Anyone else suffering with Qobuz tonight

Been having issues with Qobuz- up, down, and staying down. Anyone else experiencing the same or is it just my area of service?


I’m in Los Angeles- it’s been going ok for the last 20 minutes but was DOA for about a 1/2 hour here. Thanks for the response!

It’s been good in Michigan. I have more issues with Audiogon being slow.


It was fine for me last night. Sure it isn’t your network or internet connection? 

Qobuz has a different idea of 4-9s than I do.  Since they were the only reason to stay with ROON I ditched both as soon as my contract came up.

I've been ripping my disks and very much enjoying that trip through the archives.

Qobuz has been fine using the Qobuz app but with Roon I have had problems. Sometimes it connects and plays OK but at other times it won't connect.

It's working just fine here in DC but I hope I'm not jinxing myself! 🤣

Qobuz is generally rock solid but last night was strange- it just dropped. Then it would pop back in after a few minutes and a few seconds later nothing. The wife was streaming movies and internet connections were all good. Just Qobuz. After a half hour or so it got back to normal- first time I had seen that as it’s usually great. Thanks to all who responded- glad to hear you weren’t missing out!

Never an issue for people like myself who decided to stick with physical media. My Cd's and albums are never down! 


👍 I’m with you on that one but I need the Qobuz for auditioning these long lists of new releases I go through prior to buying. 

I've never had an issue with Qobuz that I couldn't trace back to my network or the ISP.

My Qobuz goes wonky from time to time and agree with Ozzy. Audiogon is very slooooow lately. 

While I haven’t been seeing Agon creeping lately I just went through the same again with Qobuz- have spent the last 45 minutes screwing with the app. Even after removing the app, reinstalling and restarting the unit it just started running a few minutes ago. I guess I’m going to have to write a letter!

It's 2023/2024. By now even the least computer savvy and nontechnical should realize that just within your own home their are many levels of interconnectivity that can be the reason for apps to malfunction or run slow and that is even before you get to the outside internet "plumbing". When in doubt <Alt> <Ctrl> <Del>. Oh wait, they took that away. DOH!