Duelund RCA interconnects...opinions

I posted an on some other forums seeking opinions. I've heard some good things about RCA cables made with Duelund wire on various forums. Just curious if anyone here has used the interconnects and have any opinions? A couple places selling both 16ag (more smooth sounding) and 20ag (More detailed and forward sounding) versions.

I used the 16ga for my turntable RCA interconnect.  I added a copper braided shield using the KLEI absolute harmony plugs.  It was a tight fit but sounds very good.

I have the 20ga shielded and unshielded here both very good budget interconnects. Lots of discussion on the boards here. Also the 16ga used for speaker cable. Nice!
Who would be a good supplier of terminated/finished Duelund 16ga RCA interconnect cables?
Grannyring on this site makes them and has an ad here. I think it's called BBQ Audio.
Yes indeed I Sell lots of them here. I like the 16 gauge wire with KLEI connectors the most for sound quality.
@grannyring - have you ever tried using 24 gauge for the signal and 16 gauge for the neutral on your IC's?
Or do you use 16 gauge for both?

Using different gauges for signal and neutral seems to be a trend these days.

Just curious - Steve

Yes I have tried that. Others are also now saying to mix some silver wire in with the Duelund tinned stranded copper. I have tried both and to my ears nothing sounds better than a twisted pair of 16 gauge. The other options start to sound not quite right over extended listening. The top to bottom balance, tone, body and weight become a tad out of kilter. There is a special balanced coherence that I love about the 16 gauge as ICs. There is something about the rightness of the sound with the 16 gauge. It helps our systems not be fussy and lets us enjoy the music without judging this and that sonic parameter.

Thus far far my favorite connectors are...

KLEI RCAs.....all of them, but the Pure Harmony is very, very goodd
Vampire XLRs...pure copper conductors. These are a joy to work with also.

Like everything audio it just depends on one’s sonic priorities and subjective tastes.

I've not heard their RCA interconnects, though I have heard some of their balanced interconnects, including their solid core silver interconnects. In my system, they sounded pleasant but veiled. 
@lordcloud - what brand of Balanced Cables are you referring to?

@grannyring - thanks for the update - I also use 24 gauge on the signal and 16 guage on the neutral of my DIY cables. The sound was so much better and noise floor lower using the heavier gauge.

I have a borrowed pair of unbalanced (RCA) 16g ICs and bought another pair of balanced 20g Duelunds  Not bad, and cheap (my pairs at least) but not world-beaters.  They're certainly worth a try. The KLEI connectors would probably make a positive difference -- I've used them elsewhere. 
16 gauge is needed on the xlr set for best sound. Yes, connector quality matters for sure.  
I use Belden 8402 RCA cables between MC SUT and phonostage.
I need shielded RCA cable in this position.
Has anybody compared Duelund 20avg or 16avg interconnects with shield versus Belden 8402?

I purchased a 1m pair of Duelund 16 ga. unshielded RCA interconnects last year.  After 4 months of regular use I replaced them with a pair of LessLoss C-MARC interconnects.  In my system there was no comparison between the two. The noise floor of the LessLoss interconnect was significantly lower than the Duelund leading to improved detail retrieval and imaging cues. The LessLoss interconnects also added a level of  “gravitas” to the music that the Duelund did not.  That being said the LessLoss interconnects are much more expensive than the Duelund.  I did not try the shielded version of the Dueland.  That may have worked out better for me.
IMO the Duelund 16 ga. shielded or unshielded RCA interconnects are very good for the price however if one wants to spend more money there are definitely better interconnects available that allowone to hear more details in the music.
My experience has been very different having owned a gaggle of various end cables. Duelund just sounds more like real music and not Hifi. Sure some wire has more perceived resolution and sharper leading edges, but I have found through long term listening tests that musicality and tone win over sonic impressiveness in the highs etc..... I suppose it all comes down to your individual sound preferences and priorities.  As always! 

The connectors used also impact the sound ...... greatly.  
LessLoss cables are much more expensive the Duelund. I made my first set of Duelund 16ga RCA's today. Without any break in, the sound is much smoother and 3d compared to the BlueJeans cables they replaced. So sonically, I was able to improve my sound at basic cable prices by building my own. I need to build 3 more pairs. I will use upgraded RCA plugs now I have built my confidence building my first set using Switchcraft (I was a decent solderer back in the day).. 
Good news, the Duelund interconnects will sound even better after break-in. I don't want to debate the break-in process...Just saying theres more to look forward to ;-)
yes i'm sure they will open up even more. The one thing I will do different the next go around is have a couple more alligator clips to help hold things in place with the double wires. I also found a way to deal with the outer sleeving without freying so much. 
Has anyone created a pair of interconnects using Duelund's 12ga wires? I'm curious to know how 12ga compares to 16ga wire.
I found the following in another thread regarding the use of 12 ga. Duelund wire. The thread is titled "Doug Schroeder Method, Double ic" and posted by rechsm at 2:43pm on 02-14-2019.

I then decided to try building a set of double-run cables using 12 ga. Duelund hook-up wire and Rean RCA plugs, which is what I had on hand. If you are thinking "is it possible to fit four 12 ga Duelund wires into a RCA plug" the answer is yes it is possible, but it is a colossal pain in the ass. I really wish I had paid Bill Dion to do this job and spent the day doing literally anything else. It took me about 7 hours and I never want to see my soldering iron or this Duelund stuff and its cotton insulation again. Argh.

The results though... totally worth it. Wider soundstage, better separation, tighter bass. I’ve only had them in for an hour, and I can’t remember if the cables I cannibalized for this project were broken in or not, so we’ll see what happens there.

Hi guys, sorry for my english.
I have reading all of you, you replies have been very interesting. and as I wish to made my own RCA IC's with DCA 16awg and I just wondering if I must shielded them or not is important?
in case of I go to shielding, what kind of and brand must be used?

My best.Norberto.
A user going by the name of grannyring makes IC's with Duelund wire. No shielding used. His brand is called Acoustic BBQ on the A'gon Market Site.
Thanks for reply calander, I saw the post of that user grannyring and I follow his recomendations, that is, without shielded.
My best.
I have been making the double ic using Duelund's 20awg wire with Duelund connectors using Mundorf silver/gold solder. Very nice sounding cables. I have now received the LessLoss C-Marc RCA cables at 850$ and these are definitively better: more texture, more space and highly natural. Still, the double IC Duelund cables are excellent cables for the price.
@b_mueller when you mention double ic, are talking about the Schroeder method? Did you use an RCA splitter to connect the cables?

My understanding was that the SM started out using splitters because it was also using commercially available conventional ICs.

But if you're DIYing, you can solder the doubled up wires straight into the RCA connector.

Correct me if I'm wrong.

Doesn't Audio Sensibility offer such a version commercially now?