Cleveland, OH

Anyone in the NE Ohio area that are still stalwart 2 channelers?
How about those of you who got rid of their stereo gear to go HT
only to regret it. Are you out there? COMMENTS
Thanks Brownsanandy for the Donbetteraudio tip. I will check them out this week while I am visiting my brother.

Todd - if you can't figure out a McIntosh system, it will be very hard for you to help anyone! Good luck though.

thanks guys for all the replies. as soon as all my new gear arrives (mid-january), i will be in touch to take you up on offers to help. in the meantime, i would love to get involved in any local audio club -- if anything is organized for our area. its great to know that there are others around who are similarly afflicted with this madness!

happy holidays
Don Better has been around, everyone in Cleveland should know about him, other than that and AudioCraft its getting slim, AudioVisions does not count.
I didn't know this "local club" thing existed on Audiogon. I am a 53 yr old audio lover who has been dabbling in audiophile/hi-fi stuff for 30+ years here in N. Ohio. I am a strong 2 channel guy, but also built a home theater in 1987 when we built in Westlake (still live there), and was known to be on that cutting edge during th late 80's and early 90's (even got written up in Cleveland Magazine...:>) ).

I have done a lot of work to maintain separate signal paths for a dedicated 2 channel, 5.1 channel hirez music surround and 7.1 channel movie surround (110 inch hidef since '99) system. About 75% of my listening now is dedicated 2 channel.

Don Better is a great guy and great resource. As all others die off (Hoffmans, then Golden Grampohone, now Audio Craft is weakening to the point of irrelevance, and Audio Visions is catering to "drop in" hoem theater. Don Better is ramping up his high-end busioness even more, with new lines like Basis, ARC and Quad in the past few months. I'm buying a Nottingham vinyl setup from him very soon.

Here's my gallery at Audio Circle (gives you a little look at my past few equipment moves, etc.).

my gallery

Anyway, I'm glad to have found this! I'd love to hook up.

Don't know if anyone in Northern Ohio will see this (more than a year since the last post) I am planning on driving up to the Detroit area for the on May 3 and 4.
There is a good lineup of exhibitors.
Would like to hear from any 2 channel folks that have any interest in attending.

My setup is :
Melody I2A3 & Ultra Fi Sebring 300b
Zu Druid

Take care, Ted
Yes we have a few active Cleve area folks in our "Ears and Beers" club and I know myself and another guy who may want to attend but my problem is I am disabled and I dont drive so I am pretty much dead weight. I will try to contact you via email, cheers
When & where does the Ear's & Beers group meet ? I'm new to the Cleveland area-recently moved here from Erie, PA and would like to meet some of the local hifi gang.
Hi Brian,
Our club meets every couple months but with a little notice anything can be put together with a couple or few guys (hell the group isnt that much bigger) another member may be over my place this weekend and you are free to come down, another member was gonna come but a friends death has been paying respects. I am at chadnliz2k3 via hotmail dot com if you want to leave a number and time to call for this or any other weekend, cheers
54 yr old audio nut. Would love to hear from other N. Ohio
audiophiles. 2 channel & ht setup. West side, Vermilion.
Hi, I'm 60 and just moved to Fairview Park. Also looking to meet local hifi guys.
My brother lives in Vermillion (it's 20-25 min west of me). And Fairview Park is 10-15 min away. I'm open to ideas. My post above has a link to my system, etc.

