Hate to do this again. Start over. Class d

Seriously stop the fighting. I tried to get thru the last discussion,  but it was over 400 replies of arguing.  So please, no arguing. I want know who is using the nord or apollon nc500 amps. Se version, and upgrades. Sparkos or SI amp.  I dont care about 50k amps, because they are over my budget. 2 to 3k fits me fine. Looking to use with my winds 4ohm, anthem mrx720 and bluesound 2.  My amp now is a bat vk200 which sounds sweet, but at times I really want more power.  I would go for a vk600se, but out of my range.  Also what speakers and pre are you using. I remember very long time ago when audiogon people helped more with less fighting.  

For class D I hear the Red Dragon amps are a great sound quality to cost value, and they have a huge sale right now almost 50% off.

I also don't get why people are so resistant to change with time the class D amps have come a long way, this from a SET tube amp guy.

Thumbs up for the red dragon s500, I think you’ll have to score a used one at this point though. Plenty of power and authority while neutral. Great instrument separation as well. Heard a lot of improvement with an after-market power cable which I also found with my previous peachtree nova 150. Using with Kef LS50’s and my roomates tannoy XT-8f. Passive TVC preamp from promitheus.
I did look at the red dragon.  I think I passed because I believe I read somewhere that the nc500 with sparkos or SI mp was better. I think RD uses ice and Pascal.  I am extremely new to the class d. So my knowledge is extremely limited.  I am fine spending 2k if it out performs my current amp. The bat is an excellent amp. But the wife and I sometimes tend to listen to rock concert levels. RD had some excellent reviews but I read somewhere that the 4ohm winds might prefer nc500. Any truth to this. Any responses please limit measurements cause it's like Chinese to me.  No insult intended. 
I looked at them after I read a reply from you mentioning them. I went to there website. Over 6k and a bit out of my reach. Dont think wife will approve the $$$$.
@pcc67 my classic Cherry was ~$2k a year ago, brand new. Send them a note. Mine was unadvertised. They do a home trial, can't beat that. The guy is an amp wizard. 
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You maybe right. 20 yrs my memory might be failing or maybe I had more tolerance back then and found it entertaining.  Just here looking for good information before I purchase.  I do realize my system and ears will be the deciding factor.  I have read excellent reviews on red dragon,  bel canto, benchmark.  But nord and apollon coming in at 2k and newer technology nc500 looks great. I'm just not crazy about 15 day trial and I never have purchased before with out in home trial. Whoever I do purchase from I will call them first. 
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I contacted Red Dragon on FB this is his response:
"It is sold outwe are designing new amps for later this year:
MC theatre amp
and the Laviathan rebirth flagship monoblocksthese last ones are 2020"

Just FYI

Kind of odd to have a lapse in between product lines, but I hear they are great also. I've been on the lookout on the used market but they don't come up often.
I hate chores, but I will continue my search until I find the right fit. My Bat is an excellent sounding amp. Really no complaints,  I just want more juice.

Clarinet, I am very patient but not sure if I can wait that long.  Wish the website had more info.  Hopefully with there's no huge price hike on the new ones. Hopefully others chime in.
Thanks for the response 


If you want information on the Nord amps from actual owners and not just suggestions for amps never actually heard I would suggest you go over to www.audioshark.org. Dozens of owners there and the Nord thread has been running for over 3 years. None of histrionics either.
Merrill Audio makes some excellent Class D amps.

Excellent suggestion, and uses the latest GaN future technology, but maybe a bit expensive just now for the OP

I think RD uses ice and Pascal
They use the same Class-D module as the Rowland Continuum, which starts of a Chinese  Class-D module then Pascal mod it a little for Rowland, but I think RD uses the original  module.

From 6 Moons
"Rowland Continuum S2. Red Dragon’s S500 beats with the same heart in a less high-end chassis for roughly half the price."

Have a close look!
These  were available for $100 each on Alibaba not so long ago.

And here is the Rowland Continuum 2

Also used in subwoofer plate amps.

Cheers George

Let me help you from a different perspective.....

With my past experience with non-subwoofer Class D amps, you could get a lot of performance at a much lower price. But the very best class Ds are still nowhere near the reference level that I experienced.

