder323
Goat, Nope. Wrong. Thanks for playing though.


Sorry to be the bearer of bad news man, but we are talking about high-fidelity, and you can choose to ignore the facts and have bad sound, but in a closet sized room of 10 x 9 good sound is unfortunately not an option.

Best of luck anyway
He's told you he's a college student now. The small room is only a starting point. He has the money. The speakers are great (I've heard them in a small room). What's so hard about all this?
Pulled the trigger on a B stock of the 3.1s straight from Gallo... $1500, done and done.

Now the REAL wait begins.
Hi all ! Congrats on your purchase . I think you will happy with them , even in your smallish room . Let us know how they sound , ok ?