Audiophile metal albums

What are some well recorded, great sounding metal albums?

I think Tool for sure. But looking for other examples, preferably with non-growling vocals. 
Ghost - Prequelle, great album no matter what. I consider that metal. Lots of styles of Metal. 

Millercarbon, expand your musical horizons! I'm not heavy into metal, I have to be in the right (wrong?) mood, but Ghost is a very talented musician. 
The problem with Metal albums is the high level of compression. Metal is and was a primary genre for the Loudness Wars.

@lowrider57, I know, also distortion is a desired element of the genre. But even given that, Opeth for instance sounds really, really good. Well recorded, and of course the music is excellent. It's just that I dislike the growling vocals. I'm a fan of Iron Maiden esque melodious stuff, wondering if there are current/modern bands that capture that feel but also with high fidelity.

Pantera albums were well recorded as well. But I know their music already.
Do the Deftones count? Ohms is pretty well recorded. White Pony is also a classic and isn’t over compressed. 
Welcome to Sky Valley
And the Circus Leaves Town...

In on the Kill Taker


At Action Park

Monotheist by Celtic Frost                            Melana Chasmata by Triptykon                   Both have singer/songwriter Thomas G. Warrior on vocals.
Brave New World by Iron Maiden                Defenders Of The Faith by Judas Priest   
Fates Warning "Long Day Good Night"

24/96 streamed on Qobuz sounds great on my Magnepan 3.7i system and highly recommended.
The Opeth stuff sounds good but I don't need to listen to depressing lyrics in 2020.
What happened to short guys in spandex singing sexist lyrics about hot chicks?
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Armored Saint - Win Hands Down                        The Sword - Warp Riders
We can argue whether ACDC is hard rock or metal but this one sounded real good on my system: Stiff Upper Lip (CD). Angus Young's Gibson SG playing was particularly striking for its drive and power! Speaking of power the newly-released one is called Power Up - and was produced as a tribute to the late Malcom Young!
@bajaed : Good point there! More songs about chasing blondes wearing short shorts would be welcome!

System of a Down (self titled) and SOAD Toxicity
Both excellent new vinyl releases
living death
dark angel

 930 more good metal bands.


The point isn’t about metal bands and good albums, there are hundreds. But rather what is very well recorded and produced as well. Every genre has that. Typically electronic music is considered non audiophile but certain artists care about the quality a lot and the albums sound absolutely mind blowing on a good system. I am looking for recommendations on similar stuff from metal bands. Aforementioned Ghost’s Prequelle is really good. I’ll call it pop metal, retro style, which is what I actually prefer. 80’s style melodic stuff. Hard rock is fine too. For instance, I am sure a lot of progressive metal albums were recorded well by Devin Townsend et al, as they are neurotic about things. But I don’t enjoy the genre that much, too complex.
The Cult - Electric / Sonic Temple / Ceremony

Going to have to queue them up later.
I think Queens of the Stone Age lps are recorded well for hard rock. Not sure it is metal, but some of their songs are very heavy. The import version of “Songs for the Deaf” sounds great, and Rated R (I got the Rated X import) sounds super also. The s/t lp also rocks. Homme began in Kyuss. 
Alabama Shakes - Sound & Color

Exceptional recording that set your speakers to fire if played loud enough.

Not metal though. But the singing lady is heavy enough..
Yeah, Queens of the Stone Age is bad-ass.  I'm surprised that nobody has yet mentioned Metallica.  Even their name says it all.  They were very early heavy metal and basically began the genre.  Their recordings are typically very well done.  Get their live concert recording, from France.  Only on DVD, but wow, it is something.
Tool, as mentioned above, is a good example too.  However, stay away from their picture albums.  Absolutely horrible production of vinyl.  I bought it and waited too long to be able to return it.  I sold it at a loss, on eBay.  Absolutely unplayable, garbage piece of vinyl (if you have a high resolution system).  The music is good though.  I may try again, but only on black vinyl, no picture disc.
Anything from the Ripple label, such as Ape Machine, Fire Down Below, Necromant to name a few. Awesome stoner metal without the growl.

The Black Album from Metallica sounds good to me. Also the New Testament album Titans of Creation sounds fantastic!