Beatles CD box set

Hello all,

Normally a vinyl only guy, but looking to procure a CD Box Set to play with my wife.

Thinking of this :   The Beatles The U.S. Albums CD Box Set – The Beatles Official Store

Anybody have any experience with this or any CDs coming from this website.

Speakers are full range single driver, and headphone listening will be through a Stax rig, so if the CD mix is bright it will be tough to take.


TIA for any insight.

Cheers,          Crazy Bill



How demanding is your wife when it comes to audio fidelity?  Most normal people just want to hear the music and not obsess over audiophilia.  If she is like the other 99.9% of the world pick any CD issue of choice, unless you think she might enjoy one of those expensive editions that has alternate takes and coffee table sized books with lots of photos 

Not familiar with the set Wino mentions, but do like/own a box set from 2009 that's good.

They are remastered well (like cleaning a dirty LP and replaying it with a better/fuller sounding cartridge) and not like the weird EQ remix stuff MFSL has done in the past to classics.

Bad recordings/great music are the 2 BBC double CD sets I have.

Wasn't into their early stuff much until I heard these live recordings.








The 09 version isn't bad but I would be more inclined to purchase the latest remixes from Revolver on as I think they are so much better and maybe the Red double for earlier songs or the first 2 in mono and the 09 for the remainder. Hope that helps happy listening 

Just found a video on fake 2009 box sets.

How to tell the difference starts around 4:20.




I own the original box set and I have to say that the sound is fantastic.  I have a pretty good system, an Oppo 105D with a Hegel H360 and Raidho XT-2 speakers.  On "Girl", it seems as if John Lennon is in my room singing the song.  So I would not hesitate to grab the box set, IMO.


Don't the US versions have added reverb on the first few albums?  I know there were fewer songs per LP here and that there are a couple more albums in the full American set.  Through Revolver, at least, the stereo mixes were done with the US market in mind and were done quickly, resulting in some sloppiness and discrepancies here and there.  So the recently remixed Revolver, for instance, is probably a better listen than the original stereo mix.

Unless the US versions are what you or your wife grew up with I'd go with the Mono Box with the UK versions.

The 2009 box set is excellent for the British versions (as the Beatles intended).

If you grew up listening to the Capitol albums, the Capitol albums box sets vol 1 and 2 are the best (although they do not include A Hard Days Night, Yesterday and Today, The Beatles Story (interviews) or Hey Jude).

I bought both The Beatles in Mono and the U.S. albums. I much prefer the sound on the mono albums. If what you want are the US configurations, the set OP linked to has each disc in stereo and mono, and is preferable to the stereo-only box set.

Hello Jay,

Is this the mono set you refer to, or an earlier edition.

The Beatles - The Beatles in Mono (The Complete Mono Recordings) - Music

No time now, but will be responding to others soon.

Cheers,  Crazy Bill

Second the votes on the Mono Box Set - I bought this when it came out and have been more than happy with it. It covers just about their whole catalog and is a joy to listen to.

If you grew up with the American albums, you will enjoy the set in your link...  plus, each disc gives you the mono and stereo versions of the album... For the British albums, the mono versions have the most interesting versions of the songs... my opinion only !!

I just inherited the Beatles Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band Anniversary Edition 6 Disc Super Deluxe.  It's been sitting in the trunk of our car with other stuff collected. I noticed that the hard bound book was still wrapped.  Typically I'm not a fan of these sets but I own it now. I too own original Stax SRX Mk 3 's with like three power supplies SRD 7 SRM Mk2  and SRM T1 and the extension cord in original wrap, never used.  

Hello Jay,

Is this the mono set you refer to, or an earlier edition.


Crazy Bill,

This looks like the box set of The Beatles in Mono I’m talking about. I bought mine at Borders on the day it was released, 9-9-09. I’m not aware of an earlier version.

I am also a huge Beach Boys’ fan, and I’ve come to the conclusion that Capitol Records committed many sins in turning the excellent mono versions of my favorite records from the 1960s into these awful fake stereo versions. Of course, on my childhood suitcase stereo, who could tell the difference?

Hope this helps.

The Beatles in Mono arrives tomorrow. I'll get back after I have a chance to listen.

Thanks to all for the help.

Cheers,           Crazy Bill


I am looking forward in reading more about your impressions/thoughts on

The Beatles In Mono.


Happy Listening!