For Innuos owners

This post simply to rely info that some Innuos users may find useful.

Since I spent a considerable amount of time researching it without getting any truly satisfactory answer, I thought I would share this courteous and valuable reply from Tiago Sousa, customer support engineer at Innuos. 

My question to him:

Is it best to leave the Zenith mk3 powered on up front 24/7 (blue light), or turn it off up front (white light) each time I am done using it? I usually listen to it 2 to 3 hours daily. I have been leaving it on 24/7 so Qobuz is always connected as it is all I use the streamer for.

His answer:

"Innuos systems are built with server grade components and capable of being on 24/7. The benefit of having it always on is that you will be able to experience the best sonic performance right from the start of your listening session. The systems perform better after they are warmed up compared to when they are cold."

Reason I asked is because their streamers also have a power switch on the back, so I always wanted clarification since units with back and front power switches usually are made to power down on the front after each use. And I got my answer to my email within minutes! Kudos to that kind of service.


I've always operated my streamer that way.  I'm not going to go look but I thought the manual even suggested this.  I never touch the power switch in the back unless I'm moving it or rewiring something.

The remote is kept in a drawer and I don't see it for weeks at a time.


Thanks, this is good to know.

I usually power my Innuos down after listening. Now, I will try leaving it on.


for daily, normal use i leave my streamer and front end digital gear on 24-7 (unless i am away on a long trip away) -- only exception is if i am using a tubed dac... then i will turn off the dac to save hours on the tubes

I live my music servers, streamers, transports, and even DACs always on, 24/7. Unless I go out of town for more than overnight. Nothing bad has ever happened with any of them

Thanks for sharing @baylinor.  I always leave my solid state components on 24/7 (unless I leave the house for a week or so) and have never had an issue over 30 years.  Should note I wouldn’t do this with a Class-A amp unless it had a low-bias switch. 

“The systems perform better after they are warmed up compared to when they are cold.”

Isn’t this applies to all electronics in general so why would Innuos streamer be any different. I never turned off my streamer. 

I was advised to keep all solid state gear on 24/7 except a Class A

amp.  DAC, Streamer, CD players all stay on unless you are worried about preserving tubes.