Buying from Japan...Accuphase or Luxman what are the costs ? import duties etc

Hi I cant seem to find the answers, anybody actually bought accuphase or Luxman from Japan to USA. Most on ebay are free shipping, are there tariffs, duties etc, If I do this it will be shipped to a non sales tax state, thanks for any info.

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You will likely need to engage an importer/brokerage firm.  Lots on Google.  They will be able to tell you exactly what taxes and fees you will be looking at.  It's all seamless and done by credit card.  You upload the Sales receipt and bill of lading and they do the rest.  Duty will depend on trade agreements between the US and Japan.  Hope that is of some help.  

Make sure you specify a U.S. model (110 volts) and not Japanese (100 volts) otherwise you'll need an external step-down transformer.

Bad idea if the gear breaks the USimporters will not touch a repair and your costs could be great nor will you be able to resell easily as your product is illegalally imported called a gray good buy used us products

I have imported a substantial amount of purchases from Japan using a Shopping Portal.

I have had a couple of experiences that were not ideal, but was handsomely reimbursed through insurance and also kept the goods with the transit damage, not such a bad place to be, as the insurance more than covered the small cost to return the items to their finest fettle.

The shopping Portals are great, I usually add 20% for their services for receiving goods and packing to make ready for next stage shipping.

There is usually a calculator to be used prior to bidding/buying to enter Package Size and Weight and get a next stage shipping quote.

Typically add 25% Import at your own Countries end and there is the Ball Park figures.

Shopping Portals Customer Service is a great help, you can request a oversized Box, which is doubled up to be very impact resistant, the oversized space can be requested to be filled with Large Air Pocket Bubble Wrap.

Speak to services in your own Country to see if assistance is at hand if a unwanted incident occurs, maybe a fragile part has detached from a circuit and is effecting Power On ?

You will need a 100V Power Supply for Electrical Goods

Didn't Accuphase change (reduce) their pricing structure in the US (perhaps due to the exchange rate?) I thought the mark up was going to be significantly (25%) lower in the States. With that in mind, support would be important. (I think it is the same distributor, as far as I know the company did not set up a US affiliate). 

Thanks for the input, dont think there is anything illegal about buying goods from Japan. I do know a step down transformer would be needed, and there is no warranty, same as buying used,, although the few that I have looked at offer a 60 day return, well thats a 2 month warranty in my book.

Most offer free shipping, has anyone bought one recently and what transformer was used, not saying I am going to do this just looking at all options, because the price difference is huge.

You need to be careful. Aside from all the scams that are going on, there's always a good chance that your package will get held up in customs. It can get held up for a long time. And if they decide to open the box for inspection, they don't not go easy.  

On $6k around $500 from what my friend paid last year shipping depends on the weight on $55 lbs $300

Watch jays audio lab video review on YouTube of the acuphase e800 he explains a bit about import taxes on acuphase and why acuphase are expensive in the USA hope this helps and good luck ps after watching this video you’ll probably sway more towards luxman 

I have bought several items, audio, cameras, accessories, clothing ... from both Japan and China: eBay, other sites, direct. Always successful.

Never a fee of any kind to me in USA, despite all the ..... they say are not included which is worrisome.

One item, my tonearm from Russia, took an extra week to get out of Kennedy Airport Int’l postal system during covid. Seller arranged for the transfer agent, easy if you have patience.

Buying from aleado (yahoo auctions japan) has also been successful. Seller ships to aleado, aleado inspects that it is what seller said it was, then you pay aleado to ship to you. they give you shipping options, each it’s estimated time and cost. you pick which method, they ship it. If transfer agent involved, they arrange it.

you make an account with aleado, pre-deposit funds in the account, enough for the item(s) you want. you win, they use the money in your account.

You can get terrific deals, but shipping big or heavy stuff is costly, quick shipping is/was costly especially during covid.

I won an auction for an AT33PTG/II MONO cartridge with broken cantilever (planning on having Steve at VAS rebuild it, which he did, advanced stylus on boron). I chose quicker shipping, the total was almost $100. (cartridge was $33). I should have been patient, chosen slow/less costly shipping they offered. I found out later, with other items, the extra delivery time they estimate for low cost was exaggerated.

AliExpress is a great place to find things, darn good prices, many free shipping, some not, always check shipping cost for each item. Everything has been the quality they describe, read carefully, some is junk.



This comment applies to new units: AXISS Audio, the Accuphase importer, has reduced the MSRP by 20% in the US for new Accuphase equipment. Although, the US prices are still higher than the domestic MSRP in Japan, when you add all the other costs, the gap gets reduced significantly. In addition, it will be difficult to get the 110V version in Japan and as others said, in case of need for service you will need to seek a third party as the official Accuphase channels, most likely, will not provide support due to the unit being a gray market import. 

