Audio Hungaray Qualiton A50i vs LTA Z40+ Integrated

I need help deciding between the Audio Hungaray Qualiton A50i and the LTA Z40+ Integrated Amp. Both seem to be great but I can get the Hungarian for 1k cheaper. I will be using them strictly for music. I plan on powering a pair of Focal Aria 936 K2's and a sealed sub, maybe two. Like everyone else here, I am looking for the best sound quality possible. Thanks


" I will be using them strictly for music."

Is there a particular brand recommended for a coarse grind or fine dice? 

If you’re looking more for a strictly neutral-sounding amp the LTA might be the better choice, but if you’d prefer just a bit of tube warmth the Qualiton is probably better.  This is just from reading reviews and feedback from owners so take this for whatever it’s worth, and best of luck.

I own a Qualiton 100 watt power amp. I also own a Linear Tube Audio preamp. Given the sensitivity and impedance of your speakers, either amp would work. Personally, I’d recommend the Linear Tube Audio integrated. The LTA equipment is amazing - lots of musical detail with a subtle tube tone. The Qualiton equipment is also great, but I’d still recommend the LTA first. 

Thank you all for the input. Im sure yall know how hard of a decision this is. I want this to be my endgame amp. I am torn because I can get the Qualiton A50i for $1,500 cheaper than the LTA. I do love Jazz, Blues and some Rock too! I am now wondering it the additional cost of the LTA is worth it. I will be using ifi Zen Bluetooth adapter for streaming music from my phone.

If the difference in price is affecting your decision consider the life/longevity of the vacuum tubes (which will most likely become stratasperically expensive in coming years).

David Berning (designer) has a track record for his designs being "kind" to the tubes used.





Although I had been using only tube amps from 2000 to 2022, I got impressed with Starkrimson monoblocks which cost around 2k$ wtih Gan updated supply.


I still keep five tube amps including Silbatone 300b SET.


It is also pleasure to use it during summertime since it generate little heat.


Compared with Line Magnetic 508 amp fitted with vintage tubes, this little guy come very close if not better in clarity and overall musicality.


if you get this, yoiu can have money for tube pre amp.



Out of both amps I mentioned which one would yall say is the most musical.

Im really going for a holographic effect, and realistic instruments.

Thanks yall


Line Magnetic 805 will give holographic imaging and very musical sound.


I had lived with LM 508 ( old version) for 5 years.


It is also dream for tube roller.


My friend prefer my Lm 508 to his Dartzeel 108.





If you can swing it the best "Holographic" sound I have heard was played through David Bernings own amp and preamps. Why consider the watered down version?

@edwinf - if you are looking for “most realistic instruments” I’d say 100% to go with the LTA preamp. Both have a holographic quality, but the LTA has more of a live music feel to it. 

Also, look out for a private message from me. 

I bought a 6 month old LTA z40+ with NOS  Mullard and Gold Lion EL34 and did not care for the sound and sadly resold it in less than a month. It sounded very SS with hollow bass compared to my Raven Tube Amp.  The clarity, instrument separation and sound stage was stellar but my tube amp just had that full warm meaty sound  I prefer. Really shocked me but glad i gave it a try. To each his own! Good luck with it all. 

I will be using ifi Zen Bluetooth adapter for streaming music from my phone.

Ouch!  Why would you do this to either of these wonderful amps?  Tell me you’re streaming Spotify as well.  Ugh.


I use Amazon Music HD and Tidal. Can you recommend a good afordable under 1k replacement for the Ifi Zen Adapter?

That was all I could afford at the time

Thank you


@bluethinker Im still waiting on the private message. I need all the advice I can get. I can get the Audio Hungary A50i for 1k cheaper.

I run the LTA Z40+ with the NOS Mullard EL34's and it is a stellar integrated, but it is not "warming", to echo the other comments vis-a-vis Raven amp.  It is superior for musical information, more lifelike transients, and a wonderful "lit from within" sound, but it certainly won't work if your speakers need warming, like a more traditional tube sounding amp might bring.  If your speakers are a little warm themselves, it can bring magic that the traditional tube sounding amps cannot due to OPT's.  My Stenheim Alumine 2 SE's are very neutral speakers with perhaps a hint of warmth, and that matches well for me with this amp.

@jbrrp1 Thank you for the input. The Focal 936 K2s are neutral from what I've heard from other reviewers. They will be shipped to my door this coming Tuesday. I would be buying any of these amps blindly so its a tough call. But for reference I am currently using the Arcam SA20 Integrated Amp. Its been good to me these past 4 years but want to take my listening experience to another level and plan on making this next amp my "Endgame Amp". Since the Focals are known for being a little bright on the top end maybe the Audio Hungary Qualiton A50i might be the best choice because its an all tube class A Amp! What are your thoughts?

Thank you

Oh, so you haven't lived with the target speakers yet.  I would recommend running them awhile with what you already know, let them fully settle into their character and get their measure if they are hotter on top or not.  Guessing based on reviews is a bad practice, IMO.  As an example of the problems with this, I was just at the Munich hi end show, and reading the reviewer reactions to systems I heard in person reveals how little stock we should put in their statements, because we all hear things a bit differently, it seems.  I had completely different takes in many cases.  Get your own experience and trust your own ears, because that's what your trying to please.

