B&W CDM2 - looking for replacement woofer alternative

I have a pair of B&W CDM-2 booksehlf speaker. One woofer might be beyond repair. ZZ09929 seem to be the part number but can't find (and might be cost prohibitive even if B&W would ever get them back in). 

I have zero details of the woofer. If someone has info, please post. 

Aside from keeping my eyes open for a cheap sinlge speaker or a totally busted (to part out) one: Is there a 'similar' woofer that I can swap in, at least at a temp fix? 




As always, the crossover is designed for that specific driver. Maybe it's time to consider a new set of speakers.

It is understood that only the original woofer will net the original result. But if that is not a requirement, what other drivers would FIT and have similar characteristics.

There are THOUSANDS of example where (particularly for vintage speakers) where users have found replacements for drivers.

Trash vs. spending a few bucks and still use the speakers (in a lesser role as originally designed). I understand that this may not be the best place to extract such ideas from the audiance considering the amount of pixel dust that is floating around here. But there still may be some more practially inclinded people here who know the insides of their speakers.

Not considering repair, just replacement with something that a) (most important) FITS (phycially) and b) maybe someone close (for example another B&W driver from another speaker). 

Brother, have you considered a speaker kit? :)

If you don't find a drop-in replacement, then you end up with a lot of adjustments and then you end up having to do a lot of measurements and crossover changes, and by that time you might be better off building a nice 2-way speaker kit from scratch.

Personally, you are better off selling the pair you have as is.


PS - DIYaudio is a great place to ask for help like this, lots of speaker builders with expert advice who may have a driver, or may know what drops in well.

erik: part out would be the alternative (selling the tweeters, the one good woofer, crossovers and housings). DIY forum already posted, great hands on guys there (a lot less pixeldust to deal with also :-)


IMO your best bet is to replace the defective woofer with an original if you can find one. I’d call around to a few speaker shops and see what they recommend. GR Research, Madisound, Meniscus, etc.

Being that those are a two way design, the woofer plays a huge role in vocals and the critical midrange. Replacing one woofer would function, but would not likely yield satisfactory results. Replacing both woofers would also function, and both speakers would at least be the same, but would also be sort of a crap shoot as to whether they would sound good. You might find some mods online that use replacement woofers for those speakers, where someone did some due diligence and worked out details that result in a nice sounding pair of speakers.

You might also find a whole DIY kit where you could salvage the cabinets, and replace all the drivers and crossover.



What exactly is pixeldust? As I see it no one has done anything here but try to help you.

I ordered the driver of a DM601, hope it physically fits. I also took the driver out, and found what is causing the issue. Previous owner (likely when putting expoxy on the small hole in the cone) must have dropped the driver. Magnet is askew to the basket, resulting in misaligned coil/gap. I will attempt to straighten the basket and magnet, nothing to loose. 


Madisound speakers in Madison Wisconsin may be able to help find a replacement. Perhaps send them an email with your inquiry?

call Bill Legal at Miller Sound in PA.  He can give you the advice you need and possibly repair the driver(s).  He is the expert on drivers period.

Just to close out the thread in this forum:

With nothing to loose, I first put 3 C clamps on (back of magnet/bottom of frame) and pushed the magnet back in (no gap). Took quite some force. Tested, still scratching (misaligned voice coil).

Then measured the distance front of frame to back of magnet (crooked/bent frame). Placed speaker on flat solid surface with frame down, and smacked the back of the magnet with mallet on piece of wood. With face of frame parellel to magnet now, tested again. Better, but still very noticeably scratching (I use low frequency test tone).

Pushing the cone in at spots going around, I found the spot where push the cone results in no scratching. Marked that point, and did one more smack with mallet/wood. Test, no quite a bit less scratching.

Repeated above stop: cone moves freely. Test: no scratching. Music test: working fine.

With a 'spare' (DM601 woofer ZZ10049; the original is ZZ9929 but not available for found) woofer on its way, i may put that in (if it fits without modifications) and see how that sounds (compared to original).

Also: put new sealant/foam on the mounting surface/flange (why are manufacturers using such super thin 'seal' on?).

Now onto tweeter fix of LCR60 S3 center channel.....