DeHavilland UltraVerve or Shindo Aurieges?

I am trying to decide which of the two would best suit a system that I am going putting together. It will consist of:

Speakers: VMPS
Amplifier: NuForce
Interconnects: DIY silver

Which would you recommend?
The Shindo is very good and hard to beat for the money. It would make that system much more musical for sure and I would bet it could use it.
I can't speak for the Dehavilland but everyone that's heard my Aurieges has loved it. Just keep in mind that the impedance on it is quite high, 5,000 Ohms, so you have to be careful about matching amps with it.
It works with just about every tube amp I've ever come across. Most tube amps have a 100K ohm input impedance- no problem. Its just not a concern. The alternative to lower the output impedance of a tube pre is add more tubes or add an output transformer. More tubes is not an option sonically. Ouytput transformers are a great option but they cost.
The speakers (VMPS RM30M) are 4 ohms, the preamp (Shindo Aurieges) is 5K and the amp (NuForce 9SE V.2) is 45K. I'm afraid I am not good with impedance matching - does anyone know of any good books or sites that explain it well?

I've done a bit of reading already and I am now confused as to what gauge wire I should use for the interconnects (30 gauge not large enough?).

Does the above system match well enough impedance-wise?
I believe the guideline is that the impedance of the amp should be at least 10X the pre, so at 45k its on the borderline.... I believe that my Bedini amp is about 45K Ohms, and it does work with my Aurieges but YMMV. Maybe one of the experts can chime in....

However, if you match with a tube amp, like what Jonathan said impedance matching is less of a concern.
I use a DeHavilland Mercury II with my NuForce 9 SE V2 amps, and the combination is stunning. There's one for sale right now for $1995 on Audiogon.
Old thread, but I'd love to hear some new responses.

I just sold an Aurieges-L (dumbly) and now have an amp that would be compatible with its 5k ohm output impedance. (Decware Torii 3)

How would the dehavilland fair?
Hi Gopher, as I may have mentioned to you.I had an Augieges- L.

The Shindo replaced my deHavilland Ultra-Verve.
I'm a big fan of deHavilland and love Kara's 845 amps but I found the Shindo pre to be superior in my system at the time.

As for the dehavilland Mercury that was mentioned in Yoby's post.I have not heard it but friends and one dealer that went to RMAF suggested that I look into obtaining one.
They thought it was really good.

How is your new additions sounding ??
I haven't tried their preamp or given it serious consideration though I probably should. I've grown to dislike OTL amplification and I assume I won't care for it in a preamp as well--maybe I need to ditch the prejudice and give it a fair shot as the Torii is awesome.

Interesting to hear--I'll remove the Ultra-Verves from consideration. The Shindo was something special, and I'm an ass to have sold it. I will likely end up re-purchasing one.

I have been meaning to drop you a line, Golden! The Vimac as working out well for me. Really helped to clean up my midrange and I'm getting deeper, tighter bass then ever. I tried a pair of GIK Tri traps in the same position they are in and honestly didn't note much of a difference--both improved my sound similarly. I'm pleased.

My new amp is kicking some tail as well. I'm surprised to report I'm not missing my 845 SETs. This el34 push pull amplifier is darn competent!