CES Day 1 Photo Gallery

If anyone if interested I posted a couple hundred photos from day 1 at CES. My personal favorite has to be the McIntosh green turntable platter. Here is the link the gallery http://www.computeraudiophile.com/node/126
Wow! Thanks for the photos!

That green platter on the new McIntosh turntable looks pretty cool, but what's that big mama 'table on page 30 (Large200.jpg)? Also love that heaping stack of Pass amps and the flaming Wadia dac(?).

The icing on the cake though is the YG Acoustics speakers. Finally. I was wondering when a speaker would come along and just put an end to all of the endless debates.


Now that there's a speaker you can hang your hat on fella!

Thank-you for the photos -- wish I could have made it. Sure would have been fun. BTW, I have my eye on that MT10 (which I hear McIntosh outsourced the major parts) -- anxious to hear from a friend who went and get his take on eveything.
Thanks for thinking of us!
Look forward to you "wandering" the halls for our viewing pleasure :)
Let's see some more of that first turntable and arm...
Hey guys - I was too busy to get back to this board to answer questions. So, here it goes.

The big table on page 30 is from TransRotor. Can't remember the model, but it was an impressive piece of equipment.

The flaming Wadia unit is not a DAC, it is the first official piece of gear that will take a digital signal from an iPod and output it to any DAC you want. For only $349 the iTransport is a steal. They had it playing on a great system and the sound was superb.

That McIntosh turntable and whole system was my favorite sounding system of the whole show. That room was so musical I went back three days in a row and stopped working just to relax and listen to vinyl. James Taylor's Sweet baby James re-master on Warner vinyl was absolutely amazing. I talked to Dick McCarthy from Richard Gray's Power Company in that room for quite a while and we both thought the sound was great.

By the way, I just posted a link to my second gallery and it should be up here after moderator OK in 4 to 8 hours.
Glad somebody went to CES this year. The reports from Stereophile & ETM have been horrible!
The smaller Transrotor is a picture of the same one I have, the Apollon with carbon-acrylic sandwich construction. I would like to see that one hit a mainstream review, besides the one I posted.
But, WAIT, there's more!

Day Two


Day Three - with stuff from THE SHOW


Great shots - I just looked through all 3 days - glad you took images of THE Show - I gotta go to CES at least one time.
CES & T.H.E. Show are quite an experience for high end audio lovers. With only a couple local dealers (if you're lucky) in many areas you don't get to hear much of the equipment out there. It was weird thinking to myself that I wouldn't want some of the systems on display because they didn't sound as good as this room or that room. In reality almost all the equipment there sounded stellar.