Cornwall IV speaker placement guidance

I have a new set of Cornwall IVs. The room is 20' by 30' and the speakers are on the 20' wall due to other room layout constraints I'm not able to place them on the 30' wall. I know these are designed to be able to sit much closer to the corner and wall than other rear ported speakers, and I see lots of information online showing them very close (within 6 inches) to front wall and sidewall, but I also see opinions stating they sound better if pulled out 2-4'. I'm about 100 hours in, and have had them where they are now (photos added to my profile) and pulled out from wall. They sound great anywhere, but I do notice more low end the closer to the wall. Any feedback on these specific speakers in terms of proper placement is appreciated! 


They look well placed the way you have them I would suggest giving them more break in time and continuing to experiment with small moves. Great looking room BTW you should fill the gear out on your system.

Cornwalls are named for their placement. CORNer or WALL. Bass will be better matched with some room reinforcement of a wall or corner. But you can be the judge of that in YOUR room.

My brother has older Cornwalls and a bit smaller room than yours. His sound best out about two feet pointed at his shoulders. Also they are close to the side walls just like yours.Back any farther they get boomy. Maybe slide them back an inch at a time until it sounds perfect to you.

I agree with jon, your placement looks pretty good. I thought they sounded better a couple of feet out from the corners. Extreme toe in as in your picture works well, but experiment here, because this is subjective. They are very sensitive to toe in and a little can make a big difference. Congrats, those are fine sounding speakers.


Thank You All! I will leave them in place (Maybe re-measure and make sure they are out at least a foot from the side wall and back wall?)  until full break-in (likely another 100-200 hours I am hearing) and make minor toe in adjustments as time goes on. I kinda spent most of my budget on the HVAC system for the room, and the Cornwalls, so no real high end other components as of now. Currently running everything (Marantz ND 8006 CD / Streamer out through an Orchid DAC then out to the Peachtree Nova 150 integrated Amp. Also have an entry level Pro-ject T1 Phono for the rare occasions I spin any LPs. 

The Cornwall IV is a front ported speaker ( CWs always has been, as far as I know ), designed to have greater versatility with room set up, corner or against a wall ( not necessarily out in the open back then, although it works ). The owners I speak to all like them close ( closer ) to the rear wall, and a few even in / near corners. I never liked them in corners. The Klipschorn is another story. I only suggest that the wall behind the CWs have some acoustic deadening, to eliminate 1st reflections ( this is completely different topic altogether about room acoustics ). Watch a YT video by " The Boston Audiophile " on damping the horns of the CWs, as I had suggested to him. Enjoy !

BTW....nice room and gear. I am not seeing your listening chair, but based on what I am seeing, you have way too much toe in. Is it possible to grab a computer chair and sit right at the toe in axis they are at now. This will simplify the toe in experience by adjusting yourself to them, and your ears will be farther away from the side walls and the rear wall.

Thanks! I added a pic of my listening chairs to my profile. That is the other Challenge I suppose. I know the "perfect" audio system has one chair or sweet spot, and I get that 100%, but in reality I am often listening with another person, so I set up two comfortable chairs. Thus... the challenge. 

Currently (as a place to start) I have exaggerated the toe in to try and give both chairs a great sound. The right speaker is facing the left shoulder of the left chair and the left speaker faces the right shoulder of the right chair. so the sweet spot axis crosses at dead center about 1' in front of both chairs. This "seems" to sound great, but other suggestions to try are welcome!



I use CWs myself and experimented with several listening positions before settling. I used the golden triangle rule, some call this the cardas method. Look it up and see if that'll help. I am firing towards the short side of my room which sucks but I had no choice. So because of this, bass is a bit too boomy. I am at least 6ft from the corners, speakers are spread 6.5ft from cone center to cone center. 6.5ft from listening position of course. Speakers are 22" from the wall on the one corner and 20" on the other corner from the wall (toe in). That seems to be perfect overall for my situation. Sub sits dead center between the two speakers but slightly back. Hope this helps in your voyage. 

Try toeing them back out a little. Seems like your listening position is far enough back. I have the CORNWALL III’S and my listening position is closer than yours but not so much toed in. Check out my system. Nice setup by the way. 

Thanks everyone for the advice and feedback! I just finished a 2 hour session after towing them out to the center rear of the 2 seat listening position and pulled them out to 12" from front and side walls. significant improvement in the 2 person listening positions and perfect or as close as I can get it for the single listening position. These really sound great, and I'm happy with this purchase. I know there are probably better (much better) speakers out there, but these were a stretch for me so I really appreciate all the help this forum always provides. 

There certainly are better speakers out there, but not many at the price you paid .

Irish Whiskey. Can't afford the good Scotch after buying these for a few months! LOL

Costco Whiskey isn't that bad after you get used to it. :) 

Congrats on your Cornwall IV. I never liked horn speakers until I heard CW IV. Extreme toe-in seems to work well for me at my near field listing position. These speakers sound great when I am far away at my work station. 


Fantastic room and amazing speakers!  I have the Cornwall IV’s as well, after owning many $20k plus mega speakers.  The Cornwall’s offer something special that the others just can’t seem to deliver…the sublime mix of dynamics, clarity and tone with fleshed out images wins me over every time I listen.  FYI, experiment with wider toe in when you get a chance.  The least amount needed to throw a large coherent soundstage is best because it will deliver maximum separation of instruments and increased dynamics.  Enjoy my friend!!

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