Best Vintage Speakers for Classical & Jazz music

I'm currently using the original Wharfedale W60s/ sand filled speakers with my McIntosh 1700 receiver, Empire 208 turntable, 98 original tonearm & a Empire 2000-mkIII Cartridge with a Shibata stylus. I must admit darn good. 

I am thinking of buying the Altec Valencia speaker. Any other choices you would recommend.  


Quad 57's have a following when nicely restored. I have various Altec's but I will sell those before I part with my two pairs of 57's!

Good choice of a TT, arm and cartridge! I have the same setup as one of my vinyl playback systems!

Any reason why anything in the system must be vintage?  Also, what price points are you looking at and what other requirements do you have (e.g., what electronics does it have to match?).

JBL L300 sound great on anything but Jazz especially. Hard to find but worth it. 

Advents were the thing back in the day. But, if you have the right situation, nothing compares to Magnepan for what you listen to.