Digital upgrade: new disc player or better streamer?

For consideration:  

Contemplating an upgrade in my digital system.  Currently using a Bluesound Node 2i streamer as well as an Oppo 105 for CD's and SACD's.  I have a collection of about 800 CD's as well as about 50 SACD's.  My system use is approximately 25% digital, the rest of the time listening to one of two turntables.  In my experience, really good analog betters very good digital including the high priced units, hence my modest digital investment to this point.

However, I find that I do enjoy streaming, not only for convenience but also to discover new music.

So I've been contemplating either a new streamer, specifically a Lumin T2 or similar, to replace the Node 2i.  Alternatively, a Marantz K1 Ruby to replace the Oppo, allowing me to use the Node 2i into the Ruby DAC.  Both options cost around $4K.

Thoughts or other recommendations?

IMO, the key point is the DAC -- whether that's located in a player, streamer, or free-standing. Get the best DAC you can (listen to some, if possible), and you'll be on the right track.
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Rip the CDs for convience and you can get a identical or better streamer/DAC for $2K.
Or spend it like ya got it.
However, I find that I do enjoy streaming, not only for convenience but also to discover new music.
BINGO!!! Truth be told, I rarely listen to my own music anymore. In fact, as I type this I’m listening to “Court and Spark” live by Herbie Hancock with Norah Jones that I’d likely never have heard if not for my Qobuz subscription.

Anyway, IME it’s well worth investing more in your digital setup to be able to more fully enjoy the wonderful music discovery thing. If I’m you, I’d get an Innuos Zen Mk3 server/streamer and pair it up with a nice R2R DAC like a Musician Aquarius (or similar) that’s actually on sale right now from the distributor and for a little north of $5k you’re in a whole new realm of CD-quality and hi-res music.

Obviously it’ll still sound different from your analog rig, but you may miss it a lot less as R2R DACs tend to have more of that liquidity and naturalness you get from vinyl. You can load all your CDs easily into the Innuos with its onboard disc drive and you’ll have access to all your music along with streamed music from the same high-quality source. Just one possible idea FWIW, but definitely up your streaming/digital game! You’ll kick yourself for not doing it much sooner — I sure did. Best of luck.
@bobbydd ,

With a similar situation(80 vinyl / 20%dig) and a decent but not great digital setup including.Oppo 105, I faced the same decision. After tons of research and with a bias towards the best sound I can afford, my path and thinking:
- Agree best DAC you can afford (for me Denafrips Pontus II)
- Rip Discs to NAS (for me Synology...Qnap also great)
- Sonore streamer/renderer -- a good linear power supply is required (for me: microRendu on a budget, later upgraded to opticalRendu)
- Separate device to run Roon Core (for me Small Green Computer Sonic transporter...or build a NUC or buy a fancy Roon Nucleus) 
- Subscribe to Roon (add Qobuz  over Tidal if you like)
- Use any device you like as remote(Macbook, ipad, iphone, Android) 

Benefits/reasoning that applied for me:
- expandable storage in NAS (e.g. Western Digital Red drives) for my large live recording colleciton with easy backup protections not requiring cloud backup
- Roon UX is a game changer IMHO, 50x more fun & ease vs. other apps
- Optical benefits on renderer were significantly impactful
- The Denafrips DAC punches high at its price and in non-oversampling mode sounds more like analog than most digital gear IMHO
- While assembling/configuring a NUC is easy according to many, I didn't have the time or inclination, and Small Green Computer's device gave me plug-n-play setup and a track record of synergy with Sonore products (which they also sell). Checkout SGC youtube for simple short setup & system building examples. 
- I like having my server and Roon core hard wired ethernet in the room where internet comes into my house. The digital devices on my audio rack are small and tidy with ethernet carrying the digital signal into the listening space.
Hope this helps...Cheers,
Yeah get a good DAC first. I did similar journey. DAC first. Then upgraded my Sonos Connect toWyred4Sound Mods for a nice little SQ bump. Then found a used Bryston BDP pi to replace the Sonos. I am a big fan of separates as there are so many configuration options now and they just keep getting better. It’s like a big boy toy box.

I recently added Roon to the mix.  Looking at the Optical Rendu path as well but gotta replace the DAC to get DSD first.