Disclosure: Locrian Audio is an Accuphase dealer.

It's not worth the hassle to deal with a foreign entity. Let the dealer work for you and he's deserving of some compensation. Is your time of value? Do you like leading a stress-free Life? If you answer no then I would buy it from a foreign company and hope for the worst just so you can enjoy your life more

I was just asking if anyone has actually bought from Japan and what was their experiences were, clearly it sound like you have not.

I have purchased an M4000A amplifier and a big Kenwood turntable from HiFiDo in Japan. They arranged the shipping through FedEx, boxed things up extremely well and each shipment arrived within 7 days of shipping. 

Shipping was a little expensive but worth the trouble.The boxes were so nice I saved them in the attic.

I also use step down transformers and cannot hear any difference in sound quality nor can I measure any. 

Cheers, Alan.

You can google USA customs duty. There is a gov't site that lists everything by category.  Did I say EVERYTHING? I found it when I was importing a TT from Japan. BTW there is no duty for record players or record player parts (my TT and my recent tonearm, for example) from Japan, and most sellers from Japan are aware of how to label shipments. My TT was clear sailing. You can always pay someone if you discover there is a duty on a specific item... and you don't have the time or temperament to deal with bureaucracy. Remember Japan Market uses 100 volt 60 cycle, so include a transformer in your plans (just because the plugs are the same doesn't mean it will survive, or perform to design specs).

I have purchased two new Luxman amplifiers from Japan on EBay ;550axII and 505axII. I paid about $150 import fees on one of the amplifiers but zero on the other. Don’t know why. I filled out the customs form online. Both units arrived in perfect condition.

I easily resold the 505 to upgrade. I had no issues whatsoever.

my converter failed and the second amp would not turn on. I had a heck of a time finding a repair shop in the states. The unit was repaired satisfactory and I upgraded the converter. I still have it and it’s been working perfectly.

even with the repair and shipping charges I still saved a couple thousand dollars versus buying locally.

if I were to buy another new Luxman or Accuphase I would still buy a Japanese unit.

just be aware that the warranty is not honored here in the states.


JUST-DON'T-DO-IT....Pay for a legit US dist Luxman or move to other less $$ gear....

Many thanks for the replies, especially those with Japan buying experiences.

I think some think that buying from Japan is illegal or that their version isn't the same or up to spec as the US version, they are different voltage hence the step down unit.  There are pros and cons to going this route I know. Don't know what I may do BUT it is pretty hard not to look into it at least.

I mean you go on ebay and Luxman is about half the price....with free shipping.



Pretty safe... as long as you do your research on products and sellers (on ebay). I bought a few audio items from Japan but never had problems never paid any import tax or anything like that. Mostly prepaid shipping - fast and reliable. You won't need a stepdown transformer for heavy power/pre amps since their substantial transformers can handle up to 20% higher or 120v but definitely need one to play smaller things like CD players. Now is a good time to buy from Japan thanks to super strong usd

You are Not going to get a usa Voltage buying overseas. You will get the 100v. Just have a look on ebay, they are all 100v Japanese models. The only one on there that was genuine usa model 120v was mine. I took it down, no bites. Also took it down here. It’s nuts, I took a grand off the price, it’s still new in box. No idea what people are looking for nowadays, they all want something for nothing. I think I’ll just keep it and be happy. The Accuphase pricing has not budged an inch...they are all still priced the same here...high....also, when I bought mine in 2023, there were only two available in the entire US. 

I do know it will be 100v and have talked to acupwr  about transformers.

I do appreciate the responses, but take kind of a back seat to the 'buy legit"

thing, nothing wrong with buying from Japan, its called free market, yes there can be some pitfalls. One is servicing, I am going to call some audio repair places and get their response etc, any other info feel free, thanks

Aduoguy you are WRONG!

I bought an Accuphase new from ebay with USA 120 Volts. Only paid about 60 bucks custom fee. FedEx just billed me as they acted as my agent. I enjoyed paying 4K for a 9K us amp.Warranty? I dont think you would ever need service on an Accuphase amp. I have never seen such meticulous build quality on an amp. 

Better to buy used in the US IMO. Voltages are different, and these are heavy gear, anything could happen. Luxman at least is widely available in the used market. Accuphase, not so much.

Well I did bite the bullet so to speak, I did buy an Accuphase E280

NOT from Japan but a used US version should arrive today.

Appreciate all the input.

Congrats and you will love the sound of the amp. FYI in case someone does buy from Japan, damage from shipping would be difficult. My unit was packed in 4 boxes. You would have to jump up and down on the box to cause any damage.