Warm, rich sounding interconnects?

My system is in flux at the moment with a Wadia Intuition 01 as preamp/amp/DAC bookshelf Tyler speakers and (horror of horrors) an iPhone with an Auris bluetooth connection for the current audio source. Since bluetooth at best sounds somewhat thin and tilted up on higher frequencies, it doesn’t play necessarily well with the Wadia which is great sounding overall but also can be on the revealing side.

I know I should get a better source - but even so I’ll always want the option of wireless in various situations. I’ve owned Purist Audio Museaus’s (rev-c’s) in the past, which would be perfect, but sadly sold them on A-gon some time ago. Those are hard to find and the newer Purist cables are brighter sounding.

So in a nutshell I’m looking for interconnects which will deepen and darken the sound for my current setup - and new/used for under $400. Any ideas?
Cardas 300B Micro-twin.  I'm not associated with Cardas or Galen Carol Audio.  Before you let yourself be dissuaded by negative input from the ever-present-experts that know what your system will sound like with these or any other cable, try them.  Might make you happy.  Might not.  Certainly would seem to have characteristics you are looking for.

Audio Advisor, Galen Carol, The Cable Co. have very helpful return policies.


Never heard the Cardas Micro-twin but the Cardas also Golden Reference fit your description.
Yeah, Purist Poseidon fluid for about $600 new should do it. I have not heard it, thought about getting it but decided on Purist's current best fluid cable - Neptune. What a cable.
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Bare or tinned copper stranded wire imparts a warm and pleasant sound. Supra comes to mind, and it's cheap.
I would give High Fidelity cables a try. 30 day trial with full refund. From entry level to sell a couple of the kids. I have found them to be very detailed but rich and relaxed sounding. Not in your face hard driving sounding.
Enjoy Pete
Tara labs ISM on board "The One" pure cooper oxygen free interconnect’s. I would try to buy them second hand, they are expensive New, well worth the money, As the ole adage say’s, You get what you pay for.
Original version of Acoustic Zen Matrix Reference would be a great choice, and there's a used pair here now for $250.

Good ideas.  Forgot about the Cardas cables and Tara Labs. Better off with retro cables that smooth out the upper end for bluetooth sources.  
I have more recent Purist Museaus cables and they're not close to the old rev C's.  Too bright, unfocused - not good at all in my system.


Mogami 2549 with KLEI copper harmony plus signal Cable magic power cord will put things to the warm side. That’s what I use. Great sound at great prices. You can get the RCAs made (I had mine shotgunned / ground floated at one end) at Douglas Connection. All copper with revealing large soundstage.
And you should be able to get 2 sets of RCAs and one magic power cable I mentioned above for under $400 total. 
I agree with Ane re: Wireworld mid-level cales. On the other hand, they had really good imaging. :)

Belden 8402 w/ Switchcraft RCAs have a cult following in Japan and sound like what you are after. 
I have never heard of broken-in Purist cables being unfocused, but there are Purist fakes. As for bright, some mostly silver Purist with Ferox not fluid could be a little bright in some systems, my old Colossus RCA with Ferox is an example. It was fine before with fluid, but when the time came to fill it up, Jim of Purist only offered to fill it with Ferox, which, I believe, threw the cable off the balance. Not familiar with Museaus, though.
You could try Nirvana cables, they are out of business, I think, and hard to find.
I purchased the Purists new from The Cable Company which I know buys directly from Purist Audio.  These were copper not silver and yes I was surprised - but also knew the industry as a whole were moving to more revealing cables.  

Beldon 8402 with Switchcraft?  I'll check it out although I know the Asian market tends to be about the upper frequencies..
If you want a warm rich sound then you simply need to apply a little butter or cream to the jacket of your interconnects. It works wonders!

If you find it too warm or smooth then try a sprinkle of pepper and that usually will spice up the sound.

Salt does not work too well (don’t know why) but BBQ sauce (especially the Paul Newman kind) is my favorite lately.

This to me is the #1 reason to get good cable elevators on speaker cables! Elevators keep the sauce off the floor and the flavour enhancement uniquely on the sound - it also allows easy access so you can quickly change sounds on the fly.

Of course YMMV.

That's genius! I've heard that keeping a space heater near the cables warms the sound as well.
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You hit the nail on the head. For less than the cost of his Auris, he can get a Wi-Fi streaming adapter and cut out Bluetooth all together. If that's not an option, any number of EQ apps will allow him to tailor the sound without the hassle of buying and returning various cables.

