Grateful for Audiogon

As a relative newcommer to the audio marketplace . . . and a long-time IT gear broker ... it's too bad another 'Audio' Web location is filled with Indonesian scammers who are not deleted. I find this all the time in the IT world but on our boards we can immediately clear the fraudulent sellers. I've found many bad listings on another audio web site and passed the links on of obvious scammers and they're completely ignored. Extremely short-sighted of the board moderators.

It's great to have this site and fellow 'Audiogon'rs' who typically list without the hyperbole and conduct business with integrity. In my IT business I tell our employees the measure of our customer service and satisfaction has more to do with our response to problems rather than being free thereof, especially with used gear. I've received only fair and prompt responses from Audiogoner's when problems have occured which is to be expected with used gear.

Amen to that brother, could'nt agree more. I have never had grief on the buying side and have had sage advise on the discussion forum.
Although we have lost several extremely valuable members over the last few years, this community continues to thrive. My dealings have been about 99.9% positive, and I hope you experience as much joy, laughter, and enlightenment on the GoN as I have.
Thedautch, so you're one of them daft fellars that gets a big hee haw outa them DK threads, huh? :•)
Don't forget about your porn star friends, Gunbei. That's been entertaining, too. :-P
Yeah, when you mix Albert Porter with Las Vegas and porn stars or strippers for that matter, you get complete sloppy craziness!
You know, I was just thinking the same thing. I'm relatively new here, and find the forums (fora) very helpful. I haven't sold anything yet (that's another story) but the few things I've bought so far have been terrific, and the experience is, compared to some of the dealers I've also encountered recently, far more refreshing and positive.
I am very grateful for the friends I have made on Audiogon. Audio friends are hard to come by and I have made a few that are now friends for good. It is funny how a pair of tubes or a dac can lead to an actual friendship. This is a great place to learn also. Great thread.
Why thank you Dean!! Didn't Tim (Tireguy) once claim to be a pornstar? I think that he did, though I'm not sure I believe him!
Jond & Dean,

He did indeed claim that.. in fact he said he got hooked on audio when he was at the Adult Show in Vegas (runs at the same time as CES). He had some spare time, checked out Alexis Park, the rest is history. Had some funny stories about Ron Jeremy etc... Jeff
That Ron Jeremy guy,is got to be the ugliest dude there is.
How did all these women porn stars had sex with him?
I hope Tireguy looks better.
In regards to the subject,I totaly agree that Audiogon is a great website.I visit Audio Asylum,Canuck audiomart,Canadian audio/video,, , few others BUT Audiogon is the best out there.I am also very happy with my transactions so far.
It's both amazing and hilarious how this thread has transformed from an Audiogon tribute into Tireguy pornstar worship, and finally a Ron "Ape Boy" Jeremy attack. Audiogon is the best!

The one time I attended CES in 2003 the people with whom I had the best time with were Gilbert Yeung of Blue Circle and Christy Canyon. What a pair, eh? Er, of people that is.
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A-goN is educational too! I had to look up Lacivious after reading Viridians post!

Blue Circle! Ha, that's funny!

BTW, Viridian, I think it is spelled Lascivious.......


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I have made over $5,000 in purchases, every one smooth and reliable. I read and interact in the forums daily, and they offer a wealth of information and advice. This is the best site of it's kind on the internet. 3 cheers for the Audiogon community of people!
I took this picture of Gilbert Yeung and Kevin Allen at CES 2003 fighting to see who got to go the next lap dance from Christy. Guess who won?

[]Choke Off[/url]
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