How Pathetic is Welborne Labs?

You would never believe this story. Welborne Labs sent me someone elses power supply in error. I advise welborne, they send me a return label. I ship back the power supply. I get a phone call from the person who received MY power supply from Welborne. Welborne sent them my personal info in the form of a shipping label for us to swap power supplies! Its a swap meet! AMAZING! so, I send them mine, they never send me theirs cause this 'guy' calls them and says he will send me his (cant make this up). Well, he is snowed in so he has not been able to get to a post office (and this is my problem because welborne labs is PATHETIC). Great promo for Channel Island Audio. Get your power supplies from them.
I bought a power supply from eel orbs labs also. They charged me twice which caused me to have an overdraft but in thier defense, they sent me a check to cover the overdraft.

On a side note, thier umbilical cord was wired backwards and didn't work. Thankfully I met someone pretty smart at radio shack who diagnosed the problem and re soldered it correctly, free of charge.
Seems like a simple mistake that they tried to fix.
Certainly doesn't seem like much to wine about.
I enjoy and appreciate my privacy, which I actually have a right to. To have them give my into out to the the other party to ship me the product is absurd (and he was snowed in for a week and was unable to ship it). Is this anyway to run an airline?

It may or may not be something to wine about but I can understand Cerrot whining about it. I agree with Cerrot.


At least Cerrot is not suffering from fly-by-night one-liners. LOL.
I think you are over-reacting. It seems to me that Welborne was just trying to get the item back to you the quickest way possible. Your address is a public record available to pretty much anyone in the world w an internet connection.
At least you got your item many reports on the net of Wellbourne not even g=doing that.

I agree totally with Cerrot; pretty lame and irresponsible. All transactions should go THROUGH THE MANUFACTURER (or dealer). That way any responsibility for problems with shipping, damage or.... falls squarely on them. Very unprofessional.
Perhaps dealer or manufacturer should ask permission of both parties FIRST before rearranging labels. I would start conversation with 'Would You Mind...?'. Never got problems with exact same issue a couple of times as seller. At no argument to me or to each other from clients, both receiving parties agreed to affix labels and send packages to each other and were happy thereafter.

There are some ultra-tight privacy doodz among clients that are paranoid even to uncover the address to the one in the different side of nation especially having the inevitable fact they've already revealed own adress soo many times to various online sellers they've lost count how manymany times it's been dondondone. You can also request to send to the FedEx or USPS office hold for pickup. Don't see issues... Sorry if I'm blind.

IMHO nuttin rong dere folks just another reason to panic or to get angry. That snowy winter delayed my packages to the clients by at least a week and yet some of them panic or asking for refund. OP should also apreciate the fact of swapping instead of shipping back and re-receiving, because it would've taken much longer than swapping between A and B.
Czarivey - order a $5k flat panel the week before the super bowl and get a 13 inch b&w instead and learn that you are waiting or the guy in maine to send yours back to you (during 9 feet of he could never even send it...). Then tell us to be grateful the company is 'allowing' you guys to handle it amongst yourself.
we aren't talking about birthday gift or something super critical as super bowl. it's just a plug, an outlet unit.
i've got much better one. order toilet paper when you run out of the last ply...
Im a real football fan (not american carryball) so superbowl does not mean anything to me. My power supply was quite important, to me, which is what matters, to me. The sad part of the story is that the power supply was actually quite good.
Seems like Welborne is still having issues... I ordered a PS on 3/26 and still haven't received it.They claim they've shipped it and it was returned (although the address was correct, they could not provide a tracking # or even the method of shipping). Asked for an ETA numerous times. Finally filed a claim with my CC company. Its a bummer that WL can't get their act together.
So an update to my post... WL finally shipped the item (50 days after ordering) and it works as it should.... it made a positive change to my headphone amp. Hard to be mad :)

Just wish they could step up their game a little. Their products are a good value.
I ordered a week before Adamand and heard nothing for a month. I sent 2 emails in a week and got no reply. I contacted Paypal and opened a dispute. After 2wks Paypal and I had still heard nothing so I escalated it to a claim. Paypal still got no reply so they accepted my claim and reimbursed me 2 days ago.I am both relieved and annoyed.

I wish I had a great LPSU at the price they offered, but will now get one from HD-Plex who I think I can trust and and will give more options.
This is nothing new. Welborne has been known (from those who have dealt with them) for poor service and bad business practices for years now. Just don't do business with them. This thread should help some other unsuspecting potential victim. Keep it going so it will be up a while.
A few years ago, I ordered over $100 worth of hook-up wire from them. They took my money, and made some excuses for a while, and then I never heard from them again.

In my mind, that makes them no better than a thief.

Before I clicked on my order I did a search for welborne labs and found only a couple of things that were from a few years ago, plus this thread which at least indicated I had a good chance of getting a psu in the end. I incorrectly thought they had upset a couple of ppl and now were OK.

Thankyou Paypal!
I will keep an eye out. Im sure on of those power supplies will show up on my front door. I'll reach out when I get it.
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