Denon DP-60L vs Technics 1200 MK III

Hi everyone,
I’d appreciate your opinion on the matter. I’m returning to albums and I’ve decided to purchase a good turntable, in the price range of $500-$600. I have a couple of cheap ones already (Technics SL-23, Realistic LAB440) but there’s nothing exciting about them.

I really do like the Japanese style and looks of the mid 70’s - early 80’s so that’s why I’m singling out the Pro-jects, Rega and so on.

I have a chance to buy either a Denon DP-60L or Technics 1200 MK III. Both in near mint condition.
The Denon is just a beautiful machine, the Technics is a classic. Right now the Denon has a new Rega Carbon cartridge (new) and the Technics a Shure cartridge - middle of the road, nothing too expensive. As far as arms - both of them have stock arms, the Denon has the straight arm, and does not come with the extra S arm.

In listening tests I get gorgeous bass and very clear highs (Maybe a tad harsh - new cartridge) from the Denon, and beautiful rich mids mainly from the Technics. Add a little treble to the Technics and it’s just right.
I love the fact that parts and upgrades for the Technics are easy to find, where all the electronics of the Denon scare me a bit, after reading how hard it is to find any parts.

I've done a lot of reading on both this weekend and I think the majority out there with choose the Technics, but still - the Denon is gorgeous... however - I’m leaning towards the Technics. By the way - I'm getting a better price on the Technics. As far as value - I really want a keeper for a while, so resale value is not as important.

What would you do? (Please don't say "but both" because I can't afford to)

Thank you for your help!
Dear @yyman23: In specific that Denon model is better than the Technics and between other davantages is that its servo control is bi-directional. Denon  and Technics are good examples of very good TT designs but this time I go for Denon.

Regards and enjoy the MUSIC not Distortions,
If you are looking for that style off TT, look a the Reloop RP-8000 and the Pioneer PLX-1000. I like the fact that the Reloop has a straight arm. A lot of audiophiles are using the Pioneer. Both TT's are within your budget new, and you can get either one at Guitar Center. Denon just released the new Prime series TT, but it sells for $900. If you can afford it, the Denon appears to be worth the extra money.

I'm not necessarily looking for that type of turntable (the DJ type) I just happen to like the looks of the Technics 1200. What I'm looking for is quality at a budget, from a vintage looking table.
" What I'm looking for is quality at a budget, from a vintage looking table."

That's what I was trying to recommend. I don't read reviews, but I know the Pioneer has gotten some rave reviews from high end audio publications. 
I have the Pioneer PXL-1000 , I think its better than my Project Perspect with 9CC arm that cost almost 3 times as much and is itself a good table .
Arm on Pioneer doesn't look like much but sings with Grado Statement I put on it .
I owned the Denon many moons ago,it had both the s shaped and the straight arms. I thought it was the most analytical sounding table I’ve owned over the years. It is a beautiful looking table,but that’s about it.
I currently have 2 x Denon DP-80 they were near TOTL and very good. The 60L seems to be near TOTL also.

I had a Technics SL-1200 and i upgraded the tone arm with a Jelco 750. 

My DP-80's sound clearer with better bass than the Technics. I believe the Denon 60L would perform better than the Technics also.

The other thing you can do is check hifido sold items. If you compare both those tables a Technics 1200 sells for approx 50% of the Denon 60L. 

There is a reason for that
by narowing your selection to those two tabels your missing out on many better tables out there . hell the Rega tables used are better tables in the long run. and i'm not trying to start a war here i know the denon and tech's are good tables but they are getting harder to find parts for now and they have specific drive systems and questionable arms. Either way get them checked out by a qualified tech if you can before you buy..
If you want a Denon,you should check out the new DP-500M. There are a few listed on Ebay. It has the same look as the older ones!
Maintenance of either the Denon or the Technics is and will be no problem, contrary to what's been written here.  In my opinion (only), the Denon is a superior mechanism by a little bit over the Technics, but I am no fan of Denon tonearms.  The notion that a "Rega" is superior to either table is at least open to debate, but in my own opinion, either of these direct drive tables is superior to the typical Rega. (Perhaps the high end Rega turntables are competitive.)  By all accounts, the DP500M may look like the DP60L and others in the vintage Denon line, but it falls far short of the vintage models in performance and build quality.

I agree with mick that the DP80 is a fine turntable.  I had one side by side in my system with a Technics SP10 Mk2, and I've kept the DP80, sold the Mk2.  However, the DP80 is upscale from the DP60L, which was sort of mid-level in the Denon line, as is the SL1200 in the Technics line.  
Thank you for your helpful information everyone. 
I pulled the trigger on the Technics, but then decided I'm keeping the Denon :-)
So, the Technics is going to end at my dad's house and I'm keeping the Denon. When it comes down to it - I did like the bass and highs of the Denon better than the mids of the Technics. I felt it lacked in low low bass.
I wanted to spend $500-$600 on a plug and play and not fiddle and upgrade endlessly. The Denon does it. I just hope it lasts a while.
Then again - I can always find a good 1200. There are a lot of them out there.
Hard choice, The Denon is just beautiful.....way back when, I sold the Technics, but 90% of them went out of our shop with some type of mod... The one we used in the shop was just tricked out.... incredible amount of damping, litz wired arm with a heat shrink damped arm tube, etc etc... My only time with the Denon was when my brother inherited one not working, he brought it to my house and I disassembled it, found a few issues and made the  repairs.  I really wanted to dive in with at least properly dampening that table,  but never did..... It sounded decent,  I had the stock arm with the S tube,  I mounted an AT440OCC on it.....I would love to keep that beautiful table and if were mine,  I probably would.... add a lot of damping in key areas and a new tonearm cable at minimum,  but I bet they would be on par.  One thing though, that straight arm is a low mass arm and would require a higher compliance cartridge than the technics....Not sure if that would influence your decision,  I would prefer the heavier S tube.  good luck,  hard decision,   Tim 

Please let me know if you ever decide to sell the Denon. I have a 60L that died due to an unobtainium chip... It was by far my favorite table.... many came and went over the years, but I always kept the 60L .... I'd like to restore it.

I may be biased as I own a DP52F. It works great, sounds great and is reliable
If anyone is still subscribing to this thread, how would the DP-1200 or DP-1700 stack up to the other models mentioned here? I've been a belt user all my life and would like to try a fun DD as my second table.
Hi 2channel8,

I ended up getting the Technics 1200, then traded for a 1210 (same table, black exterior). And I've enjoyed it ever since. From what I read, a lot of the Denon tables from the time have a lot of parts that are proprietary and if they break you're SOL. That's what happens to the Denon I was testing. 
What I like best about the 1210, other than sound and ease of use - it is a tank. It always runs. Very solid unit. So, 2.5 years after the original thread, I highly recommend a Technics 1200.