Corpse Cable - Opinions Please

I'm looking to purchase an aftermarket cable for my headphones. The current cable is not long enough and was looking at Corpse Cable  for options. Would like to hear from Audiogoners about this company. Thanks for your responses 
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You have a grave undertaking ahead of you and you have my condolences. They have a skull as part of their logo so all is fair with the responses. Heck, their ad copy is full of puns as well. 

As to how they sound, I haven't crossed that plane yet.

All the best,Nonoise

Everyone's a comedian! I love it. 

I bought a 4 pin XLR cable from them for my Sennheiser HD 6XX. Those are my most used headphones. The cable has held up well and I have no complaints about sound quality. I also use one of their cables on my Focal Elex. 

They are to die for! 
I had a terrible experience with them.  Their website is deceptive and their post-sale customer service was rude and condescending and included bold underlined statements telling me I was wrong.

As for the cables? I threw them in the trash.

I should have known better.
With appropriate music, causes necrosis.  ;)

(That is a joke, in case someone wants to get offended)
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Just got another shipment from them. I think the price is right, the cables measure well and I hear no sonic issues actually, they are quite lively. 

I have purchased a 10 ft set for my Focal Utopia's and another set for my Abyss 1266 TC and the sound quality is excellent. Their customer is also excellent. Most likely i will be ordering a set for my LCD-4's. Very happy with my purchases.

They assemble terrific gear. Using quality Cardas or Mogami cable, Neutrik connectors painstaking skill, they make copper cables as good as it gets. Not microphonic and excellent sound quality. I lean to the Cardas.

Their pricing is reasonable for a quality component and not off the wall. As far as the naming convenytions and puns, you just get past that. The cables make your music "come alive", I bought a cable, and an adapter and went back for more.

Its good quality and delivery is fast. It is high quality- no doubt!

More than 20 years on audiogon, and this is by far my favorite thread, even if some of the puns are killing me.