Audiophiles & Snake Oil!

Well worth a listen
"Audiophiles often link all kinds of measurements, like frequency response, signal to noise and distortion of various kinds to the closest to live music. Also working principles like class A, linear power supply, a given component like a DAC chip or silver cables (or anything but silver cables) are seen as ‘ultimate choices’. Have I got bad news for you."

(4) Audiophiles and snake oil - YouTube
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I love the first comment to this video where the guy who used to work at Audio Note calls the measurement freaks "scope jockeys". 
Can I borrow that?

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Poor Hans just learning about the circle of confusion. Floyd Toole wrote about it some 20 years ago? 
I love the first comment to this video where the guy who used to work at Audio Note calls the measurement freaks "scope jockeys".
Can I borrow that?

Sure. But the preferred term is measurebator.
"Sure. But the preferred term is measurebator."
MC knocks it out of the park. Again.
What a highly pretentious and condescending pile of shill-driven obfuscating drivel by a dude hopelessly lost in the 'circle of confusion' himself!

But apart from that, it was great.

Certainly something that might offer a little amusement to the many engineers working in audio production during their tea breaks.
Interesting video about some aspects in the recording process by someone who seems down to earth...


It is not true that a low cost system is ALWAYS inferior musically, to a very costly one, soundwise perhaps not necessarily musically... Because music and sound are not synonymus AT ALL...They are 2 distinctive components of the audiophile experience, not to be confused...


Because of something this guy never allude to in THIS video : ACOUSTICS control over the speakers/room relation...( i dont doubt tough that he does know  what it is, i speak about THIS video only )

I wil not speak about vibrations controls nor electrical grid controls...He does not speak about that too...And i dont want to repeat here what i already said about embeddings controls...

He speak about dac and timing for audiophile solutions of choice....It is right what he said BUT

A controls over the acoustical settings of the room is more big step to Hi-Fi than the recommended products and dac this guy suggested... It is a seller perspective he does not take a completely informed perspective...

I just succeeded to recreate " DEPTH IMAGING" coming from my room /speakers with ONLY small pipes and straws of various size at a precise location in the room...AT NO COST....It is my last device : the "Helmholtz pipes meeting the first wavefront» the name describe perfectly my device....

The effect is huge and not reducible to timing dac information S.Q. increase, so good it would be also...My dac is minimalistic NOS dac of very good french design but not costly... Accurate sound is not musical sound...It is 2 necessary components of the experience but one is more important than the other... Acoustic is more important than digital processing of sound... Sorry....Musical experience can exist with imperfect sounds, and perfect sounds can be not musical at all and fatiguing...

Then reducing audiophile goal to buying costly dac and other artefacts is half truth to say the least... The essential of audiophile experience is then lacking : Acoustic control of the room/speakers relation...

"Depth imaging" in a room is the sum of 2 distinctive factors :

«One is auditory source width (ASW) which is defined as the width
of a sound image fused temporally and spatially with direct
sound image, and the other is listener envelopment (LEV)
which is defined as the degree of fullness of sound images
around the listener, excluding a sound image composing ASW»

The relation between spatial impression and the
law of the first wavefront
Masayuki Morimoto a,*, Koichi Nakagawa a,b, Kazuhiro Iida