Do Audiogon members like DIY cable projects?

I have designed my own interconnects and speaker cables and I have excellent results. A few others have tried them and they compare well with some high end cables but at a much lower cost.

Do Audiogon members like making their own cables? Would the anyone like me to post detailed information and construction details?

What forum should they go in, this one?

If I get some favorable response I will post the DIY series for the Zero-va interconnects and the Zero-va speaker cables. If there is not much interest I won't bother; I don't want to eat up space for something that is not wanted.

On my count, there are about 6 to 10 A'gon members here are actively in DIY with great success (in their regards). I wish we have some sort of system that DIY'ers can temporary swap their cables with other DIY’ers and sharing their recites as well. But not everyone is enthusiasm like others...
I do this quite often but I don't exactly design them. I just grab the soldering iron, buy the wire lengths and connectors I want and make up what I need. I modified my PS2 Rockband so that it would work with a Roland V-drums set - initially just for for a laugh 'cause I'd read about it - surprisingly it worked really well. I also ran wires throughout one house although my current home is already wired.
I did my own ICs using several techniques. I find my own were better than most of the sub $500 cables. I went up to Cardas Golden Reference and thought they surpassed my home-builds.
I had just the opposite results as Wireless200. My DIY ultra thin ribbonspeaker cables (nudibranch) smoked the Cardas Golden Reference.
I'd be interested in the ICs, especially if you have a balanced version. I have a set of xlr connectors waiting for a project.
I suspect there are a lot of folks here who do - I do FWIW - there are other sites like Asylum and DYI that have more of the vibe and more clearly designate where to post
I'd be interested as well. Please post. You might want to start a new thread to post them - perhaps something titled "Zero-va DIY Interconnect and Speaker Cable Recipes"
I'm in the midst of making the A/C power cables described in Virtual Dynamics Oddiophile Episode 10 and have high hope for them possibly replacing my high priced A/C cables. Cost comes to about $25 apiece compared to $250. and up.
I also use home-grown wires (cables).

The recipe belongs to A'goner Jadem6 and is to be found in a very thorough posting of his dating back 2yrs. Also to be found at Jade Audio.

Your recipe would be most welcome!

BTW, I still have my Nordosts (Valhalla & Valkyrie or whatever) but don't use them.
OK, there is a least some interest in seeing what I came up with so I will post the information. There is a lot of information (including pictures of how it is done) so I will break the info up into a few posts. However, the posts will go into the same thread. I will take the advice of T_bone and start a new thread.

I have made several different pairs of cat5 speaker and interconnect cables in the last year using designs from TNT audio. They have all sounded pretty good. It certainly changed the way I think about expensive garden hose sized cables where bigger must be better.

Here is a link to TNT