Best preamp with built in phono stage?

I have and love my Atma-Sphere MP-1 preamp with its excellent built in phono stage.  A two box tube unit. I don’t have rack space for a separate phono stage and don’t want another IC. Not to mention the cost of a high end line stage and high end phono stage. The MP-1 was specifically designed to play vinyl. 8 of its 18 tubes are dedicated to the phono. In many ways, it seems to not have competition. Surely, very pricy line stage and phono stage can surpass it but I don’t know another high end pre with built in phono that compares.
darTZeel NHB-18NS battery powered preamp. Swiss; built like a tank if the tank was built by Rolex.

i have owned this preamp in 2 versions since 2006, now with version 2 since 2016. great internal phono stage. my 18NS has 2 of these phono stages inside.

this is the preamp Michael Fremer uses as a reference; he also owned version 1 and version 2.

does not sound like solid state, or like tubes, it sounds like music. very low noise floor, and very micro dynamic for a very lively sound. it uses optical couplers for it's switching and volume attenuation.

best preamp i have heard.
Hi Mike,The Atma was $28k believe the darTZeel is $50k+.
And the Atma has multiple balanced in and out. The darTZeel only has one balanced in and out.
Do you use the BNCs?
Seems the darT was also designed greatly to play vinyl as is the Atma. Both by vinyl loving designers.
I’m sure the darT is excellent. And also imagine the SQ is not head and shoulders above the Atma. Probably a different take. Yes, more lively. Could the Atma be more “organic”? No ICs. Just a lot of tubes.
My TT rig is Woodsong Garrard 301, Triplanar arm, and Lyra Atlas SL. What is yours?
hi Mike,

here is a link to my system which shows three different tt systems.

i also have a 4th tt system i’ve not added the pictures yet; an EMT948/Durand Kairos/Miyajima Infinity Mono 0.7 mil stylus.

currently i’m using the darTZeel preamp phono’s with my NVS turntable; one arm is the Durand Tosca with an Etsuro Gold MC cartridge, the other arm is a Durand Telos with a Miyajima Infinity Mono 1.0 mil stylus.

the Atma=Sphere preamp is a high quality piece and i have great respect for it. i’d say the dart gets close to the liquid feeling of tubes, but with a lower noise floor and greater transparency. definitely no solid state dryness or grain with the dart. i do use the BNC 50 ohm ’zeel’ interface between my dart pre and amps.

10 years ago i owned a Dobbins Plinth’d and tweaked Garrard 301 with a Loricraft power supply and absolutely loved it. that 301 experience is why i eventually acquired the Saskia model two idler. i’m a fan of idlers.
Not sure what you're asking here, since you seem to have answered your own question. But if you are looking for another tube preamp with a great phono stage, stroll over to the nearby VAC preamp thread and look there. But whether it competes with what you have can only be answered by you, by audition.
Agree with @wrm57 , not sure you're even asking a question. Sounds more like you are telling us a thing.........
I have not heard the Atma-Sphere, but currently using a Luxman CL-38.

It replaced Aesthetix Rhea/Calypso. I also wanted to reduce the number and size of boxes on my rack.

VAC makes some nice preamps with built in Phono too.

Might not be what you want, but worth a listen
I would STRONGLY suggest looking into a Shindo Monbrison or Shindo Massetto.  

a few times a year one of those two models comes up on Audiogon used.  I have seen Monbrison's for 4.5k - 8k.  Seen the Massetto for 6.5k - 10k

Both have truly exceptional phono stages.  Shindo makes some much more expensive pre-amps like the awesome Voshnee Romanee.  And a lower end one without any phono.  

The Monbrison and the Massetto offer exceptional performance and value for the money.  You just have to be patient and wait for one to come along on Audiogon.  you see them only a few times a year and you have to be ready to jump.  

All point to point wiring.  Special silver wire used internally.  Hand built in Japan.

Amazing.  I promise.  of course this assumes you have great turntable, arm, cartridge, amp and speakers.  But the Shindo pre amps are truly great.  
but if you have the dollars to spend on the 28k Atma, by all means, look into the upper end Shindo like the Voshnee.  

Hi Mike,
I am humbled by your system. And by looking into your years of efforts I am more appreciative of what I have put together.
Probably 1/10th or less than your investment, I have reached the point of also being swept away.
Two components that most elevated my system are my AGD amps and Lyra Atlas SL cartridge. So much so that I even feel right to suggest them.
I think many of the more expensive, older integrated amplifiers have phono stages built in, as that was expected back in those days.  Better units from Sony, Denon, Yamaha, as well as Luxman have them.
Agree with others that VAC preamps have superb built-in phono stages as an option. The 6-tube stage is better (Signature, Master lines) but the 3-tube stages (Renaissance) are still great. Their new units are pricey but good used models sometimes show up for sale at great prices, and VAC support won't leave you in the dust.
I've been very happy w/my Luxman CL38U SE for the last 4 years. The phono uses 3 12AX7 tubes and has 4 step up transformers. 2 for MC high and 2 for MC low. Currently I'm using a Dyanavector Karat 17DX as my cart w/excellent results. 
I've had following three preamps with phono:
Plinius M16P. 
BAT VK30. 
Rouge Magnum 99.
They were all very good.
Highly flexible and technologically advanced, the AVM Ovation 8.3 is a really interesting unit.  You select the inputs and outputs you want.  The Phono stage is very good.  Not quite as good as the flagship, standalone unit but quite good considering.  For a really elite, single box unit, that is what I would look at.  

You will see reviews of the 8.2.  The major difference between the 8.2 and 8.3 is that the 8.3 has an upgraded and quieter power supply.

I have thought that AVM is a home theater and video type of company.  I had no idea they make phono amps too.
AVM only does 2 channel gear.  The best selling units are definitely their 2 channel all in ones but the Ovation line is stunningly good.  

Many Anthem products use the initials AVM in their model designation, hence the confusion.