Can anyone identify these speakers?

I wanted to know if anyone can identify these speakers, thanks.


Those are the Tablettes, and the venue is DejaVu Audio in Northern Virginia.  The proprietor, Vu Huong, likes to put ultra high end amps on the Tablettes to demonstrate how important is top quality amplification—even a small, lower cost set of speakers can sound utterly amazing with such amplification.  The amps he uses for such demonstrations include the likes of the Synthesis amps shown in the picture or exotic rebuilds of Western Electric 124 amps.

@mofojo Thanks, I'm really new to speakers and these have been the best I've heard so far. Seems like you aren't too fond of the ProAc Tablettes, can I ask why and can you recommend any other bookshelf speakers that are better than these?

@larryi Vu was the one that let me hear these speakers, I was really really impressed by the way the sound filled up the huge room. Seems like amplification is really important with speakers then, I will have to do some research on the amp he had hooked on to it as well. Do you know exactly which model Synthesis amp that is on the floor?

The amps are the NYC model (commemorating New York City).  You don’t ‘need” amps that good, but, you will not extract all that these or ANY speakers are capable of delivering without pretty good amps.  The point of this demonstration is: don’t think that it makes sense to buy the best speakers you can afford and slap any amp on them.

Let me get this straight;

You physically went to Deja Vu Audio, heard this system, couldn’t remember the gear it was compromised of, so you started a thread on Audiogon, asking people here to identify the components you went and listened to instead of simply calling Deja Vu Audio,  the place you went to to see and hear this gear?

Does no one else find this a bit odd?


Odd or ulterior motive? 😉JK.

I'm sure it's a harmless question by the OP.

I will say this: If you're looking to replicate (as closely as possible, anyway) the sound produced by what you heard, you might want to get the low-down on how they were hooked up, what they were running on when you auditioned them, etc... Hooking just any amp, wires, cords, conditioners, room treatments, a set of speakers are all going to make a difference to the end result.


I have to agree. I don’ tthink most people understand WHY size makes a difference here, but I will try to explain.
Just as a speaker needs to be loaded for optimal sound and that loading is dictated by the parameters’ like Vas, Fs, SPL, Qes, Qts...the front end has limited ability to move a rooms at an even prressure. Though some speakers do a better job of it even if they have smaller cones and cone excursion, the sound quality suffer immensely as they became less able to move the specified amount of air.
I actually had the misfortune about a year ago at one of the oldest and better(well some people think so) sound stores in the Metro Denver area, where they fried to impress me with a Mackintosh amps ability by connecting it to a pare of smaller B&W bookshelf speakers. I have NOTHING against B&W, but size counts and they lost a sale jsut because of a salesman’s ineptitude.
Then bottom line is where Calrsbad@’s head phones only have to evenly pressurize maybe 1 cubic inch of space (room) and these little bookshelf speakers are expected to pressurize cubic yards of space, they miss the mark in a huge way.
 This might help.

@esarhaddon1 ,

I think most people on here DO understand why size makes a difference, but I don't think that’s really what the OP was asking. I know you’re just trying to help.

In a nutshell, so long as you have the power and quality to drive (and more importantly CONTROL) your "speaker of choice", there’s simply no replacement for displacement. Of course, the WAF comes into play pretty quickly. Life is a trade-off. You should get what you like and enjoy what you have.

That being said, that’s as pretty tiny listening room (the OP’s pic), so I do believe that particular setup sounded quite good, especially if the OP doesn’t have a lot of experience with smaller/bookershelf-style speakers.

If the OP is looking for recommendations, I’d suggest checking out one of the newer versions of the LS 3/5a’s (Falcon or Harbeth, perhaps?). Bet those would knock your socks off, and I think they’re roughly around the same price.

Anyway, @since1991 , good luck on your journey. Happy listening.

@larryi Thanks for the context — most helpful.  I was gonna comment on the mismatch of this system, but you explained it nicely and now makes sense.  Big fan of ProAc BTW. 

There is something sneaky going on here. Maybe the OP is an international spy, no.., double agent. 

Forget the speaker question, let’s get to the bottom of this.


Agreed.  Smells of CHAOS, fer chure...

Certainly Has An Obtuse Solution.

Get out the car battery, the prods, the steel chair, and the harness....🤪

Find out whose bottom is behind this....whatever it is.....🙄

ProAc make excellent speakers. They are underrated because they do very little marketing. If the OP likes the Tablettes, they should also listen to the Response and Studio series as they have a wider bandwidth and still image excellently. The current Tablettes are series 10. The Tablette 50 was the fifth generation.

I started my Audio journey with a set of tablets 50's many years ago. very underrated small room speaker. Not perfect of course but musical as hell.  I moved to the Response 2.5's after the tablets still have fond memories of both those speakers. 

Years ago I bought a new in box Dared MP5 hybrid tube amplifier that came bundled with these exact speakers. Dared is a Chinese company out of Hong Kong and can safely assume these speakers were manufactured by Dared or outsourced from another chinese manufacturer. Both the amp and speakers are fairly decent quality.

This is just AI messing with our heads and sucking up the data. Start typing gibberish just to wreck the algorithm.

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@bolong ,

Please explain why you think this is AI generated.

Plus, I type gibberish all the time. Doesn't seem to do anything.

@coralkong I read your comment a couple days ago, but I forgot to thank you for your recommendation. I'm looking into purchasing a pair of the Falcon LS 3/5a at the moment. That anniversary version is really catching my eye. I know it costs a couple hundred dollars more, but it's so tempting...

It’s probably not like this all the time, but seeing all of this on my very first post ever here is kind of discouraging...

Apparently, I can only get serious help from half of the people and we have a super serious conspiracy theorist here accusing me of secret marketing.

@since1991 ,

You're welcome. Those are some beauties, for sure.

As for the wise-a$$es, I wouldn't take it personally. All in good fun.

Good luck. 

P.S. the ls3/5a has been around in some way, shape or form, in several brand names since the 60's. For very good reason. Excellent bookshelf speakers. Can't go wrong, really....


Years ago I bought a new in box Dared MP5 hybrid tube amplifier that came bundled with these exact speakers. Dared is a Chinese company out of Hong Kong and can safely assume these speakers were manufactured by Dared or outsourced from another chinese manufacturer . Both the amp and speakers are fairly decent quality.

i got this...

I’ve had the bug for over fifty years but only just recently learned how great small speakers can be.  It was always big floorstanders for me (up to 300-400 pounds) until we were forced to live in an old travel trailer for over 2-3 years.  After listening to built in automotive speakers for a while, I started reading about and trying out small bookshelf designs.  After experimenting with close to three dozen examples, it finally penetrated my skull that there are some very fine small speakers out there.  And a number of them sound much better than floorstanders in small rooms.  And that’s true of vintage stuff as well as new, fancyass top shelf speakers.  HEAVY stands and BluTack are essential to get the most out of them.  150+ pounds of lead in each stand is a huge deal.  Cost is not a huge correlative.  Small inexpensive room + small, inexpensive speakers + competent front end = astounding quality of sound.


What are you smoking? Everyone already said that they were ProAcs. Where did you get the idea that they were Chinese?