In my opinion, 50 odd SACD’s doesn’t quite warrant a new SACD player and most of your CD collection is probably available on Streaming. I would invest $4K in a better streamer / DAC like Lumin and find a way to rip your entire collection. That’s what I did and now I enjoy my rare collection of SACD / CD’s more than ever due to easy accessibility along with streaming via Qobuz. 
Since I have no desire to stream or pay for any service, I bought a nice Esoteric SACD player and play the discs I have bought over the last 35 years.  I have a Sony music player also t o which I ripped about half my CD’s for when I am feeling lazy and not wanting to get up to change discs.  The only drawback to that is I never listen to the entire disk as I have too much music at my fingertips so I play a song here or there. 
Not sure that I would pick the Lumin T2 because it still has a switching power supply.  Look for a linear power supply, even in a streamer. 

As far as Oppo, you can do a short-term patch by upgrading the 105 with a linear power supply for digital.  Even though it has a linear power supply for analog stages, it still uses switching power supply for all digital sections:

$380 for a LPM SE for the 105 will significantly improve its digital section for playing CD/SACD.  Then you can focus on finding a really good streamer/DAC.
     In almost exact position … Oppo 105 but had already ripped CDs to a Vault2i. I almost got a GD R8Mk2 R2R DAC, but went the other way, have bought an SA-KI Ruby. Won’t jettison my media, and generally stream to discover and get physical media for serious listening, so decided to invest in hopefully my last spinner and also get an upgraded DAC for the Vault in the process. Will be interesting to see if any differences at all using as DAC vs spinning the actual cd. Can’t give you details yet, revamping entire system, but also recovering from surgeries so can’t move stuff around and connect yet.
So I've been contemplating either a new streamer, specifically a Lumin T2 or similar, to replace the Node 2i. Alternatively, a Marantz K1 Ruby to replace the Oppo, allowing me to use the Node 2i into the Ruby DAC. Both options cost around $4K.
Node 2i into Ruby DAC?  You must be kidding.

I have the SA-10, the brother of Ruby.  I tried using it as a DAC with streamers.  Even Innuos Zenith Mk2 with Curious USB cable into SA-10 USB DAC input cannot beat the SQ when playing CDs/SACDs directly with SA-10, or playing music files from USB drive attached to SA-10.

If you are keen on Ruby, go for it, but save your money for a much higher quality streamer for use with Ruby as USB DAC.
Appreciate the input so far.

A question I have is: ultimately, which has better ultimate sound quality, a Ruby playing CDs and SACDs or a Lumin T2 or Bricasti M3 streaming Qobuz?

If streaming even at the $5K level is inferior, may just limit the medium to background music and stick with my Node 2i.
Save the money. A nice new rotel rcd1572
the music hall cd player is descent.  BE aware of quirks
  or a nice used cd player. 
 All this stream dac stuff is a PITA !
Rotel cd14 an iversary u it is greT for the price. 
the better sound will be the Bricasti locally streaming your ripped CDs/SACDs from a NAS.
Qobuz will depend on what version they stream so it will vary by recording. Playing your own files, you can ensure it's something good. Cheers,
I have seen posts but have not experienced that top flight transports will better top flight streamers.  I am too inconvenienced to spin discs or vinyl.
I have 3 music servers and they all sound different.

Recently Innuos released a player app for their server that brings it to a crazy level.  It makes Roon sound relatively awful.

A quality purpose built music server will be better than a NAS in terms of sound quality.

I recommend an Innuos server and ripping your CD's to wav files.  You will want a good DAC and cables.
I agree with anza above.

I'm using a Sony X55ES with an optical digital out to my DirectStream DAC, as well as an Innuos Zen Mk3 server/streamer that feeds the same DAC via USB. I have an Innuos Phoenix reclocker to help further clean up the USB signals from the Zen to the DAC. Playback of WAV files saved on the Zen sound a bit better than either the CD playback on the X55ES or Qobuz streaming through the Zen, although all three routes sound very good. The CD playback might improve somewhat if I were to upgrade the Sony CD player, but I still doubt that it will match the sound of the WAV files saved on the Zen.
Hifi Rose is new to the US, so probably limited number of people here that's heard it.  I've signed on with Mofi Distribution to be a dealer for Hifi Rose.....first units (hopefully) to arrive this month.  They seem to get lots of good reviews overseas.
I'm also a Lumin dealer, so it's going to be very interesting to compare the T2 to the 150.