Evolution Acoustics MMMicroOne

Hey guys,

Has anyone heard the new Evolution Acoustics MMMicroOne? Just saw this pic from CES 2011.


Any thoughts on this one?
Yoh, Yep it's mindblowingly good!-- whatever it's doing it's doing better than anything in it's price range


Best at THE SHOW so far!

The wooden puck underneath the speaker?

the pucks are Wave Kinetics isolation footers. the tt in the picture is also Wave Kinetics.

i don't have the speaker footers, but i do use 7 sets of Wave Kinetics A10 U8 'gear' footers in my system and they are amazing.
Holy smokes those are stunning!!!!
I'm blown away by their fit and finish, & the first rate components. Are these really retailing at only 2k?

Are the stands included at this price?
Specs are on the evolution acoustics site.

Tweeter: 2" Pleated Diaphragm Air Velocity PDAV
Midrange 4" Ceramic Matrix Mid Bass CMAT

Freq Response: 35hz-30khz

6 Ohm


I'm kind of worried that a 4" driver wont be big enough for good midrange.
Mike what would you think about a tube amp driving these speakers? Maybe McIntosh MC275....I'd rather do Lamm but maybe a little too pricey for me. I'm worried that sensitivity is too low to benefit from a tube amp.

I was thinking of two JL F113 subs to cover the low end.
I can't agree more, the sound I've heard from the system with Evolution Acoustics MMMicroOne, MPS-3 - Playback Designs and darTZeel pre and amps is reference by any standard, and I don't have a problem to compare it with the sound I've heard at Magico with the Q3, is that good. Bravo !!!
I could use as much info as possible on this speaker, as I`m doubting between Merlin TSM`s and the MMMicroOne and a deal is about to be made.

Did it have a nice soundstage, was its bass tunefull and articulate?
Did they completely dissapear, and how was the extension of the tweeter? Did they play loud or?

Would love to hear some more!
Just got back from CES. Was blown away by these speakers. Might be the best buy in audio. I am a dealer for Harbeth, Vivid and now Evolution. WOW what a steal. With that, I would suspect they need very good electronics because of their overall resolution.
Just got back from CES. I'm a dealer for Harbeth and Vivid. I must say I was blown away with this little speaker. Stands will be about $500 but even at $2500, they are a steal. Gut tells me they need very good electronics to sound their best.
There sound was great, but consider a $2000/pair speaker driven by a $25,000 amp and $30,000 preamp??? I would like to have them side by side with my LSA1 Statements ($2500/pair).
I went to the room at least three times listening to all types of music. No doubt, the presentation was wonderful, often much better than many other rooms. Each time I walked away thinking that these speakers played well beyond their physical size and is a steal at their price point. Electronics were very good too with the integrated Dart amp and latest MP3 Playback Designs digital palyer.
I spoke to Jonathan Tinn about these speakers and he told me they were the most impressive speaker he'd ever heard even close to the price point.
Jonathan has heard everything on the market and he was very excited when talking about the MMMicro One.
Sold me. I'm concidering to buy and never heard them.
Wait, the guy marketing a speaker told you that that same speaker was the best. I need a chair; this is all too much.
I guess you have a point.
But if I was marketing a line of speakers that have much more expensive equipment, I would try to steer you toward the more expensive speakers.
He didn't know I was looking to buy just that speaker.
Besides, what little I could find on other chat rooms and other people at the show was very promising and pos..
Just an update.
The Evolution Acoustics room was voted the Best sounding room of the show.
And the MMMicroOne was the only speaker in the room.

Defintely has my intrest.
Her's a link to the shows award. Read all the way to the bottom.
Bar81, you can get up now.

Winning best sound at a show (assuming the person granting the award has a clue what they are talking about) is like being the one eyed man in the land of the blind; it just means you sucked less than the rest.

If show awards excite you, then sit down and read up yourself:


You like the speakers and want to buy them, more power to you. If you are happy with the speakers then that is all that should matter; this constant marketing is pathetic.

I spoke with Jonathan also a few weeks back and yes, he is over the moon about the speaker. I don't mind when a manufacturer is a bit, ahem, enthusiastic about their wares. I'm a big enough boy to take the info that I'm given and do with it what I see fit. I agree with Zmanastronomy that this speaker is certainly worth looking further into if you are in the market for a well priced monitor. The company does produce high quality gear; I don't think anybody would disagree with that.

Also, my opinion is that awards for high quality sound at the various shows are not meaningless; they are simply an indicator that the particular winner caught someone's attention. And again I'm a big enough boy to use that info how I see appropriate.

So no need for denigrating a manufactuer's enthusiasm or a show reviewer's enthusiasm. They are pieces of info that are understandable and/or useful when making a decision whether to pursue an audition of a particular piece of kit.

By the way I will be auditioning these speakers hopefully in the next couple of weeks.

