Can we contribute

New and uncommon adjectives for audio reviewers to utilize?

Mine is dulcet. A sweet and soothing sound.


Mine is "overpromoted," as in every other influencer and reviewer is pumping these so I'm not jumping on the bandwagon to try to trigger your wallet when there are many good speakers out there and why do you need more consumeristic stimulation, anyway?

How about "peachy keen", "rad", "groovy" and maybe throw in the rarely used word "like" several times in every other sentence.

I would like negative words like hate, sucks, etc. Save us all from having to read between the lines. 

As the late Harry Pearson summed his review of a best selling 120wpc Pioneer receiver; “plainly a piece of s***.” Best honesty I have ever read in an audio mag.

@jpwarren58 ​​​​​@stereo5  

“Dulcet” reminds me of the Harry Pearson vocabulary so prominent in the original publications oh TAS when this hobby’s publications were in their infancy and not so much subject to advertising revenue.  I believe more honest while definitely opinionated as @stereo5 points out.  Good choice.  May I offer ichorous - Classical Mythology -  adjective - as in liquid - like the ethereal fluid flowing in the veins of the gods. You have both brought me back to the old days. 

Flacid. “The amplifier’s sound was flacid. Even at high volumes, the sound barely ruffled the sheets.”

@audition__audio   Amen, sir. Having to guess as to what the reviewer may or may be trying to say is tiresome at best. A healthy dose of honest reviews sure would be nice...

"...burnt to a crisp..."

FUBAR (either one)

"...boat anchor..."


"...micro-detailed..." (or "-detailing")

It’s when you notice the adjectives are getting a bit heavy-handed or stretching the limits of definitive copy....

(The first 3 would be very rare, but likely more appreciated...;)...)


I find myself quite often attempting to leverage my experience(s) as a "seasoned audiophile" to help me in my "other life." (I even started a topic on this forum with this title a while back).

Now, thanks to you guys, I have even more colorful language to share with others on those occassions where events simply leave me lost for words: after a mediocre home-cooked meal prepared by friends/family, when introduced to a new (unruly) puppy, or after sitting thru their detailed (expert) viewpoint on world events.

Thank you.

And "agility" can be used to descdrible a component that can reproduce sound that is both energetic, and controlled.

I bought the K340 in spite of the negative review of a pro headphone reviewer at Stereophile , i was induced to do so by many others USERS reviews not by a  pro reviewer...

I only use statistic of users opinions comparing their negative and positive impressions on a chart  mostly ...

I was lucky , for the price and with the right optimization process  when i understood the headphone working , this K340 beat  easily most headphones i ever listen to for very precise acoustic reason the pro reviewer never  figure out and was unable to do so  in a quick listening review not owning them ...