Core Power Technologies

Does anyone know, is Core Power Technologies still around? I was considering purchasing (2) Ec1200’s but don’t want to be in a holding pattern for the next year. Are they or (Mark) still in existence? What’s the lowdown or suggestion of comparable item.
google is awesome.....

"  Core Power is in the process of being sold so we are currently not taking any new orders until the companies financial situation is cleared up and we are sure we can ship orders. Sorry for the inconvenience."
@luvrockin CPT has been acquired by Modwright (Dan Wright) who, it is hoped, will develop the CPT products to their full potential.
We know Mark has health issues.
It's my understanding that he sold the company as mentioned to Modwright because Mark was not able to keep up with production for a number of different reasons. You should have his phone number because he posted it many times, give him a call or send him a text.
Wishing the best for Mark and Ltnn...
Core Power Technologies is still very much around.  Things are in a transitional period right now. I will be able to share more later.


Dan Wright
Thanks for posting Dan. I called Mark and left a message regarding my Deep Core's and cables.
I left a message with Mark, but no response.
I am hoping he/the new owners will make good on the promises he made.

Is there an actual working, sound improving, Deep Core unit that you know of? Or is it still in the design/idea stage?

I have not used, seen or heard the product.  It is my understanding however, that it has been re-engineered to handle higher current. I do not know about the production or availability status of the new design.

Ok, I asked a question and I see many replies which i thank you all for. A couple other questions came to mind with Dan's last comment. At one time I had money down on a Deep Core unit. Was there ever such an animal? I know many others had money or there as well. I bailed out when my feet got cold and the bs got knee deep. Mark refunded my money as well. So where was/is the product that was being funded or was that money going into R&D?
As usual, I was told by Mark that there was a new and improved Deep Core that passed all of their rigorous testing and it would be sent to me (and the three other original people) to beta test. We were told that week after week after week...
Your guess or intuition (gut feeling, history tends to repete itself) is as good as mine.
Hopefully Dan will make everyone whole financially eventually.
But from his replies I would not bet on a fully functional Deep Core shipping to anybody , anytime soon.
Did you guys not get refunded from Mark? If not, what happened to those funds. It's none of my business but I wouldn't tolerate that, but that's me. I hope it works out for you guys.
I will share what I know.

There was a Deep Core design and I have spoken with the engineer. There was an issue with a small number of these first units.  It was based on the units being used to deliver more power than they were designed for.

I know that this has been redesigned and tested positively.  I do not know what the production status of these units are, beyond this point.

To my understanding, Deep Core withstanding, there have not been any reliability issues with the Core Power '1800' and '1200' units, correct? I have used the 1800 myself at shows with great success and I was very impressed with the product.

Thank you,

Dan Wright
I am extremely happy with the 1800 I purchased through Underwood Wally.

Never had any interest in deep core so not a concern of mine tbh.

I do not recall hearing of any issues with the 1800 or 1200.

My 1800 powers everything for me, amp, phono, tt, cdp, cassette, tv, vault.
A lot quiter blacker noise background than I,believed it would create so I was/am very impressed.
@modwright I very much like my 300 and 1800 and have had no issues with them.
I was an original beta tester for the original Deep Cores and did not pay a cent for it. I posted about my experiences extensively in the removed thread.
If you want to know the truth and not poppycock about the Deep Core that I tested please contact me. Yes I know, I talked to the designer also and I don’t believe you were given the entire set of facts!
BTW; I don't know if you remember me but you highly modified a pair of Swan M-1 Signature Speakers for me back in 2003.
Best regards...
I have more information about the Deep Core.  There were two initial version released in Beta form and problems were found in both. A third version has been built, tested and proven to work and test well by the contract mfr. that did the initial builds.  Apparently a couple of errors were found and corrected from the initial design. I do not know what there is in inventory as far as production goes, nor do I know the time frame going forward. I personally would not ship this product without thorough vetting of my own.

Thank you for the feedback RE the Balanced Power units, 300, 1200, 1800, etc. It confirms my confidence in this line of products as quite solid and the reviews certainly support this.

Dan Wright


Like Uberwaltz above I am very happy with my 1800 I purchased directly from Mark. It is one of the best upgrades I have added to my system. You are taking over a wonderful product.

While I have never owned any of your gear I know you have a stellar reputation and have heard your fine sounding equipment in other systems. It is reassuring this exemplary product is in good hands.

Congratulations on purchasing Core Power Technologies!

Welcome to the forums Dan!

