At what volume do you typically listen?

I have a Mark Levinson 326S preamp which a friend and I call "The Venerable One". I realize that this is subjective, but until I get to 45 out of a total of 80, the speakers really begin to sing. This is just past 12:00 on the dial.

I was curious to know where others listen on the "dial". I haven't checked with my Radio Shack SPL meter, but what is a typical range at which people enjoy listening? THank you.
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All volumes at different times.

My preference is to always listen at levels comparable to that I experience at comparable live performances. That can vary as well but tends towards the louder side of things for sure.
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Typically between 75db and 85db. I listen during the day in my house so no shared walls or floors.
My volume dial starts @ 6:00 and I usally go to 9:00. I never go past 12:00 though but if I want more volume I usally navigate the dial between 9:00 - 12:00. The sub woofer really helps in my music reproduction in the bass area since my pre does not have a loudness switch
5-8 out of twenty typically, 13-14 out of twenty preferred if I can get away with it without the wife getting upset.

My smaller 12X12 room where the equipment is was built with insulation in the ceiling and interior walls in addition to normal exterior walls and has a solid wood door (compared to hollow normally) so that I would have a place where I can crank things essentially at leisure without disturbing others in the house, even late at light.

In my big room and in my wife's sunroom in particular, I have to be a bit more "controlled".
75-85db is about right. If really rocking I may hit peaks over 85 but to be honest that is pretty damn loud. For those of you have have an iphone there is a good and cheap SPL meter app you can dowload to give you an idea of your listening levels.
The volume dial is near meaningless as a measure of loud. Some setups are deafening at 9 PM others are still fairly quiet at 3AM...however if you like playing with your knobs who am I to criticize.
My normal listening is done between 75 sand 85db , but occasionally buzz it up to 100db , or better .
Apartment dweller here - so pretty low. I've checked the RS loudness meter a few times over the years, and under 75 is typical.

Glad knweisner got my joke. Yes it's all relative. I was listening last nite at what I thought was a restrained quiet level to relax and then at breakfast everyone in my family commented at how loud it was. I do need a bit of volume to enjoy sorry to say.
The volume that wont have me making an appointment with an audiologist, lol. Huh??--Mrmitch
I've got less than 2 watts on 98dB single-driver speakers ... I probably use 1.2 or 1.3 watts. Not the best room/acoustics, but 8' out and I'm happy
My unit is supposed to adjust volume in db and using a spl meter in conjunction with my volume control it appears reasonably accurate within +/- 1db. Based on that my early morning listening ranges from 60 to 66 db, 69 to 75 db as my mid-volume 78 to 84 db at my loudest. The majority of my listening is done from 72 to 78 db.
80-95 dbs for me, rarely peaks close to 100. My room and amp will not allow any higher.
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"My unit is supposed to adjust volume in db and using a spl meter in conjunction with my volume control it appears reasonably accurate within +/- 1db."

Interesting. I believe this is just a coincidence because the actual db at your listening chair would depend on the speakers' sensitivity and the distance you sit from them. Try different speakers or move closer or farther and the readings will be very different.
I generally listen at peak levels of 75 db or less (C weighted slow on my RS meter). If the wife is not home, maybe I get up to 80db or so (for a little while). I am glad to hear that I am not the only one who listens at lower levels.
" I am glad to hear that I am not the only one who listens at lower levels."

I'm one also. There is an art to putting a system together that sounds great a low volume. Over the years in this hobby, I've found that many amps and speakers need to be turned up to get into their sweetspot. My eardrums are thankful I have.
I prefer as loud as I can but generally put a limit on it so as to avoid damage to my hearing. I want to be able to still enjoy listening to music when I retire in another 13 years or so.
Hey Swanny! I have 600watts tied to 112+ dB horns. Mine goes to 12! Almost never does, but it can. :-)

Seriously, I agree with Buff, but it seems there is a consensus around 75 to 95 dB.
"consensus around 75 to 95 dB"

anything above low 80db range is most likely going to damage your hearing. 95db is way to loud for regular exposure. YOU WILL GO DEAF!!!!!
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You know your point is absolutely valid and I think it may have simply been a coincidence when I checked that they matched so closely. Of course all the factors you mention and more come into play.
Mwhee will likely be able to continue to enjoy his system into retirement at those levels. Good for him.

A little louder on occasion is probably still OK.
Low to mid, Never ever mid to high,  Not sure why folks like music loud, Never in   40 years understood this idea, loud is better.
Yeah i got the 100+true/ pure watts, Sort of a  waste,,but at low/mid, the sound is so quiet,  so pure, just easy. Preamp knob never goes past 1/3