@edwinf - I’m currently traveling back to the usa from Europe. Can’t seem to find how to send a private message on my minke phone. I arrive back home Monday night. Will send you that promised message Tuesday morning! 

If you care about the cost, Willsenton R800i could be better choice.


There is a detailed thread about tube rolling of it.

if Focal sounds bright, you can tune the sound through tube rolling.


I use Amazon Music HD and Tidal. Can you recommend a good afordable under 1k replacement for the Ifi Zen Adapter?

Yeah, do a trial of a Qobuz account that most people, including me, prefer over other options and offers lots of hi-res content as well. Buy a decent streamer (iFi Zen Stream would be a good choice although you’ll need to spend $6 on the best mConnect app to work with Qobuz) and get a decent Wi-Fi extender like this or Mesh system and go hardwired to your streamer with a CAT7 or good Ethernet cable. Bluetooth is garbage at your level and an insult to the amps you’re considering. Full stop.  I’m sorry, I don’t mean to be,uh, mean here but Bluetooth is just a nonstarter at this level.  Man up!!!

I’m one of those who’d argue that weak links in the audio chain will drag down the overall performance of the system. Bluetooth is (I think we can all agree) the worst-sounding streaming option. I’d definitely look into a dedicated streamer. Among the more affordable, positively reviewed options are the Ifi Zen Stream ($399, liked by most for sound quality but has unreliable wifi, if you can’t use ethernet); of course the Bluesound Node ($599, very popular with a nice app); and the recently released Eversolo DMP-A6 ($899, haven’t heard it but it’s been getting strong reviews).

I should add that the Ifi streamer is a transport only -- it doesn't have an internal dac. If you choose that one, you'll either need to buy an external dac (usually the better option) or get an integrated amp with a dac built in. Of course, the cost of an external dac changes the price calculation. If you have the cash, I'd recommend the Denefrips Ares II Enyo for $850. Their dacs to me sound more natural and "undigital" than similarly priced chip dacs. (Switching to Qobuz should also help in that area. I think it sounds more natural/less digital than Tidal.)

I agree with the others who are saying that the first thing to upgrade is your streamer/DAC situation before upgrading amps.  That is a lofi solution you're using with ifi and your phone.

Having said that, I have the Qualiton 50i and it is amazing.  Musical, holographic, and very powerful.  I happen to have it paired with Audio Solutions Figaro M speakers.  That's a perfect match because Audio Solutions uses the Qualiton 50i to voice their Figaro M speakers.  I have also run Harbeth S-HL5  speakers on this amp, and I have never heard the Harbeths sound better.  

I am not familiar with the LTA amp.

Given your stated tastes it would seem the AH Qualiton would be the better choice although it’s really hard to see going wrong with either, especially when you factor in tube rolling.  You’re in for a treat, but please get your source sorted out first.  I mentioned the iFi Zen Stream because it’s very good at its price point, but if you can stretch a bit by all means go for the new Innuos Pulse Mini as it’s better on all levels, and Innuos actually provides great customer support, which iFi definitely does not.  

Minimum impedance for those Focals is 2.8 ohms, will be a very tough load if the attending phase angle is steep and if this minimum is in the bass frequency range (which it most often is). The two amps you are weighing have power ratings at 4 ohms that could be an issue IMO. You might want to consider a hybrid integrated (Copland makes a good one) with a solid 4 ohm rating OR ditch the Focals for the  new Mofi Sourcepoint 10s, that way you could be sure the amps you're weighing are gonna flourish (if your room isn't big at least).

I too owned and loved the Qualiton a50i. I replaced my Luxman 590AXII with the Qualiton and couldn't be happier. This is one amp I will gladly buy again for my second system when the funds are available. As someone here mentioned, it is powerful, musical, and holographic. IMO, it really does a great job of creating a lush, full, holographic, airy sound without getting too tubey or syrupy. Great execution of pure class A with classic tube sound!

The a50i drove all the following speakers in my listening room quite well -- Harbeth SHL5+, Fritz Carrera BE, and Joseph Audio Perspective2. Although, it did struggle just a little bit with the Joseph Audio with respect to reproducing the lower frequencies, but the JA is not a particularly efficient speaker to begin with. 

I have not heard the LTA, but from what I read it is more on the neutral side compared to other tube amps. Best to audition both if you can, but in either case the AH Qualiton a50i is a fantastic amp that will make you very happy!

@edwinf - Hi! I'm so sorry for the delay in my reply. Once I got home I was crushed with work. 

I, for the life of me, can't seem to figure out how to send you a private message. 

I'll try to diplomatically communicate what I'd wanted to share. 

As noted, I have a 100 Watt Qualiton tube amp. It's worked great and the sound is fantastic. Previously, I did have an older model preamp from them which had to be replaced. Qualiton was super helpful and committed to helping me. Can't give them enough credit. They are great!!!! 

That said, there is no USA-based repair center, so any repair/maintenance is a little more problematic than ideally desired. It's a minor side point, but something worth considering. 

The LTA team is based in the USA and would be more available for support, etc. 

In the end, you can't go wrong with either brand. But the repair side of things is something to think about... 

@edwinf - Let us know what you've landed on. Want to hear what direction you've taken and your impressions of new speakers and amp! 

And, again, sorry for delay. Things got beyond hectic once I got back to work.