Say, to get to 75% of my listening enjoyment (100% = I’d listen to it whenever I got free time; 50% = nice background music while I am working; 25% = I am being polite to try an loaner; 5% = oh please)

My investment could be broken down like this:

Class A: $3500

Class A/B: $5000 (there just isn’t that many great A/Bs out there in my experience, sorry)

Class D: $1500 (but that’s pushing it ... it’s 40% for most ... never got past 80% with supposedly cream of the crop)

I actually think this is a more systematic way of rating how much one loves his/her setup.  It's independent of how busy you are, how much free time you have.   Just by relative % of time you cannot refuse the urge to listen.

Trying to keep 2 channel under 3k. I've read a lot about nord and apollon.  Both using the hypex nc500 and si amps. Emailed red dragon.  No response yet. I really want 400 watts. 200 just not enough for me. Looked at ati but not enough info for me. Seems like people really like the hypex.  Nord and apollon really affected by the exchange rate. And being here in the US worries me for an overseas product of u need service.  2 months and I will pull the trigger on something.  Really leaning towards the nord mkii se 500.
bsimpson…."Class A/B: $5000 (there just isn’t that many great A/Bs out there in my experience, sorry)"

No need to be sorry, all you did was to mention there aren't that many great amps out there in what is likely the most popular classification  of amplification on planet Earth.  LOL
ARC DS-450, used right up your alley...
and you are right your BAT is a sweet amp

Tomic, it is sweet.  Just makes me scared if class d can out perform it. Also class d would keep the room cooler.  Winter time the temp raises 4 degrees in the room after an hour, but no more than 4 degrees.  Be fighting the ac in the summer.  Lol
Wow, Class D is a cheap easy way to pump out amplifiers and get a piece of the action. You dress it up in a fancy chassis spew out some marketing and you are in for some bucks. You want a fabulous amp for the money? Get a Benchmark AHB2. I have absolutely no affiliation with Benchmark other than I own their ADC. I have heard the amp and there is absolutely no amp that I have heard for that kind of money have that kind of authority. If eventually you want even more power get another and strap them. I have not heard that but I can extrapolate. 
Here's the link to the Digital Amp Co's " base" Cherry amp in 2 versions , more in line with the price point you are interested in. The $6K is a more higher end version'
ignore the link saying 5 channel - you'll see that they offer in amp is various channel options as well as 2 versions of each channel version
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so have you heard the ARC ? those guys have ears and a serious history to compare against...
ya, I get the room warmer issue...I have a liquid cooled amp w radiators into the room...but I can say the ARC is a good amp from a company that promises to be here, next week, probably next decade...

try to listen to it at least..

memory fuzzy but i think Music Room in Colorado might have them in stock at moment, used w return policy

i have no TMr affiliation besides happy multi time customer
Benchmark looks great but 3k for 100 watts. Excellent reviews.  Channel Islands is using the nc400 at $2400 for 200 watts. Arc DS-450 has some serious juice, but can't demo used and I'm not sure how old the technology is, plus I want new. Red dragon,  still no response on what they are doing and pricing may substantially  rise with release of new tech. But unknown at this time. Cherry I believe is 200 Amps and not sure what technology they are using?  Nord and apollon are using nc500 at $2100 for 400 watts and reviews seem to be excellent. D sonic has some mixed reviews. My bat/wind combo is sweet, but I want more than 300 watts. I would go with another bat, but i would have to step it up to 6k plus.  And the heat output would be to much for the room. So that's where I'm at. Purchase time is 2 months out. I've heard the winds with 400 watts before and I was blown away.  Anthem str for 6k, out of my range.
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Hi pcc67

First, I wouldn't worry too much about the fighting. Starting new threads are going to help and is a good idea. As far as the fighting it simply reflects a change over into a newer era of technology and thinking about the playback somewhat differently. It will all settle in with time.

Another thing I did want to mention about pricing. I know for a fact that new product is on it's way over the next couple of years that is going to make the price ranges significantly lower for the ultimate performers. The magazines may or may not cover these because of lack of ads, but the word will get out regardless, maybe without as much fanfare but well worth the wait.

Just a hint for you and the readers. When you hear talk about the amps and the price increases keep in mind these increases are actually paying for the cabinets. The basic performance of the lower priced amps themselves is becoming very well known. HEA will attempt to do what they did with over pricing because of the chassis look and disguise this as better performance but this will not be the case. I don't think we will need a buyer beware type of thing, but just want to give a heads up for those thinking buying up is going to mean better sound this time around.