Down to 3 choices - opinions requested

I've narrowed my choices for a preamp down to three. Help me decide by ranking them for me. The choices are as follows:

Audio Mirror T-61
Eastern Electric Minimax
Sonic Frontiers SFL-1

The rest of my set-up is:

Innersound ISIS Hybrid Electrostatic Speakers (bi-amped)
REL Strata III Subwoofer
Shanling T-100 CDP
Sonic Frontiers Power 2 amp for panels
Adcom GFA 5800 amp for woofers
i think if you got any of these it would be the weak link in your system. If i were you I would get a sonic frontiers line 2, and if you wanted to upgrade down the line partsconnexion has a SE+ mod for standard line 2s which brings it into the reference realm
If you go Sonic Frontiers try and get a Signature model. It's worth the few extra bucks.
Forget all of these and get Modwright's SWL 9.0SE preamp for $2200.00 new, you won't regret it..
A used Audible Illusions Modulus 3A or a VTL 2.5 would be better than any of the ones listed.
You gotta love it right - you've narrowed your choice to three pieces, ask your esteemed colleagues for a ranking of the pieces that you've agonized over, and get told to consider something else.
Maybe he has a reason he wants to consider these pieces like features, price, asthetics, availability, resale, brand loyalty, personal preference, or maybe something more obscure, and would like a ranking of the three he's decided on - just like he asks.
It could happen, no?
I'd say the SFL-1.
The Audio Illusions and VTL are nice, but not better then the Modwright preamp.. This if for C123666.
So far it's 3 SFL, 1 Minimax and a lot of others I haven't even considered.

Appreciate the inputs so far
Another vote for Sonic Frontiers.

Audible Illusion is very good, but awkward to use and service is questionable.

If you can step up to the newer SF Line series, you can utilize your Power 2 XLR input and balanced circuit. Line 1 can be had for <$800 now a day.
Rare at Audiogon:

I use one with my Krell Ksa-250 and Apogee Duetta Signature speakers...just add some good NOS tubes. No remote and single ended in case that matters.

P.S. I do not know the seller

I replaced a Sonic Frontiers Line 1 with an Eastern Electric Minimax (dealer modified) and am thrilled with the upgrade. The SF, even with the expensive NOS Siemens I had in there sounds sterile compared to the minimax.

Using the stock chineese driver tubes and a $20 Haltron blackglass 6x4 rectifier, the minimax was so far beyond my line one as to be laughable. Macro dynamics are ridiculously explosive, micro dynamics are very naturally presented (making for much more accurate/obvious voice inflections) soundstaging and imaging are significantly better and, most importantly to me, its more accurate/realistic tonally.

In my rig the SF was really botlenecking emotional communicativness of my gear and the minimax was just the solution I needed. I can't comment on the stock unit, but based on the buzz it has generated I suspect it is quite the value.

Check out my systems profile for details on teh accompanying gear.
Audioprism Dave mentioned earlier is fantastic

I do know the seller and he is a very honest trustworthy gentleman

Leo how are you doing ?

Just my 5 cents ....