GLR, looking forward to your input and first impressions.
I may have a chance to listen to a pair myself.
A friend may be receiving a pair and I'll be sure to go to his place and take a listen.
He has a treated room like mine and I can get the impression of the speaker from there.
Let us know when you get them and chime in on your thoughts. John

I'm a big boy too.
How does MMMIcroOne speaker compare to any of Audience ClairAudient speakers, specially the One ClairAudient in CES 2011 that they are showing?
What about the puck between the speaker and the stand? I think it is not Wave kinetics. Is it part of the speaker stand?
Hope I can shed some light on the stands. The optional stands are a very unique design. The MMMicroOne loudspeakers attach to the stands by bolts and employ a very effective vibration control method that was inspired by Wave Kinetics.
Thank you Jonathan for the detailed description. I can't find information abut the MMMicroOne cabinet design - is it EATL?
Is there anywhere to demo the Micro ? I will be in New York in a few weeks. Thanks.
Dealers won't have this speaker until April/May. But it will be well worth the wait :-)
No Lbelchev, the MMMicroOne is not a transmission line. We will update the website in the next few weeks or so.
For what it's worth - After reading about the MMMicroOnes and talking to Jonathan, it turns out that his partner, Kevin Malmgren (the designer of the EA speaker line) lives nearby. He was gracious enough to allow me into his home to audition the monitors. I was impressed enough to order a pair. I have to say that both Jonathan and Kevin are really good guys. Sure, Jonathan is very excited about the EA line and especially the new MMs and as far as I'm concerned he should be. Kevin is very unassuming and laid back. It was a pleasure to spend some time with him - he has a very interesting story of how he got into speaker design and how he got to where he is now. If anyone's doubtful about these speakers, I can verify that you will be getting one of the best sounding, best built, most beautiful $2,000 monitors out there. Jeez, now I'M starting to sound like Jonathan....
I'm on the "reserve" list for 3 of the MMMicroOnes. wife has been on me to get rid of the towers and wants a more discreet speaker profile without sacrificing sound stage. It would appear based on the reviews I've read and talking with Jonathan, I have made a very good choice. Can't wait till they are available; I'm told it looks like late August and the first production run will be available.
Hifi, let us know your impressions when you get them.
Late August? I was thinking about ordering a pair in January. I don't know if I could have waited 7 months for a speaker.
Will do Zman and, yes, August.... sigh.. I know how you felt in January... LOL. I'm willing to wait though and will post my impressions when I have them up and running.
Wow, now is August. I have mine in reserve since Feb and they told me it would be around May/June to release. I guess i have to wait a bit longer. Anyone also getting the stock stands? Are there any pictures of just the stand around?
Man you guys aren't kidding...i heard these at T.H.E. Show in Newport Beach today and they are amazing. One of (if not #1) the best sounding rooms in the show. In the world of $50K speakers, for these to sound this good at this price I'm ecstatic and hopeful our world is ready for a realistically priced competitor to start making waves.

Setup was Dartzeel and Playback Designs gear.
"I'm kind of worried that a 4" driver wont be big enough for good midrange"

Don't think you should be. I'm not sure how it happens, but I also heard these at T.H.E and also came away shaking my head. The SPL's and coherence across the spectrum, as well as soundstage and imaging are nothing short of incredible.

And designed right here in San Diego.

As mentioned above, suspect much credit needs to be given to the source and amplification. Dartzeel Integrated, with Playback Designs DAC feeding ULTRA-high resolution bitstreams.
Has anyone listened to these with lesser i mean lower costing equipment? I mean more than 30K on amp and front and a 2k speakers? Will it sound the same using let say 5-10k setup? If im not wrong on all shows the speakers are driven by either Dartzeel or Vitus amp that are way too expensive. Im not bashing these speakers i was also on the waiting list but decided i couldnt wait so long. delays and delays. It will be great if theres some feedback of these with tube amps or lower priced SS amp.
Neogeo, Great question. I spoke briefly with designer Kevin Malmren who indicated there are several installations of the speakers locally where they can be auditioned, but didn't ask about associated gear with them. That would seem to be a next logical A/B comparison.
I just heard they are now scheduled for delivery in november. Can anyone on pre-order confirm this?
I'm on the pre-order list and emailed Jonathan a few days ago. Haven't heard back from him yet. Will report back once i get his response.
I do not doubt that these speakers are excellent for 2K and maybe are flat excellent. That said, to really know in a real world setting, you would need to mate these 2K speakers with electronics at a level that most people buying a 2K pair of speakers would use. That is, how do these sound with a 2K CD player driven by a 4K integrated amp (or 4-5K separates). Probably 95% of the people who spend 2K on a speaker have a system that costs no more than 8-9K tops. So... hearing these speakers driven by 50K worth of amplification and 30K of a source is not a realistic setting for analysis.

For reference, I heard the Silverline $600 mini speakers driven by 20K of electronics at a show and they sounded absolutely stunning --- when mated with 3K of electronics the same speakers were very, very good for the price... but not stunning by any stretch.

What do the Microones really sound like when driven by realistic electronics?
robsker...great point and one that i hope the people who have ordered them have thought about...i hope they won't be unhappy with them played through systems not as expensive as the ones used to drive them at the shows...