Very happy Modwright Oppo 205 and CPT 1800 owner here.
You should speak to both Lak and Ozzy as they both Beta tested the Deep Core and reported their findings which differed greatly from another Beta tester and acquaintance of Mark.

From what I read in both Ozzy's and Lak's experience and posts, there seemed to be no observable improvement in sound quality using Deep Core in their systems.

Although I am quite happy with the performance of my 1800, although there seems to be quite a few posters here who have paid for both undelivered Equicores and Deep Cores.

All, My communications from both respective parties is that CPT needs to sort out its current orders/refunds/debts. It then may be a possibility that  ModWright may assume CPT.

I stress, that all current issues with CPT need to be clarified. As far as products are concerned, the Super Stroke and EQUI=CORE will be available, but not while Deep Core is going through proofing. DC is going to be a viable product and it's design will give all competitors a good run. As usual, there will be a wait until full production is available. A.

Agreed chazzzy and amg.

As I said I am very happy with the 1800 but I have a feeling I was among the very last group to receive anything before matters took a serious downturn.

Before anything else occurs ALL outstanding orders and/or refunds must take place.
No future for cpt at all under any ownership until this is taken care of.
To all of you who've never had any experience with Dan.
My experience as an owner of his Oppo 205 Mod was and is a 10+.
He as well as his staff are responsive and very easy to reach and speak with.

IMO CPT could not be going to better hands.
@Chazzzy007- like ther others, I purchased and EC-1800 from Mark. I received it in a very reasonable amount of time and am very pleased with the results. 
I’ll join the chorus in praise of the 1800’s as I own two of them. I absolutely love what they do for my tv setup as well as my 2 channel system. I placed an order with Mark for the Deep Core exactly 1 year and week from today. Along with some others Mark gave me a nice discount for having such a long wait for my second 1800 but I obviously didn’t know I’d be waiting much longer for the Deep Core. 

I’ve since asked Mark for a refund as things have changed for me but like others also I’ve had no luck. Hoping Mark makes everything right for everybody and look forward to seeing and hearing what Dan can do for the Core Power product line. 
Thank you again for the words of support as well as positive feedback about the 1800 products.

Dan Wright

I own the CPT 300 and the 1800 and they are really great!
I modified the 1800 using Furutech ncf outlets and inlet. Eliminated the daisy chain outlet wiring and eliminated the cheap switch and breaker and went direct from the transformer to the outlets using 12 gauge Mil spec silver copper wire.

In regards to the Deep Core, I along with lak, and oleg were the original Guinea pigs with the Deep Core. The 2 versions we tested blew up!
But I know Mark was trying to achieve his vision of the unit and the plan was to send us 3 the new version V3 for beta testing. Alas, that has been probably 6-12 + months ago.

@amg56, FYI; the Super Stroke power cord was purchased in a bulk order of 500 by Mark from a company that manufactures them in China.
Same thing I was told about the Super Stroke by one of his dealers.  Look on Amazon.
Hi guys, thank you again. I am quite pleased with my experiences as well as the feedback and reviews that have been and are still forthcoming for the Equi=Core products: 300, 1200, 1800.

I know nothing about the power cords. I am not a cable mfr.

I am going to do my best to obtain a V3 Deep Core and do my own testing no matter what.

The Equi=Core products will be in production again. Some things have to be worked out, but the product is excellent and is still very much alive!


Dan Wright
Further discussions with engineering regarding Deep Core have assured me of what the problems were and that they have been addressed. While I don't have full design knowledge of the product, I can easily understand the reason for the failure modes, and am confident that the issues have been resolved. I also now understand the DC blocking and AC filtering design purposes. As for the tune-able feature of the design, I would have to evaluate, listen and measure a unit here to say more. I have great respect for the engineer and engineering involved.

I still hope to get a unit in-hand to personally evaluate. I do not know what production status or date of availability is at this point. I have no control over that at this time.

I will continue to do my very best to keep everyone informed regarding production and availability of products as things progress and I am better able to give concrete answers.

As many of you know, who have worked with myself and my team at ModWright Instruments, customer service and satisfaction are paramount to myself and ModWright's business model.

Thank you,

Dan Wright
I have made arrangements to have a current working Deep Core unit sent here for evaluation. The production units will have one minor change that is not present in this unit, but the key issues that matter are all current in this unit. I will be receiving engineering measurements as well as a working unit to evaluate.


