Best integrated tube amplifier, under $3,000.00. No phono needed. Could be used, too.d

What's the best integrated tube amplifier under 3k, don't need phono.  Used is ok, too.  Thanks!
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Rogue Chronus Magnum III100 WPC tube stand out performer with great made in USA support Best JohnnyRRogues 1st dealer
There is no "best" because it's subjective.  Everyone has different likes and I doubt there's anyone that has heard every single device that fits in your ballpark and if they have, they heard them with different speakers and other components than yours.

Having said that as a qualifier, I would give consideration to an ARC VSi60.  Another qualifier is that I've never heard one, but I do own the VSi55 and love it.  From what I've read, the VSi60 is an improvement.

You should audition whatever you are considering, so my suggestion is to give one a listen and see what you think.
Auditioning is impossible, no audio dealers anywhere near me, that's why I'm asking for suggestions.
audioconnection, do you have a website for that, the only thing I could find close is “, and they want a ridiculous price of $2995 for the Magnum II!
I have good experience with both Rogue Cronus Magnum II and Line Magnetic 508.

The choice will depend on the efficiency of your speaker.

If you need more headroom, go for Rogue Cronus.

After tube rolling of Nos Telefuken 12ax7(around 200$ for pair) and Amperex(150$ for pair) or Mullard(around 100$ for pair) 12 Au7, Cronus Magnum give very good sound with nice details and bass.

New production Mullard 12 Au7 is just better than stock tubes but not extraordinary.

You can try to get Nos tubes from Ebay dealer with return policy.

Thus it is advisable to get used Magum II and do tube rolling.

But overall Line Magnetic 508 give more refined sound although new price is above 4K$.

But you will end up spending lot more money on tube rolling for 805 and 300B tubes.

I’ve owned the Rogue Cronus, Cary Sli-80, AES/Cary AE-25, Cayin A-50T and now the Raven Audio Blackhawk LE.

The Raven is by far my favorite, a realistic, immersive sound that gets completely out of the way of the music. The service from the head of the company is outstanding.

The Nighthawk is their least expensive amp at $2,995. It would be difficult to find a used one but they offer a free 45 day in-home audition where you can hear it with your own equipment.

I don’t have any experience with integrated tube amps, but I love my Prima Luna tube preamp. They also have 2 integrated tube amps under 3K.

Happy hunting....
Wow, @sfar got me to thinking...I have owned a completely upgraded (VH audio Reference V-Cap CuTF output caps plus Cary volume IR upgrade and mains cap upgrades l)  Cary Sli-80 FI Signature for about a year. Bought used for $2,500. Great integrated amp, although improvement in sound (personal taste) comes with some upgrades to tubes (Genelex Gold Lion KT88's, Winged "C" (SED) 5U4-G grey plate,  Shuguang CV181 6SL7-T and  PHILIPS SQ E88CC / 6922. I cant complain abotu this amp driving Fritz Carbon MkII speakers (86db).  May try out Nighthawk. 
Thanks sfar, I have been thinking of upgrading my Melody I880 amp which while still a very fine amp you never know until you look ... and after reading a bunch of reviews wow does Raven look good! It just leaped over Prima Luna to the top of the list, and that's even before factoring in Made in USA vs Made in China. Which yeah, counts for a lot. 

Your description of immersive sound reinforces the reviewers deep and wide sound stage comments. Thanks!
Line Magnetic 805ia here and it’s awesome! Looking to roll some tubes soon.
Primaluna sounded great as well, but the Line Magnetic sounds a little warmer and more me.
I have owned the Raven Integrated Reflection MK2 tube amp.  Dave Thomson is one of the owners.  The customer service is second to none.  His tubes are rare producing awesome music and he has a price point for every individual.  You owe it to yourself to give Dave a call.  
I have the PrimaLuna Dialogue HP Premium Integrated and I think it is wonderful.   I started with the EL34 tubes and move to the KT150. You can find these PL Integrateds used for about $3k.

In this price range you have lots of options as others have pointed out.   Happy experimentation and listening.