Welcome to the West Side!
I talked with Brianhemmis tongiht (great guy) and it looks like we will try for next Saturday at my place if anyone else would be interested please P.M. me, I am an hour from Cleve in Salem.
Hi, I'm just south of Cleveland off of 77 and would love to meet other hi fi guys in the area. I have 2 channel digital and analog for serious listening and h t just for the fun of it.
Hford, your welcome to come down if you are free Saturday, just email me if you want to talk, cheers
Chad, Really great to meet you and the E&B gang today. Wish I had more time but had a lot on my plate this afternoon. You have a nice and very enjoyable system. Appreciate your hospitality too. Talk soon. Regards, Brian
Well yesterday was a great get together, thanks Eric for the power conditioner and the wine, I hope to see others homes in time aswell as host more of you at my place.
It was greating meeting all, so once again....thanks Brian, Jim, Eric, Marty and Karl for everything! Cheers
Well yesterday was a great get together, thanks Eric for the power conditioner and the wine, I hope to see others homes in time aswell as host more of you at my place.
It was greating meeting all, so once again....thanks Brian, Jim, Eric, Marty and Karl for everything! Cheers
Tpsonic and Brian: thanks for stopping by today and checking out some sounds on my little system. I really enjoyed meeting Brian and having the opportunity of welcoming him to our little community of audiophiles in the south central Cleveland area. Tipsonic, it's always a pleasure and special treat when you stop by and drive me crazy with all those little adjustments that just seem to make the analog rig sound its best. Although a lot of fun and fellowship was had, we definitely did not have enough time together today to really enjoy all the benefits of my system so when we can, lets get togheter and do it again. Thanks again, Herman
It has been almost two years since my wife and I began a relocation. At that point my gear went into storage and the music has been dead. Today we have moved into our new digs, they are not complete yet. Kitchen, bathroom, and the rest of the first floor is to be finished, but i have a dedicated room for the first time. It is not perfect, but after 2 years, I am chompin at the bit to get the rig out and running again.
Will be spending some time figuring out the best room configuration, as I now have a third floor "man cave" that will be and ht on one end and a 2 channel on the other.

I can't wait to sit and listen for a while. Rehabbing a crackhouse was a romantic idea, but has nearly killed me. I need to relax before the craziness that is the holiday season is going to bring.
Hford653,Thanks for having Brian and I over for a listening session.Sorry we had to cut things short.I'll try to make it over this afternoon ,so that we can finish tweaking the table with the new Huffman ICs.I was glad to read that I wasn't driving you overly crazy with all the adjustments.The system was really starting to shine.
Local AudioGon members:A few of us meet in small numbers to enjoy music and discuss the gear.Feel free to contact any of us and make arrangements to "meet & greet".
All are welcome.
Happy Holidays!
Can you put me on the mailing list? Euclid counts as part of NE Ohio, doesn't it?

A bit about me --I'm fairly new to the hobby. A few years ago I had hopes of putting together the ultimate HT/2ch combo. Don Better warned me otherwise, but i didn't listen. Needless to say, dreams shattered and tail between my legs, I'm now in the process of splitting it up. After a bit of research (and pleading for a reasonable budget from my wife), a Rogue Cronus is now on its way to power my DeVore Gibbons. Not sure how this set-up stacks up amongst the members, if I'm in the wrong league --just shoot me a note and I'll be glad to go back to the minors (tips on how to extract a bigger budget from the misses would also be appreciated).

Also, as for what I listen to, I'm a 37 year old Zep head who now can't get enough Coltrane & his protege's (Josh Redman, et al). The wife likes punk and I've been known to attend my share of operas. I'm sure may of you have the same tastes as I...
You're 37 and you go by "oldgrey". Wow, I'm 55, I must be "dead-and-not-know-it". :) Welcome to the Cleveland Club.

I love Don, but ultimate HT and 2 channel CAN coexist. Here's my system:

I'm hoping to have a N Ohio GTG sometime in the spring (once next step in remodel is done: riser is installed, new carpet and a total repaint job).

The misses secret: whenever she finds out what you spend, match it with her choice (mine is so understanding that it's kept us married 31 yrs without a significant WAF).
37 here too.

Dont worry about what you own, our Ears and Beers club isnt about that....its about having some fun with like minded folks, advice can always be shared too but this isnt a circle jerk high brow club where we all listen to a album and sit and discuss it like Opera's book club. Its beers, music, laughs and stories (some bullshit too).
I will post get togethers here so look for them if you want to stop over. Cheers
Wow. You could've just told me I was in the wrong league instead of smacking it in my face! Just kidding....that looks like an amazing set-up. I stand corrected.

Put me on the invite list.

"Not so" oldgrey
Thanks for the kudos. i didn't do it to show off, but to say that HT and 2 channel can happily coexist, if you plan for it. Things like HT bypass on a stereo preamp help a lot, as do dedicated signal paths, etc.

