I'm FINALLY finished: new 2-channel system

Well, I did it. I'm not sure I did the right thing by ditching home theatre in favor of an upgraded 2-channel but it's done.

Old Home Theatre system:

McIntosh MVP851
McIntosh MHT200 Receiver
B&W Nautilus 804, HTM2, SCM1
Velodyne sub-woofer

New system:

McIntosh MVP851
C2200 Preamp
2 MC275 Mk IV monoblocks
Tyler Acoustics Super Towers
No subwoofer

Hopefully, the new system will be a HUGE improvement over the 2-channel sound I got with the old HT system because I sacrificed 3 channels and a sub for it.

Please tell me I did the right thing. I'm having HT-partum blues.
I am about to do the same. Abandon the HT to upgrade the 2-channel system. I hope we're doing the right thing! ;)
I did the same a few years back and I'm glad I did. If your as anal as I am, trying to find the right position for two speakers was a whole lot easier than 5 or even 7. The music was a whole lot better, and I have time to listen instead of fiddling.......Hmmmmm.....come to think of it I still fiddle with stuff. It never ends.
I've owned 2 piece Linbrooks and, now, Woodmeres and can tell you that your new speakers should surely satisfy!

What's "HT", anyway?

Best wishes,

You'll be glad to be rid of all that HT crap.

Hook yer DVD player up to the new rig, watch movies in stereo.

I've heard the 275's, they're great, never heard the Tylers however read lots of good things. Sounds to me like you are on the right track.

I fell into the HT trap back in the late 90's. "Be all end all". Yep, helicopters buzzed around my head, explosions shook the room....yadda yadda yadda.......then I'd go for some straight two-channel classical and the thing would just fall down. Two-dimensional, flat soundstage.

I had to come to the realization that I'm a two-channel old-timer. Life's been good since ~!


Paul :-)
You're going to love your new system. I went through a similar experience a year ago when I was buying my system. Whether to go with HT or 2-channel. I chose the latter. I felt it was easier to do 2-channel right than HT correctly. I'm very glad I did. To get the kind of sound quality you're looking for with HT, you'd need 5 of those 275's plus a surround processor just to have music coming at you from all directions. It's not worth the extra money, in my opinion, unless you have it to blow. You made the right decision. Say goodbye to your HT and start enjoying your new system.
I'm a firm believer you can accomplish both within the same system. If my system was limited to sitting in a sweet spot and listening to 2 channel only-there is no way I could justify the expense of the gear I have. I know there are the purists that can do this-but when I was limited to just 2 channel it felt like I was listening to the same (well recorded)material over and over. With the home theatre capabilities I can watch sports/movies-and listen to 2 channel. I recently added a plasma(mounted on wall)which opens my center up so my 2 channel stuff images better. This also makes my system easier to share with friends and entertain.
I just replaced my receiver and B&W N804's, HTM 1 and subwoofers with a McIntosh MA 6900 and B&W 803D speakers.

The 2 channel sound is much much better.

Still getting use to watching TV and Movies in 2 channel--it sounds good, the image seems to be comming from the TV, but a center channel seems to do it better.

I get a lot more sound effects using 2 channels though.

If things get hectic I might use the HT Bypass on the MAC with a reciever and center, but my living room area looks a lot better without a center,rear speakers, subwoofers, cables and gear stacked to the ceiling.
i dropped HT about 3 years ago and have not looked back since. the dts neo32.6 sound formats and pixel counts drove me insane changing over every 4 months. i'm much happier now worrying about vta, vtf and cleaning fluids for vinyl :)
You definitely did the right thing. I work around HT systems every day and continue to enjoy my 2-channel tube-based system more w/music and movies. My opinion is that if you get 2 channels tonally right along w/a good video monitor, movie soundtracks simply disappear into the movie. With HT set-ups I am always aware of movie plus sound effects. Way to go.
Pookie - I dropped HT in 1999 and missed it for about 1 day. I can't tell you how many laser discs I bought and only watched them once. For those that enjoy it-great, but it was the easiest thing I've ever walked away from. Hope your experience is the same.. As the title of your thread says you are "finally finished", might I suggest that you now stay away Audiogon, Asylum, etc. :)
I dropped high end HT about 3-4 years ago and I couldn't be happier. I still have a very modest HT setup (though nice by Best Buy standards), but to be honest, I don't use it much.

Think you'll love the new system. But, no reason to dump home theatre except for cosmetic and space considerations in my book. The home theatre part of a system does not have to be and "end game" system. Add an inexpensive HT processor like a Sony or Technics (100 to 200 used), a Gallo Due for the center and a pair of Micros for the rear. Use your two channel speakers for the F/R speakers. I've done this a couple of times with my all tubed system and it works out just fine for movies and TV with dolby digital.

I just plug the home theatre stuff in when I want to use it; for serious stereo listening it simply gets unplugged.
I agree with Krelldog and c123666 in that it is very possible to do both reasonably well. A system that can perform really well in stereo but also be adequate for HT is what is needed in my household and using a high quality integrated with HT pass-thru is a workable solution. Of course, my kids are watching a movie right now and I'm crusin on the Gon instead of listening.
Thanks for the responses. I wish I could keep both but I don't have the space for the receiver and speakers. I already changed my DVD player settings to 2-channel to "train" myself and find that I'm not missing much. Anyway, the C2200 arrives tomorrow and the speakers in 2 weeks. I'll post a follow-up on the new system after I get it set up and broken in.