@anotherbob You really need to specify the power output range you need.  This will affect recommendations significantly.
I would look at brands Line Magnetic, Primaluna, Rogue and the brand/model Elekit 300b.  But as others state above your room size and power requirements play a significant role in matching too.  
My speakers are rated at 86, and is for a small bedroom system, maybe 12x14 feet is size, and has appropriate room treatments.  I would imagine anything 25 watts or above would be sufficient.
A lot of good suggestions here..there is a nice used Ayon Spirit III gen IV for sale on Audiogon right now that would probably give you enough power in either pentode or triode mode depending on your preference
Just bought the Octave V40 mentioned a few posts up (it was in the mail at that time). Replaced the power tubes with Gold Lion reissues. Figured I’d share my message to the seller:

”KT88s arrived a day early and have been in since lunch. WOW! Fantastic. All bias adjusters work fine. Really good sound. I’ve been working backwards from the source/streamer/DAC side of things and just pulled the trigger on the Dynaudio Special 40s. This amp is the last step. Think I’m good for awhile. Looking forward to some relaxing time with the music. Very pleased!”

I only have experience with a few amps but certainly can vouch for this one (in my room, Schitt Bifrost Multibit DAC, Airport Express streamer with Wyred 4 Sound Remedy Reclocker, Signal and Blue Jeans Cable). Glad to hear why I’m seeing Dynaudio and Octave together in a lot of photos online.   

PrimaLuna would be my suggestion. I have their pre-amp driving 2 of their mono blocks. Very happy with sound, build quality and looks.
My speakers are rated at 86, and is for a small bedroom system, maybe 12x14 feet is size, and has appropriate room treatments. I would imagine anything 25 watts or above would be sufficient.
I would go with something of at least 50 watt/Ch for headroom. I have speakers of the same sensitivity in a similar-sized room and the meters on my SS do occasionally surpass the 100 watt mark, and I don't often listen above 90db peaks. 

Yes, you can typically get away with less power with a tube amp but that's really only due to their soft-clipping characteristics, otherwise, watts are watts and additional headroom will result in a more relaxed, confident sound. 

I had the Cronus Magnum II for a while, it had some audible hum, but otherwise sounded nice with upgraded NOS tubes. I sold it though because I concluded I prefer my 50 watt/Ch Cayin A88T for its greater transparency and dimensionality. Cayin are not very well known but they're essentially the house-brand of the factory that makes Prima Luna. Their amps are built like tanks and have some of the finest point-to-point wiring you're going to find in this price class. Mine was built in 2006 and hasn't needed any servicing other than new power tubes. 
I don't claim to completely understand the relationship between speaker sensitivity and amp output power but there are some observations on that in this review of the Raven Audio Nighthawk III driving Dynaudio Special 40s which are rated at 85dB, similar to your speakers.
I would also recommend contacting John Rutan at audio connection. I recently purchased the newer Rogue Cronus Magnum III from him with KT77 tubes instead of the standard KT120. I prefer the sound of the KT77s which is warmer and has a beautiful midrange. I also installed NOS tubes in the preamp stage. Prior I owned the Primaluna Dialogue Premium with the same tubes but the Rogue has a better overall sound including more detail, larger soundstage and tighter bass.

Rogue is manufactured in Pa. and not in China. They have a small operation and their units are not massed produced. Their support is excellent and they will answer all your questions and concerns. 
The Conrad Johnson CAV45 can be found used under 3k. Worth looking at if you like the sound of EL-34s.
Primal Luna is great as some others mentioned.

I love my McIntosh MA252. Though it’s technically a tube preamp with solid state amp. But you get the warm tube sound out of it. I have it paired with some B&W speakers. I know this setup may be more of a “mainstream” brand setup but it sounds damn good.

I stream via Bluesound Node 2i and it sounds great, doesn’t sound too “digital” at all.
The cronus mag ii is an outstanding amplifier .I highly recommend it . Very detailed with accurate imaging .  I’m fed up with buying nos tubes . Its a total crap shoot. I am going to stick with new after this. New mullards sounded woody with rolled of highs . So far so good with gold lions. Some nos tubes are horribly microphonic which you never get told about  . If you sneeze you can hear a “tink” in some of them .  
Icon Audio Stereo 40  Very well regarded in Europe

On sale at Music Direct

Triode TRV-88SR   Boutique Japanese brand, excellent quality and sonics.  Made in Line Magnetic Factory

-I own a Triode TRV P845SE  /  Stereo 845 amp.  Sublime.

Out of the box:

Restored Fisher X1000 Integrated Amp.  EL-34 output tubes and about 40wpc.   It has a phono stage, but it also sound wonderful.   $3k is about correct to purchase one in good condition, then have it restored.

There are also various Luxman  tube integrated amp models that may be worth investigating.
All interesting suggestions.  One I like a lot is a Coincident Turbo 845 SET integrated.  Obviously 845 power tubes, with 300B’s providing 28 class A SET watts, but more importantly 500+ Jules so it has gobs of reserve power for loud transients.  Used price $3k-$4k.
I have a Primaluna Dialogue HP, paired with Revel F208.  It is a great match, the system sounds fantastic.  You could get a similar result with the Primaluna dialogue for under $3k used.  In fact, being slightly lower in power may give it a bit more finesse.
This is easily comparable to other suggestions, and almost HALF your budget.