Hey Ted, Steve E. had triple Bypass in last 2 weeks but is back in hospital with leg infection but is in good spirits. He has brought his weight down and is looking at a Kidney and Pancreatic transplant ASAP....the bypass puts that a step closer. He still has those VMPS beauties.
Oldgrey: welcome aboard. I to agree that 2 channel and HT can exist in the same environment. In fact it can be done exceptionally well in several different ways if you are willing to work at it. I am just south of you in the Brecksville area and would like to have you as well as others in our group over for a listen when you get some time. I like a lot of Jazz mostly pre 1980 and have several Coltrane albums in my playing rotation. Happy listening, Herman
Holy !!!!! I pray that he's getting better? Wow! Does he have donors lined up? I'd like to know what hospital? I'll email you offline (off A-gon). Thx
Hi gang, I'm on the east side and just getting started with two-channel. I'd love to attend one of your get togethers and get some ideas.
Welcome to the neighborhood.
I would happen to agree with TedB & Hford653,(& Ted you have a nice system & room) 2 channel & HT can coexist in the same room. Yes utlimately I would love to have 2 separate rooms, but that for me is financially impossible. I would much rather throw my money at one room & of course my equipment. If you do a build I recommend you acoustically set it up for 2 channel (if that is your first love of course). I followed this road & have been very pleased with the results. Equipment selection & synergy are also important.
Hope to meet a few more of the Cleveland area audionuts in the future as well.
West side / Vermilion
You think I have a nice setup, wait until you check out Gary's (GRR)!! Wow. :)

Ted, you my friend are not slummin' either, I am not worthy of you guys lol............but I am gonna come anyway!
Should be within next few weeks down this way if anyone would like to keep informed please let me know.
I am interested, please keep me informed on any up coming events. Big or small for that matter. ( Traveling is no problem either. )

Don't have TOO much fun till I get back up there the end of April ! I'm "stuck" down here in Naples, FL till the end of April. I did manage to scoop a nice pair of Klipsch Heresy 2's for $ 150 yesterday of Craig's List plus a stack of vinyl tossed in to sweeten the deal. Have them in my office with my old Mission Cyrus integrated. Talk about the Audio Cheapskate ! Take care, Y'all ! Brian
I just got a surprise that Aaron Goldberg is going to be at NightTown on Wed, April 15th (tommorrow night). Not sure if any of you folks are into jazz at all...but he's bringing Eric Harland (drums) and Reuben Rodgers (bass). If you haven't seen these guys live, you haven't lived. Harland puts on a silly good show (tours/records with Josh Redman, Charles Lloyd, McCoy Tyner...etc.). Rodgers is no slouch either. For $15 tickets, you can't beat it.
Yes, Aaron Goldberg is quite the accomplished pianist. I hate the fact I'm close to my MBA ;-)

However, I notice some of the acts that come to NightTown do appear during the Detriot International Jazz Festival. However, given GM's prospects---I can only wonder how the festival will continue.

Hi everyone in Cleveland!
I’ve been looking for people with same sickness for a long time.
I’m 2ch audio person & I live on the east side (Mayfield HTS).
I’ve had this hobby for 20 years. I see that you guys get together sometimes and I would appreciate it if you put me on your list for your next meeting or audition.
My room remodel project is done, the 2 channel stuff is back in
and I'll have everything re-installed in a couple weeks. I'll post about a GTG soon.

Hey Plasma, just has one not too long ago but soon I am sure there will be another, keep you posted!
I live in Bellevue (about 15 miles south of Sandusky) and am interested in attending your next meeting. Let me know when and where.
Hello everyone! I happened to stumble across your thread and I figured I throw in my 2 cents in here to those who are willing to take a trip to listen to some great 2 channel gear! I just had a meeting here in Dayton ohio a couple of weeks ago where we listened to the New Sonus Faber Liuto, and Cremona M (The favorite of the night it seems) - We listened to our Focal Scala Utopia's Thiels CS3.7's Electronics we used were Sim Audio Moons W-8 Amplifier, Andromeda CD player, and P8 preamp with All new Shunyata power stage. In a second room we used the New Bryston Squared amplifier and new Pro-Ject Turnables!

So what I would like to know is if anyone from up north is willing to take a drive down to Dayton??? I Could arrange a meeting on the weekend. Trust me people really enjoy there time out here! I am thinking of brining in the new Dyaudio Shappire's for the next show or the Focal Utopia Diablos. Maybe even Monitor Audio's PL300's. So many choices!! If anyone is intresetd let me know and I'll get something in the works and maybe even have the cinci audiophile group be there too! Nothing like combining everyone's music taste!

if you'd like check out our website!