Bybee Active Room Neutralizers

I have read a couple of reviews on the room neutralizers which are favorable.  Has anyone in the community actually tried them or own them?  Thoughts?
🐥 🐥 🐥 🐥 Quack, quack! One assumes you did a controlled blind test, right? 😛

John Curl, hardly a quack, has collaborated with Jack Bybee. Most people thought Christopher Columbus was going to sail off the edge of the world. "There is more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy". Shakespeare said that.
If they do anything, the description is utter crap.

I would be extremely amused to read about anyone using a current meter to measure their AC consumption. I have a bottle of Tequila that says it will be zero.

Cut me some slack, Jack! They said the same thing about tiny little bowl resonators. And about Shakti Halographs and SteinMusic Harmonizers. And Lessloss Blackbody. And about the Acoustic Revive Schumann Frequency generator. And Acoustic Revive tiny little quartz crystal. Brilliant Pebbles. Wake up and smell the coffee. ☕️

By the way when a manufacturer offers an explanation for a product he opens himself up to all manner of abuse and suspicion. Best to say nothing. There is certainly no requirement to provide either proof or explanation. This is not Journal of Physics. It's a hobby.
I purchased a pair and I am quite happy with the results. I put a pair in the corners behind my Martin Logan Summits My first obvious impression was the sound stage got wider and deeper. The presentation was more relaxed but a little more detailed. During the past year the only change that I made to my system that was a better deal for the improvement it made  was the Huron software upgrade for the PS Audio DSD Dac and that was free. For those of you with open minds who trust your ears the Cable Company has loaners. Nothing better then to try before you buy which is hard to do unless you are lucky and have a good audio store near you.

I have a tough skin, I will step up to say, I own a set of the passive ones not
the newer active ones. which are more potent. The reviews are true. Are they cheap , nope, are they worth it, we think so. All I can tell you is when you remove them, it does not take long before your putting them back up. Several of us in New England have them. No one has removed them. Quackery, let me ask this, anyone seen a set pop up on the used market? Technically speaking he is employing scalier energy technology, not voodoo, fascinating stuff. Nano Technology is revolutionizing our hobby.     
+1 perfectpatch. I forgot to mention that I have the active room neutralizers.
As someone who is trained in physics, I feel compelled to point out there is no way this can change the compliance of air. To change compliance you would need to add something to the air (like a humidifier will add water vapour) or pressurize the room.
Uh, I don’t think anyone said the Bybee things change the compliance of air. And if someone did say it was it someone who counts? And I don’t mean someone who counts sheep. 🐑 🐑 🐑 🐑

It’s simple really. Just change Planck's constant, and you create a localized, infinitely expanding universe in which the walls are always moving away from the sound source.

At best, they are wall weights with cheap plugs attached. I wonder if the cables even have copper in them.


Interestingly enough, they are having problems with the Planck Constant, as of recent....

Nothing exists in stone. Not even this conclusion.
Something that is not rubbish or quackery, but very expensive and was often described in quackish ways was Richard Grey's Power Stations.

Their online descriptions were rubbish, but they worked a treat to clean up local power. Essentially big resonant EM tanks.

Don't see them advertised much, so no idea what happened.


If the universe stops expanding and slows to a halt and starts going the other way, back toward the point of the Big Bang, I.e., compressing, time will do the same, slow down, stop then move backwards. I'm hoping to catch the wave and grow younger, but it better hurry up. Giddy up! 🐎

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Not only is nanotechnology revolutionizing our hobby but quantum mechanics is, too. And it’s actually nothing new. One need look no further than Silver Rainbow Foil, The Super Intelligent Chip and it’s sharp as a tack progenitor The Intelligent Chip, Teleportation Tweak, And the WA Quantum Chips for excellent, one might even say iconic, examples of quantum mechanics based audiophile products, many of which have actually been around for fifteen years or more. We even got quantum message labels, now. 😳 Nanotechnology is not new either, you know, what with Dark Matter, various contact enhancers and CD treatments employing nanoparticles, you know, like Nano Tech 8500 CD spray or whatever with shark oil. No, I didn’t say snake oil.

