Considering a Second Subwoofer for the Front

I am considering a second sub.  I have two bucket subs for the rear.  My taste in music is classical to Enigma.  The room is 14 by 22.  The front sub is from Salk.  The speaker is 12 inches.  What considerations does one need before a decision.  Thanks in advance,  Steve


Two subwoofers are appropriate, to augment your main speakers. Appropriate placement takes real work to avoid peaks and troughs. Having said that.


What are you trying to accomplish? Realistic sound? If so two is plenty. When I had two subwoofers my cross over frequency was about 40hz and the volume level less than 20%. If they are not carefully feathered in they create a huge bump in energy where there shouldn’t be one and pinch the sound stage and completely screw up your system.

If you are trying to create an enormous hiphop boom, then lots of subwoofers are great… but if you are working to create high fidelity subwoofers can get out of control really easily.


I used to have two B&W 800 series 12” subs. I had a lot of trouble getting them tuned in, mostly because of me… I kept wanted to augment the bass, and hear it. It was so tempting to turn them too high. I got rid of the went I got my current speakers. My speakers are flat tp 28hz. If I still had my subwoofers… I would have had to have them turned down to the very lowest cross over and probably the lowest possible power.

Crossover frequency is not at all a specific frequency… they have a graduat attenuation… and speakers fall off gently. This is why REL subwoofers are so popular, the supply the means to feather the subs to the main speakers.


More than once I have gone to someone’s house and after listening for a short time… went over and dialed back there subwoofer by a huge amount… and the owner was shocked at how much better their system sounded.

Given the complete lack of relevant info to go on here I’ll respond with a concomitant response — get a second sub. 

Get another Salk if you're happy with the first and use the pair as left and right subs. Leave the buckets at the rear. Dial everything down so you don’t drown out the detail in the midband.

Nothing some hanging pots and pans can't sort out. (Just kidding)

Wait until Magister sees this.....

The recommendations are along my line of thought.  I want the sub to augment my sound.  The current ones are dialed down.  My bucket subs are home depot.  I intend to follow the advice of buying a second salk.  Thanks everyone.  Steve

What is the size of the room?

Have you tested your room for standing waves and whatnot?  What are the existing room treatments?

I would almost always use two front subs, assuming the room allows it, but it all dictated by the space you have to use.



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Hasn't Salk closed?

With a four sub array I can't imagine your shooting for stereo. The mono room lock should be amazing. I did it using three different asymmetrically positioned subs and it worked just fine.

If the master sub has remote control volume and the connectivity to daisy chain the other three the system would be conveniently controllable. Good luck with it.

Since my last post was removed, let’s try this again. What in the H E double toothpicks is a bucket sub? Can we see an example of this beast?


Your OP was very vague and cryptic. You should provide more details if it’s really advice you are after.

I called my friend who recommended trying the bucket sub. The formula is on Bruce's website-Transcendent Sound.  The Bass picture is spot on.  The sub is essentially the bucket with concrete in the bottom and a woofer on the top.  I control mine with an amplifier that can cut off at various levels.  They augment the sound.  They are not meant for heavy bass.