Cardas Clear Beyond XL PC vs The Rest

Hello all,

I'm in need of an additional PC, and I am intrigued by Cardas. I currently have Audioquest Hurricanes and Audience Front Row. There seems to be very little about the Cardas XL in search engines or reviews, and very few are listed for sale (Are they so good that no one wants to part, or are people not buying?). I would appreciate any input you may share (or any other recommendations). This cable will power my Innuos Pulse. 



What drove you to Cardas PCs? I too have been looking for PC upgrades and have not seen any Cardas PC reviews.

My list of PCs I’m interested in up to ~$5k

  • 2.0 Siltech Classic Legend 880P

2.5 ZenWave PSR-14,11.

  • 2.5 RSX Beyond
  • 3.2 VooDoo Phoenix, Dragon, Tesla
  • 3.5 Audioquest FireBird
  • 4.8 Hemingway Audio Z-core Beta
  • 5.5 Audioquest Dragon

PC shootout here

I have extensively auditioned Cardas powercords (for a year) and now own AudioQuest Hurricanes on my amps… Audio Research Reference 160m monoblocks and Ref 160s.

In my system, see my virtual systems, I was looking for absolute transparency with the lowest noise floor possible and the greatest dynamics.

I tried about every Cardas power cord for long periods of time (as well as others). I also, recommend Cardas interconnects and powercords all the time. But in my system they do not work.


After really struggling for the right pc for my amps I tried the Hurricane. Huge improvement. Every Cardas imparts a very small amount of warmth and attenuates the high frequency ever so slightly… it is really a small amount. On many systems this is all good… but on mine, I needed absolutely zero change. The Hurricane, is just a lot better. The AudioQuest Storm series took the audio community by (sorry) storm a couple years ago, for a really good reason… it is a tremendous power cord.

I use transparent powercords on all my other components. They are perfect.


So, it will depend on your system. With the exception of the Dragoon I would say you have the very “best” cord… assuming you are looking for the same thing I was.


I have always been interested in the Cardas, especially because the Clear Beyond interconnects are so highly praised. I do prefer a warmer presentation. Yet the XL PC's do not appear to have a big following. I would love to hear the AQ Dragon also, but I think the biggest bang for the buck would be the Dragon from the wall into my Puritan 136 conditioner. I know you are interested in the AQ Firebird, but I was told by a dealer to go Hurricane or Dragon. The Firebird's performance is a small increment above the Hurricane and not worth the price of admission. 


Thanks for the advice! I do love AQ, but I hate how inflexible they are. I do agree that the AQ Hurricane's presents one of the best values in PC's today. They are truly outstanding.


I’m a Cardas guy but never owned the CBXL primarily because my amps are not high current enough to really justify them.  I do use the Clear Beyond cords and I have always been extremely happy with them on my amps and preamp.  They are neutral for the most part but do have that very slight touch of warmth, which I like.  If you do try the XL be sure to post your findings.  

The better power cord should sound closer to the original music. With my Wavetouch power cords, my system sounds closest to the original music than any other audio systems in the world. 

I tried some AQ, SR, JPS, Zentara, and other power cords in my system and they all sound confused and unclear.

There are 100 live recordings of "Liberty by Anette Askvik" of world great audio systems. In Youtube, search for "Anette Askvik Liberty" and compare them to my system recording below. Alex/Wavetouch

Liberty - Anette Askvik, Wavetouch audio, Live recording

Original music  Anette Askvik - "Liberty"



One thing to consider visa vie the inflexibility of the Hurricane is that they sound better longer. So a two meter sounds better than a one meter. I have had both and tested them. Say maybe 20% better for the two meter. With two meters I find flexibility less an issue.

No cable company knows how to make power cords properly except me. That’s why all audio systems in the world sound unnatural and vague. Alex/Wavetouch


The AQ Dragon is my top choice, but I’m not sure if I can financially afford swapping out all my PCs.  So I’m considering lower cost alternatives.  Used AQ PCs are a possibility, but am weary of fake clones. Good to know Firebird not worth the move from Hurricane.  Great reviews for Voodoo top PCs, but not sure how it compares to the AQ Dragon.  

.......there have been reviews on this power cord I do believe in ; ToneAudio magazine and also in Positive Feedback. I have owned them for many years and overall a great power cord that is also very versatile with a lot of equipment and also flexible to a degree. The price in my opinion is very good for a power cord of this sonic pedigree. Great company as I am sure that you are aware, to work and deal with. Can't go wrong and can easily be sold if you decide to ever move on.        

I have 4 clear beyond xl power cords. I prefer them to shunyata. I actually think it’s the best product Cardas makes. 

Swap out one power cord every year or two. Spreads out enjoyment and financial investment.

I use Cardas Clear Beyond XL PC for my PS Audio DSD I DAC. Substituted for AQ Hurricane. Cardas is to my ears far more transparent and fully fleshed compared to the Hurricane, which was thin. Different strokes. Perhaps Cardas is much more recognized for IC's than their PC's, but this one is a honey. Neal