EMM Labs DCC 2 - Sneak Preview

Here are some pictures of the new EMM Labs DCC 2. It looks pretty cool and I can't wait until mine arrives in the next couple of weeks. I am one happy tire guy! :)

EMM Labs DCC 2 Front

EMM Labs DCC 2 Arse
Stop taunting us Tim, or we're all comin over to pay you a visit !! We may not leave, of course !!

You'll have to let us know about the sound once you put it thru its paces. I short-listed this one on my DAC list. It has a built-in preamp (much like the dCS gear) but Jonathan Tinn told me that there was a switch or mode where the pre could be bypassed w/o any sonic consequences.
BTW, any idea what all those diff. coloured lights on the front panel are??

Meanwhile, I gotta get back to my bank robbery rehersal.....
Looks a fair bit nicer than his other (pro-derived) stuff, which is not the most exotic looking... (likely due to it's pro-derived roots...function over form and all.) Nice that it looks good, still too bad it's overpriced IMHO for what it is... ($9k ?) Hopefully you can front-end it with something better than an SACD-1000. I wonder if Meitner will be @ CES? hopefully so, would be interesting to listen to it. (I have heard the DAC8 a couple times... )

Hello Tim, I hope you enjoy the new piece when it arrives. I bought a DAC6 from Bill Parish (great guy) a few months ago and I'm loving it! I'm still waiting for the Meitner transport to come out. I decided to pass on the SACD 1000 due to all the problems people were having with them. I just was over Bill's today and got to compare the new Tenor Hybrids to the 75 OTL mono- blocks. IMHO the OTL's won by a landslide except for the bass. Meanwhile the Bat 51se pre-amp and the BAT 150se mono amps driving Eidolons are keeping me very happy! Enjoy and Happy New Year to all!! Tom
nice pics Tim- looks a little cleaner then the 2-yr old Dac8 loaner Emm sent me- guess we'll be getting our DCC2's soon...
Hey tireguy,

Yes, I had first ordered a DCC2 back in February of last year. I changed it to the DAC6 in June and of course the price went up. Anyway, I am very happy with the DAC6 of which I am sure you will be very happy with the DCC2.

As for trcnet. I have heard the Tenor OTL's but not side by side with the Hybrids of which I own a pair. I know several who had the OTL's and Hybrids at the sametime and compared. All have sold their OTL's so what does that tell you. I think the Hybrids may have been green when you heard them. I can tell you they change for the better especially after 400 hours.

If anyone is going to the show check out the Tenor/Meither/Kharma room. You will see one rack and two amp stands made by Silent Running Audio. The Craz4 and the Ohio Class+ isoBASES for the 300's. They will be shipped to my home after the show. Check them out. Time to sell my Zoethecus rack. LOL!
One other thing I forgot to mention. I have the Meitnerized Philips SACD 1000. I may be one of the lucky ones but I have never had a problem with mine and it is used everyday at a minimum of 5 hours a day and over twice that on weekends. So far I am very happy!
Hello Panorama, According to Bill they were "ripe". Maybe they did need more time on them. I wanted them to be better then the OTL's because the OTL's won't cut it with the Eidolons. But to my ears I much preferred the OTL's. Happy listening! Tom
Hello Tom,

Oh, the Eidolons. Very nice. Have Bill let you audition the hybrid's and listen in your own room. In fact try them both and let us know what you think.

First off, I am thrilled that you (Tireguy) will finally get your DCC2. I have enjoyed my DAC 6 like no other component I have owned...AMAZING!

Tom - Regarding the Tenor OTL vs. Tenor Hybrid, I have heard both in the same system (Kharma / EMM Labs / Jena Labs) and assure you the Hybrids are significantly better. I own the OTL's and have the stereo hybrid on order. I heard them over at Chambers Audio and Jonathan Tinn and I both agreed there was a clear difference that easily showed how much better the Hybrid Tenor amps are. There must have been something wrong with the pair of Hybrids you heard. To my ears, it was not close.
Thanks for all the comments!

Dekay- You got it this is my new phono preamp :o)

Bombaywalla- The different color LED's on the front panel allow you to manage what functions your using at a quick glance. This dac has multiple digital and analog inputs- you can access all of the features from the remote, Emm labs must have fealt there was a reason to do it this way instead of using the LCD display. In any case I think this looks cool in a 70's sort of way- put this DAC in a leisure suit and strap some sideburns on it and it would be ready for a cameo in the movie Boogie Nights!

Ed- Value is all relative, we both know this though. I feel that this DAC offer's a great value because not only is it(to my ears along with many others) the best SACD reproduction available at any cost, it is also argueably the best redbook CD reproduction available. Putting something all into one package is not only convenient but saves money on power cords and interconnect which can get expensive. Also the proprietary digital interface cable is included with the transport and those who have tried aftermarket cables have gone back to the original one- no need for an expensive digital cable is yet another "savings" of sorts. Wait till you hear it at CES, then pass judgement on it :o) Emm labs will be demoing with Tenor and Kharma.
Tim--I'm sure it will be good, but I remain skeptical that it will be as good as the separates. Power supply is more than half the battle and you have the preamp and DAC in one box drawing on the same supply.
Jonathan Valin in TAS also indicates that he believes the OTL's have certain advantages over the hybrids, though he raved over the hybrids.
I find the discussion of the hybrids vs the OTL's an interesting one. I too heard the Hybrids and the OTL's at Bill's house on two different occasions. Give all the hype regarding the hybrids, I was underwhelmed by what I heard. I was expecting the Holy Grail and I was disappointed to say the least. While they had all the slam you could want, I did not find them very musical especially when compared to the Lamm ML2. My wife shared my opinion regarding the amps. For my tastes, if it came down to a choice between the hybrid and the ML2's, on that particular day, it would have been the Lamm's. That is really surprising to me as I usually prefer high powered amps over lower powered ones. Oh well, to each his own.
i am waiting for my dcc-2 will see taking the plunge from a 3.1x balanced and really cant wait to hear the difference i hope you guys know what the hell your talking about rememeber columbus took a chance and money grows on trees right thanks for the input guys
Has anyone taken delivery of the EMM Labs DCC 2 and Transport? Tireguy or Saxman, please let us know your impressions once the new "gold standard" arrives. thanks
Hang in there, Tim. Like the Capitole, I'm sure it will be well worth the wait and when you set it up, the wait will quickly become a distant memory.
Tim: Do you have the new EMM Labs digital front end yet? I'm eager to hear what you think and hear. Please let us know when you're hooked up. thanks
Gerry- Its here and its fabulous! I am putting together a review of some sort and will let the world know what I think of this magical little thing in the not to distant future.
Hey Tire !!.. how goes it bud ?

Just checking in for that review ?
Comin to Montreal this year ?

Hey Matt! How's it going?

Review, I am one step ahead(for once in my life) check it out. Worth the upgrade if you can swing it to say the least. I would love to make it to Montreal this year, however I am swamped with TONS of work on all fronts so I am undecided at this point. I assume you will make it, right? If I don't make it over make sure you give me the scoop!
I'm getting mine either today or tomorrow. This weekend I'm putting together my main system--Kharma Midi Exquisites, Tenor hybrids, DCC2, SACD-1000--and I'm positively frothing at the mouth. Though the break-in is likely to be pretty torturous, I'm just glad to have the system together. It took a loooooooooong time to get to this point.