Down to the Final Two -- Dreadnaught vs. Titan

After many auditions, I have narrowed my choice for an amp to replace my (not very) beloved Bryston 9B-ST. The final contenders are the Theta Dreadnaught II and the Simaudio Titan, both in five channel configuration. I was about to order the Titan when my wife surprised me with a rather large purchase which will necessitate my delaying the amp purchase until the end of the month. Being somewhat superstitious, I took this as an omen and thought that I would consult with the Audiogon Gods one last time.

My system consists of a Krell HTS 2 processor, B&W N-803s for the front speakers, HTM 2 center and N-805s for the rears. Any last minute thoughts would be appreciated.

Thank you in advance.
I have a Dreadnaught and love it. Never heard the Tatin though.

Why don't you consider a used Dreadnaught. The II might be a little bit more powerful but for your setup, either one will be much more than enough. Just make sure you don't get the silver top if you are going to put it in front of the tv.
I really don't think you can go wrong either way. These are 2 of the finest amps, especially for HT. But FWIW, I have do have the Titan. I love it and it did replace my Bryston 9b.
I really don't think you can go wrong either way. These are 2 of the finest amps, especially for HT. But FWIW, I do have the Titan. I love it and it did replace my Bryston 9b.
The gods must be sleeping so I'll toss in my two cents.

I will second Sidssp on haveing a Dreadnaught and loveing it, I also would not trade it for the model II. I dont care for the trade off in warmth and musicality for a bit more power and bass control.

I also haven't heard the Titan (sorry). I have never found
a Shop that carries Simaudio.

After hearing the Theta in differant audiophiles systems I
was sold. For the price they can be had, I dont see any

If you do buy a new dreadnaught, you really only need the
225 watt modules for front and center channels, and one
2x100 module for the rears. You dont need that much power
for rear channels. Or, two 2x100 modules if you are going
to have 7 channel. In that respect, the Dread is more flex-

Despite however many channels you have in your Dread, you
can switch off any channels you are not useing. You can
also switch off all of your surround modules with a front
panel switch if needed. Try that with the Titan, or any
other multi channel amp. Plus the front panel switches on
the Dreadnaught are totally Bitchin.

Also, just so you are aware, either one will make a terrific room heater. No kidding, and in five channel (or
more) your electric meter is really going to spin.
I've not auditioned the Dreadnaught, but love the 5 channel Titan which has been in my HT system for the past year. It is a great match with the Krell HTS 7.1 and B&W 802 matrix s3 speakers. Don't forget the most important review, though.....your own ears!
Well, I have a Titan so....I've got the seven channel and honestly the thing it too big. The 5ch is 1/3 smaller. The module approach is interesting, being you can add/upgrade power.

I had a change of thoughts some time ago on this, the power supply issue. I always thought a power supply per channel(module design) was the best..but...honestly what music/HT blasts all channels at once? None.

The Sim has two supplies, and depending on how you hook it up in 2ch listening you can have one supply for each size(a power supply rated for 3-4 channels driving one channel).

I've always wanted to increase the 2ch performance of my system so I just made this login up...:)

Anybody ever clip a Sim Titan? I also replaced the little Bryston 9bst.

Good luck.


I would love to find a Dread I at a good price. However, I would be somewhat concerned buying a Theta unit without the advantage of having a warranty. Every Theta dealer with whom I have spoken has criticized the reliability of Theta products. While most of thier concerns relate to the processors, I would be somewhat hesitant about buying one without a warranty.

Thanks for all of the feedback.
I can't speak for the Theta processors but the Dreadnaught is very well made. I bought mine over 4 years ago and never have any problem. Dreadnaught does run hot, especially with all five channels running. If you put it in a closed environment, you will definitely shorten its life expectancy. But put it on an amp stand in the open, it will last a very long time. Besides, for the price of a new II you can almost buy two used Dreadnaughts that will give you a backup as well as bi-amp possibility.
I had a Titan 5 channel in my system for a couple of months, then a Classe CAV-180, then finally the Dreadnaught II. Mine is the 7 channel config. The Dreadnaught just sounded "right" to me. It mates well with the rest of my gear (Lexicon MC12b, Aerial LR5's, CC5, SR3's). Also, that Titan amp is just way too big. It's almost twice as tall as the DII.

They're both great amps, and you really can't go wrong with either one. If you get a 5 channel Titan, I don't think you can upgrade it yourself to a 7 channel one, if you decide to do that down the line. It must be sent in to an authorized center, and shipping that beast is not something you'll want to do.
You could save some money by looking for an Integra Research RDA-7. The Perfect Vision reviewer compaired it directly to the Dreadnaught, & there were "no decernable (sp.) differences. I just bought one two weeks ago, & this amp is Fabulous! It is almost the same as the BAT 6200.
I was also considering a Dreadnaught vs Titan delema. I ended up with the Titan, and have been very pleased so far. It's no where near broken in yet, but even post break-in sounds wonderful. Very detailed, lush, and musical. The Dreadnaught had much the same feel, though unlike the Titan it has space heater properties :) The Titan barely reaches luke warm, even after 8 hours of music and movies. I also didn't like the fact that I was tied into spade connections for the Dread, I much prefer bananas.