Plenty for what you describe as use. It will drive your speakers, and worry free. You don't need a 50-100 watt spec on paper, if you think it won't drive your speakers.
Go to the webpage for any questions about it.

Been using PL products over 10 years.Ignore the import bashers
Without question... the Line Magnetic integrated amps... will amaze you.  Just incredible resolution of detail, clarity, and 3d soundstage.  Those mentioned above are as good as it gets!
The Raven Audio Blackhawk has the best sound out of the box- truly high end rich yet transparent.
If you need more power the Rogue CM II/III can sound nearly as good with some tube rolling of the 5 small signal tubes.  
May have been supporting systems but I did not care for the sound of the Line Magnetic integrated amps.  
The Primaluna sound very good but tend to have a certain flavor to the sound and have too many tubes to deal with for me to bother.  
Here’s Huff’s review of the Line Magnetic amp, which sounds very much like their amps noted above. Though, I think I might even like the LM 518ia, or LM 805ia a bit better.

Huff kinda "goes nuts" over every new amp he reviews. But, you will have a difficult time finding a better sound than any of these Line Magnetic amps. Certainly for their modest price.  

Of course... provided... that you mate them with the right speakers (e.g.  Proac Response D2).
I can vouch for the Rogue Audio recommendations. I have a Cronus Magnum II and it's great!
It’s a bit of a stretch, but I’d go for the Pathos Acoustics Twin Tower integrated amp just listed this morning 12/7. Ideally, you could negotiate toward your price and hopefully, you are fairly close because I could see it getting damaged in shipping. -No affiliation. Beautiful, excellent sounding Italian hybrid amplifier. (Not Chinese.)
Strong recommendation here for the Audio Research VSi60, which you can probably pick up used in your price range. About 50 watts.

I've owned one, loved it, sold it to a friend who loves it. Have heard it compared to comparably priced Rogues -- blew them away.
The answer to your question is somewhat dependent on the speakers you want to drive and at what listening levels. That said, there are lots of good suggestions above.

I own an SLI-80 with quite a few factory upgrades. Bought it used in the stock configuration and a couple of years ago had it upgraded. Really like the result. Use it to drive Merlin TSMs (8 Ohm, 87dB); not a hard load, but not an easy one.

Miniature tubes are all NOS. Have tried quite a few different power tubes (one of the virtues of the SLI-80 is the variety of power tubes it can accommodate). Generally rotated between Winged-C EL-34s (triode) and Gold Lion KT-88s (ultralinear) for a few years. Tried KT120s (ultraliner) on a lark and they turned out to be an extremely good match.The clean sound, improved extension top and bottom, and the effortlessness with which they handled the Merlins made them my standard.

Good luck in your search!
Consider building one from a kit If you can get someone to mentor you if you wonder whether you will get it right. Everything you will solder together is large and easy to get to and there are many fewer parts. You will have freedom to make the chassis in your own style and you will appreciate amplifiers more after you learn more about them.
 I would agree with the few people out here that said the Rogue Magnum would be the best especially after you rolled the tubes 
Really nice, dealer demo, low hour VTL IT 85 for sale on US audio mart with full warranty.. I’m not affiliated with sale. I think this would also be a great choice.
PrimaLuna makes a wide range of high quality tube integrated amps to fit your budget. I own a $2k Mystere IA11 (sister company and made by PrimaLuna). Superb build and sound, so consider PrimaLuna available from Upscale Audio, as well as the Mystere brand.
Coincident Technology Dynamo 34SE MKIII.I've had the two previous models and the current production MKIII is special.With an NOS tube complement it is one of the most competent Integrated amps available.
Thanks for all the responses, lots to take in and research, I truly appreciate everyone’s help!
+1 on the LM508. The Raven Blackhawk provided excellent sounding vocals and is a good selection at a lower price point for efficient speakers. The LM508 accuracy, soundstaging and fast deep bass sounds wonderful driving Tekton DI’s. I added an ifi iGalvanic 3.0 and virtually eliminated all the hum and pops. Detail recovery and decay is off the charts.

A higher power integrated from Raven would be worth a spin. Dave is a pleasure to deal with.
I have forty years of experince with high fidelity an I love classical and jazz music. After all these years of listening I have only one choice: Prima luna, the best value for money. Enjoy