Analysis plus oval silver or oval 9 ?

I am wiring my Talon Peregrine X speakers up and i am looking to find a good decently priced cable. (As i need a very long run of it, so it adds up fast.) I think i am going to decide between the Analysis Plus Silver Oval and the oval 9. I was curious what people's thoughts were on the differences between them. I would also consider Acoustic Zen Satori or Hologram if i could find it cheap enough in a 20 foot lenth. Thanks a lot, - Ian
As I see it you have 2 problems-- gold silver? and length. Many speaker amp combos do better with the 9 copper. Many amps would not be happy with a 20ft. run.My guess because the 9 is 9ga.-- the silver is less thick---.Maybe contact the Mfg.
I was using the Silver Ovals for mid-highs on my B&W 801 s3 and Oval 9s on woofers. The Silver Ovals have more hi-freq detail but less halographic. In the end I got rid of the Silver Ovals and when for the musical, for me, presentation of the Oval 9 biwired. But I could easily see someone else preferring the Silver Ovals in a more dark system or different musical tastes.
Ian, don't you live in a dorm? Why do you need such a long run of cables? And I'd stick with the Oval 9's...the Silver might sound a little (or a lot) tipped up, especially with your Quattro Fil's. Cheers!
Well my equipment is under my bed, not on a rack or anything and my speakers are placed on my desk. I have to run the wire along the walls of my room. The speakers are only about 8 feet from from the equipment but it is not a direct run. I guess ill just stick with oval 9 for now. Also does anyone know if AP is going to use their new single crystal copper (ala harmonic tech and acoustic zen) in their speaker wires. I believe that would make their wires truly world class. Let me know ... Thanks - Ian
Analysis Plus Silver Oval is dull compared to Satori. The Analysis Plus might throw a wider soundstage than the Satori, but that is it, everything else about the Satori is worlds better than Analysis Plus.
Maybe ill spend the extra money and get the satori, if you think its worth it. Most people i speak to feel it is. - Ian
Ian...Try AQ midnight III. It's very reasonable & blows out AP-9. AP sounds veiled, much less dynamic & detailed in comparison. Quite frankly I don't know why AP gets so much press. It's BOOOOOOORING & drained the excitement out of my system.
Hey I have Argents on my highs and Midnights on the lows. But what I really want is to bi-wire with Sterling. However, eventhough Sagger says AP sounds boring, I sorta find that a good quality. It seems all the speakers I like sound boring to most people. So maybe boring to you is good to me. I might look into AP now. So that is the 9 out of the AP line that is getting the thumbs up by audiophiles?
Yup, it's the Copper Oval 9 that got all the good press. The Silver Oval is much more controversial, and gets a lot more mixed reviews both from professional reviewers and audiophiles.

I presently have oval 9 right now. It sounds great but really i am not comparing it to anything. So really i dont know what im missing. I'll look into the audioquest stuff. Thanks - Ian offense, but why would anyone like boring sound. Maybe perhaps you mean smooth or laid back as opposed to bright. I'm all for that. A smooth sounding system can still be dynamic, detailed & high in resolution, which is the sonic character I prefer. All I am saying is AP is veiled sounding. My experince was that it masked resolution to the extent where some of information seems to get lost. IMHO it sucks the life out of a system & therefore is boooooring. It may work well in a bright & fatigueging system by taking some of the edge out, but you will still loose detail & dynamics. Simply a high resolution system this wire will not do it justice.
Can you guys state the equipment you're using? I understand cables are system dependent, as all things are, so it would help me a lot if I knew what you are hooking up with these cables in question.

The rest of my system consists of a musical fidelity M3 nuvista super integrated amp, nordost quattro fil ICs and a sony SCD 777 ES cd player. I hope this helps but im not sure if it will as few people have the nu vista stuff before. Let me know... thanks
my system consist of electrocompaniet EMC1 24/192 cd player, joule electra la-200 tube preamp, conrad johnson premier 11-a tube amp, ps audio p-300 power plant, sonus faber electa amatour (originals) speakers, rel stadium II sub, nordost red dawn ic's, audioquest midnight III speaker cable bi-wired.
The proper name for the cable kit is 47 Labs OTA (I believe Sakura to be a distributor of the same). Though most of the users of this cable seem to either be using tube and/or 47 Labs gear I have also tried mine with a Musical Fidelity X-A1 (remember that little thing) and the sound was excellent (by far the best the amp has ever sounded). The cable is thinner than the cord on a typical computer mouse and since it is a single cable four runs need to be used for regular stereo speakers (eight runs if biwired). If you do not biwire you would have plenty left to make up IC's with. The kit also contains special RCA's with which the IC's are made (no soldering or special tools are required) and you select the length of the IC's and speaker cables (just snip the amount needed off of the 50 meter roll of cable). The cable kit retails for $600 (approx. 180 feet of cable and enough RCA's to make of three sets of IC's), but don't let the low price fool you. Oh, and by the way my equipment (except the speakers) is in a hall closet (not enough room under the bed:-).