Granite and digital..

I'm thinking about making a homemade isolation platform for my cd player.What I was going to make whould be 2 slabs of 2 1/2" thick pieces of granite separated by a air bladder of some kind..There a lot of different isolation shells on the market but wasn't sure if granite is good for the over all sound.Any comments.
Granite sucks, as in sucks the life right out of the music. The results are an overdamped bass region and a midrange that tends to be harsh and glare, especially noticeable on piano notes. I have a thick granite slab I've tried with many different components and the results are consistent.
Like rhljazz, my experience with granite is that it sucks when it comes to digital units. I've continue to use wood shelves but I have built and acoustical shield for th fron of the unit so the energy flying around the room does not get to the unit.
Thanks for the reply...My mono blocks are on granite slabs.Do any of you guys think that this could be a cause of my current bass issues I have talked about in my other threads?The amps are very heavy but wasn't sure if granite can have an effect on the amps as well.
I agree fully with the first two posters that I have also found granite as a base to sound forward and edgy in comparison to wood or polycarbonate. Granite can be beautiful to look at under electronics, but can have negative sonic effects. Maple seems to be an affordable, attractive and good sounding surface to rest things on.
I think I might ask my friend to make me some maple stands.maybe put these on top of the granite with some sorbethan between them.I think I might do the same for the cd player but instead of using sorbethan maybee use a inter tube.
since granite has some ill effects on audio.I wonder why they use it with turntables?
Granite has quartz in average is about 70% silica.
In crystaline form it is piezo electric.

Possible explanation?
What about those new pico feet from audio advisor?I put a set under my player and then put the vibrapods there before on top of cabinet by tray with a little weight on top of them.For $25.excellent bang for the buck ratio.
My experience with granite has been that it works poorly on most front end components but can be wonderbar under some speakers, sandstone is even better and with less audible anomalies.
I will agree that granite is not a good option for digital. Last night I moved my Marantz 6005 off my top shelf that had a 1 1\2 " piece of granite/cork down to the 2nd shelf to make room for the new SA-10. Wow. I played U2's "Mysterious Ways" and the opening riff was noticeably smoother. No doubt about it. As Spock would say "Fascinating". Today I will move it back and double check. I've tried granite under my TT with mixed results. A lot of dampening seemed to help. Since then I had just installed a 4 inch maple block by itself under it yesterday. I havent come to an opinion yet. I did have an MDF sandwich under it before. 2 pieces MDF with cork then a rubber truck liner in the middle and Herbie's pucks underneath. 
Oh one question. Does anyone sit their spiked TT feet directly on the maple for better coupling?
When granite is placed on top of air bladders or springs the presumed ringing of granite is minimized since the granite slab is isolated from the floor right along with the component. It is also fun to build dual layer mass-on-bladder/spring systems to increase isolation effectiveness. I spike the bottom granite slab AND the component on the top slab. Thicker is better since it will be stiffer and better resist bending forces.
I agree from experience--granite resonates if speakers and subs are close to your components.  I still have my amps and CDP on granite slabs but have solved the problem with footers I have made.  If you want the look of granite, just have some Corian pieces made---much more inert.  
I find granite fine. The granite slab must be isolated from the rack. Combination of cones and elastomeric products. Use your fingers to feel if the granite is vibrating. No vibration - no problem. If your not satisfied with your fingers simply put a teaspoon of salt or fine sand on the granite and play your music above the volume you like. Vibration shows up immediately. If you want to be more fanatical glue a piece of plywood or  mdf to the underside of the granite using a glue that will remain flexible to minimize all vibration. Don’t forget to further isolate from the granite and use mass as appropriate for the digital player. 2 pieces of 2.5 inches on a bladder is a no go; will just make you crazy/crazier. :). Cheers
Uh, that’s why it’s a good idea to isolate speakers and subs. Granite’s properties of high mass and stiffness are good for the sound. That’s why isolation platforms from the big boys oft come with granite top plates.
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