Yes, messing with EQ is less than ideal but it's free, and as you mentioned, we're talking less than aptX Bluetooth quality. No offense to the OP, as I also use Bluetooth on occasion, but this thread is basically discussing expensive ways to polish a turd.
OP.  I have a 1 meter pair of Purist Audio Museaus interconnects with Praesto Revision with nothing to do.... Interested?
Beldon 8402 with Switchcraft?  I'll check it out although I know the Asian market tends to be about the upper frequencies..
No, you are totally wrong.  Just like someone making a blanket statement about the American market would be wrong.  

Wifi streaming adapter?  I've tried AppleTV and it sounded worse than bluetooth.  Tell me more..
Thanks for the offer on the Museaus but I also have a pair laying around.  They changed to the more revealing after rev c's buy Purists own admission.  
Changing the power chord might also help as would Cardas crosses, etc.  Of course the real fix is a better source connection.
I’m not sure how much equalization is at issue here, but if you’re looking for an affordable, good sounding i/c just on the warm side I can recommend Belden 8402.  Still within your budget is the very neat Z-Squared AU/AU i/c being advertised here on the 'Gon. Detailed despite being warm and very spatial. And yes, it's real AU:

Regarding Purist Audio. Did the rev. c's come before or after the Praesto Revision? My pairs have a warmish sound character, albeit nicely detailed. I had used them with source and amplification to tame a slight emphasis in the high frequencies of some B&W 802D loudspeakers I used to have.
Audio Sensibility OCC cables will deepen, darken the sound.  At least compared to my reference: Furutech. The CAD to USD exchange rate keeps them in your ballpark price range. And, they have a 30 day trial period. I’ve tried Testament and Statement cables from them. Fit and finish was excellent. At the end of the day, the degree of tonal shift wasn’t ideal for my gear and I did return them. But they might work for you. The Testament had less warmth and bloom than the Statement, and was preferred by me. But you might try both and see which if any work for you.
Cardas Golden Cross for sure.

It sounds like a tube amp - warm, full and dynamic
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Regarding Purist Audio. Did the rev. c’s come before or after the Praesto Revision? My pairs have a warmish sound character, albeit nicely detailed.
I’m with @mr_m , where on the timeline are the Rev. C’s? I think Luminist Revision is current and the oldest is the Praesto Revision.
The Luminist Musaeus and Aqueous are not bright at all; warm with good detail. Aqueous has bigger  Brightness would come from an upstream source.

Luminist Revision, Rev. B, Rev. C... I’m very confused about their cables.
I know the Luminist rev's were current as of a year or two ago.  The rev C's I purchased in the early 2000's.  I purchased some other's but don't remember the rev name maybe 5 years ago.  Never sounded good in my system.

Looks like the Cardas cross or golden cross could be the answer. 
Purist timeline goes like this: original, revision A, revision B, revision C, revision Praesto, revision Luminist.
you purist, harmonic tech, siltech, zen and bunch of other brands for a lot cheaper from China dhgate or alibaba. they look and sound same.
Czarivey, let me guess..You really want even need to upgrade but not sure which way to go. But whatever you do keep your zen.
Rotarius - sorry that was WAY overgeneralizing, and I don’t have any experience first hand. My comments came from a few articles I read about the more revealing top end emphasis being due to manufacturers responding to Asian demand. And I believe at least one was referring to the Chinese market in particular.

Plus I probably read the articles 10 years or longer ago - so that trend could have changed by now if it ever existed.
This trend is still there. You can get 10k priced wire for $300, but I only pay $99max per wire pair coz there are plenty wires to choose in this price range perhaps even larger than amongst higher price range so even $300 is kinda too much. Alibaba is also publicly traded so they will continue to get away with all the copied gear they sell with great success.

One very interesting thing I found out about China made counterfeit products that the original products or at least parts from original products had been or being ordered from China by manufacturer(s) aiming for higher profits and lower labor cost. Well as we all know China labor is super cheap close to slave labor. Smart employees take out such parts and create same product pitching it overseas to make their living. To me it makes sense to purchase from there instead of purchasing from 'authorized dealers'. 
czarivey, I have worked in engineering across several industries.  All the components for equipment "made in USA" came from China. Even small stuff like nuts/bolts and o-rings at times.  These US company execs don't care if the parts are copied and even sold to competitors. Why is that?Because all they care about is the results at the end of the quarter and their own bonuses.  They stick around for a couple of years and move on to the next place.  It does not take a genius to source everything from China and improve margins.  Obviously quality suffers, I see it all the time but by then these guys have moved on.  
The source of the problem has always been corporate America and yet I only see a backlash against the poor bloke who makes 5 bucks a day.