Dan Wright
Dan the original Deep Core design was supposed to be a front end 1st in line solution plugged directly into the wall, where up to an EQ 1800 could plug into. Many of those who ordered it made their orders with this in mind. After Deep Core V2 blew up Droleg's system and blew out fuses in Ozzy and Lak's, it was found that DC would handle nowhere near an EQ 1800. Please let us know what it's power handling capabilities will be.

 posted this below on the other thread.

@chazzzy007;  Correction chazzzy007 the version II Deep Core blew fuses in ozzy and Lak's system and damaged drloeg's (was either Dac or preamp) and had to go back for repair. BTW the Deep Core at the time the damage occurred in all three was being used to power one or two components it was NOT overloaded and trying to power an entire system (although we tried that also) as others would have you believe. Funny how I was told that there was a team of Marks personal testers that had extensively tested the version I and II Deep Core and it was supposed to be safe to use on an entire system powering a 1200 or 1800!

It is my understanding that the current design has been proven to handle 1200W continuous power load. A final change made to a component in the design to better reject heat should allow for up to 1800W continuous power.

Now, audio power is not always constant and there are transient peaks. At the same time, even with a Class A amp, it is VERY unlikely to even draw a constant 1200W of power.

The beta units did have a design flaw that was not caught initially. These issues have been resolved and engineering indicates that rugged testing has proven this to no longer be an issue. 

I am expecting a unit to test and evaluate.

I realize that the product was sold as an input solution for the 1800. It is possible however, that there was miscommunication between marketing and engineering. However, the new design is capable of handling much more power and this may now be a possible combination.

I personally would dedicate the Core Power unit to handle all line level and source components, but NOT the amp. I typically connect my high current amps directly to the wall.


Dan W.

Dan have you tried plugging your amps directly to an EQ1800?
I have a 5 channel BAT VK-6200 and the results are superb.
The EQ-1800 handles it easily.
No reduction is soundstage or dynamics on movies or music.
Hi, I believe that we DID do this actually at the show.  At shows, where power is SO BAD, I will do this as long as I know the power conditioner or isolation unit that I am using will be lossless.  In the case of the 1800, I agree that there should be no problem in doing so. We had GREAT sound at that show, with Deadalus speakers, Skogrand Cables and ModWright Electronics!  Truly great sound at that show!

With regards to the Deep Core, I am just hesitant until I test it further, insuring that the Deep Core itself will not current limit and can handle  this.

If the Deep Core can be used in this application, then it should be ideal.  I just can't confirm this until I test a current version of the Deep Core.


I have a Mark Levinson 23.5 which is powered into the EC-1800. I compared between direct to the wall and in to the 1800. I don't notice and reduction in dynamics, soundstage, bass response etc. therefore I opt to remain plugged in to the 1800. Everything seems a little quieter and background seems a bit blacker. Just my 2 cents for what they're worth. 

From what I have read, the EQUI=CORE products would appear to be good, and I know Mark was working on a 240Vac version for me and others on this voltage. Mark was also supposed to be modifying a Deep Core to do the same. Obviously there is a bit of work to do to make the product work firstly in the local market.

Thanks to Dan for keeping the information flowing. I hope Mark will do the same.

I have my Prima Luna Dialogue Premium HP plugged in my EC 1800. I would say I've had the same experience as luvrockin above when compared to plugged directly into the wall. It is also much quieter than the Shunyata it replaced.
Once the Deep Core design is solid, I see no reason at all why products could not be produced for 120V and 240V.

As I previously stated ALL of my gear goes through the 1800 including the Lyngdorf2170 integrated amp.
One massive improvement I did notice is how well the 1800 cleans up our poor local power which prior to this was subject to random clicks and pops.
I cannot swear to it that the Lyngdorf sounds better through the 1800 but it certainly does not sound worse and now I never have any unwanted odd electrical artifacts from the mains.
Measurements from engineering with the current Deep Core design show AC noise measurements as folows:

3Vpk-pk incoming noise on AC main.

15mV pk-pk outgoing noise on AC main after Deep Core.

95% reduction in AC mains noise? I would say that is good!

This measurement is JUST AC noise. It has nothing to do with the adjustment feature of the unit.  It also blocks all DC on the AC mains, which is a great feature. This is what can cause transformer hum in systems where other current-heavy loads, such as resistive heating elements, inject DC into the AC mains feeding your audio gear. Tube gear is particularly sensitive to this, as are many SS amp power transformers.



Dan running that same test with an EQ 1800/1200 as a stand-alone unit, what are the results? With the Deep Core fronting an EQ 1800/1200 what are the results at the EQ receptacle???
That I don't have I am afraid. I only have test measurements from engineering for the Deep Core only.