Hi all,

Just want to let you know how happy I'm with my Bybee active room neutralisers. I have a high resolution set, nothing to improve upon it anymore. But a great pain was always the acoustics of my living room. Not possible to change my major living space for the music. Many room treatment items are also not fitting well with the art on the walls and the furniture. But finally - after many years - I decided to try a few things nevertheless. This accidentally happened to be a few months after the Bybee active room neutralisers were available, which I did not know. My dealer The Cable Company advised me to try a few alternatives, like the passive and active Bybees and the Synergystic Research products. After a lot of hearing, placing the products on many different places, removing them and reinstalling them, the miracle happened. I only hear the loudspeakers and no distortion anymore from reflection of walls, furniture, floor etc. Just the sound from the loudspeakers. Amazing.

I have tried to understand what takes place, read and reread the information from the manufacturer, a few reviews, but I do not understand it. I can understand that the spin of the molecules and atoms that make up the air in my room is changed. But I cannot understand how this prevents reflections of the sound. Maybe someone finally can explain, but that is just for my curiosity, because what is most important: it works wonderfully.
The sound is not changed in any way. It sounds as if I listen close to the loudspeakers. But further off there always was distortion through reflection and now it is gone. And that was what I wanted.

Alfredmaurits in the Netherlands

I am a very happy customer of the IQSE's. I wasn't a fan of the way they were advertised , however.
I tried 2 in my room and very surprised also. In a good way . These things wreally work. I don’t know how (and don’t really care) they work but final result is absolutely astonishing. 
Very happy I dared to try them.

My system is running Stein Harmonizer. I've read about the synergy between the Bybee Room Neutralizers and the Stein Harmonizer. I hope for user reviews about synergy. What should I experience in my system in the first place? Active or passive converters of the room?

I have the complete Stein Harmonizer (6 units), 8 blue diamonds and 6 blue suns in my system. I have never had such realism, focus or layered soundstage since putting these devices in the system. I listen for hours each day, hard to stop. Highly recommend.
I live the same experience described by many here but with my homemade low cost tweaks...I would speak the same words and metaphors about my sound room transformation; then without being the same products, it seems that a common point is the minerals, crystals and stones, used also in the Bybee products...

The new Bybee Clarifier IQSE's are working for me. Also have Passive Room Neutralizers and noticing that where they are placed changes things up quite a bit. I'm using the Stein Harmonizers and Acoustic Revive 888, 77, in conjunction with Bybees to great effect!
@tonyjack - where did you install the new Bybee Clarifiers - just on your speaker magnets?
No. To leary of opening up my speakers (Tektons, Vandersteen and Maggies) for that. Although my friends that have Tektons have done it and it certainly works! I have been experimenting with placing them on back plates of cd players right next to where power cords enter the unit. They are magnetized so they stick right on to the back plate. Also on top of DAC's and on top of interconnects coming out of DAC's. Still experimenting. Not sure of best application.I have no idea how or why they work but they do to my ears, seem to actually clarify things perhaps by lowering noise floor, making things seem more natural and open. Vocals seem to pop out in a natural but more detailed way unlike say a detailed cable that may be hard at the same time. Hard to explain and I know people are disgusted by these types of descriptions of tweaks like these. Wrote to Mr Bybee and asked about application and he said to experiment as well. My friend is getting great results by placing them in breaker box! 
@tonyjack - yeah was thinking about putting them on my Tektons.  A friend recently put them on his Tekton ULF and thinks they are great. I think he only put them on the woofers and midbass drivers but not sure.  I need to go over there and take a listen. I've been using the Perfect Path stuff and seems like these new Bybees are very similar.
Perhaps someone could try my low cost "golden" plates , homemade low cost product described in my " virtuel system" section or in my thread and report here after comparison with the Bybee products ?

I sell nothing only gives my advice...

(shungite+copper tape )