It's Been an Allison Kind of Month......

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Allison Moorer and Alison Krauss to be specific have been alternating in my transport for the last month or so. Audiogon member Rivercitylad steered me to this unknown artist (to me). Allison Moorer's CD "Alabama Song" (an HDCD disc for those who care) is country/pop in character, but A. Moorer has a beautiful non-soprano voice and she sings some beautiful ballads here. But the whole the CD is very well recorded, and I also really like the band's work. I have since also bought A. Moorer's only other CD, and it's excellent too.

Alison Krauss and Union Station Band was recommended to me by another A'gon member. I had stayed away from her music because I thought "well, it's just Blue Grass-- how good could it be?"-- my mistake. Her CD "Forget About It" is an excellent recording and has several beautiful ballads, but the whole CD is good, and of course The Union Station Band is an excellent Blue Grass band. I now have four of AKs CDs and a different perspective on Blue Grass.

I certainly can recommend these artists, their bands, the recordings, and the CDs. Cheers. Craig
craig: i'll be buyin' allison moorer's cd's tomorrow. too tired tonite, the olympics are on (just waitin' for the women's curling medal round), and our local media play has become a vast wasteland of hip-hop and latino (nothin' racial here, guys. just not my cuppa'). if you wanna' try something really different that fits your mood, at least sort of, try string cheese incident, "carnival 99." these guys are great musicians and can groove like the dead on bluesy, rockin' bluegrass. just listen to disc 1, track 1 "shenandoah breakdown." full disclosure: my older son counts SCI among his clients and i wouldn't have likely listened to this band if it weren't for his giving me a few promo copies of their discography. -kelly
Now you are cooking, try: Asleep at the Wheel's, "Ride With Bob" it's a Tribute to Bob Wells The King of Texas Swing.

For some real kicks try The Derailer, "Full Western Dress". This is a HDCD recording. It's a real foot stomper.

Ye Ha
Hey Craig, now all you need are some Allison speakers and you've got the full set! Thanks for the recommendations, I think Allison Kraus' latest is on SACD, I may pick it up.
Kelly, Vegas-- I'd really like to see Allison Moorer "make it" in the recording industry as I think her voice, style, and music are beautiful, and I hope she'll be around a long time. Maybe a bit of a throwback to a more classic country sound, her singing style actually reminds me of George Jone's best days, but with "less country" lyrics.

And AK and the Union Station Band is just plain good. I'll take a look at SCI!

Michelle Kwan just won the short program-- nice to see that. Cheers. Craig.

I've been a fan of Alison Krauss since she was a teenager. Heard her brand new first lp on KCSN, Cal State Northridge radio on a Saturday morning and drove out to Northridge to buy it from the record store owned by the guy who did the radio show. I later saw her and the band at McCabes Guitar Shop in Santa Monica - this is when they were still driving around and sleeping in an old bus, and she looked it.

I have all of her lps/cds including the Tony Furtado cd with "I Will."

Sweet little kid is what Maura O'Connell called her when I asked her (again at McCabes) about Alison's thanking Maura (along with her parents) in her first Grammy acceptance speech. Alison is just a generous soul. When I listen to Heaven's Bright Shore on the second or third or fourth lp (have it on cd) I am always thankful that she shares her gifts with us. Sweet, sweet girl, a gift from above.

I like Allison Moorer too, and her sister. All very different.

Closest thing to Alison Krauss in style, if you can ever find the lp, is "The Gift" by the McCarters, 3 sisters from Tennessee sponsored by Dolly Parton a long time ago.

Some day, I'll get around to listening to the cds I bought on Sept 10, including the last Alison Krauss Union Station cd.

If you're on an Allison kick, pick up the CD by Allison Brown, also a bluegrassy type w/great voice and great backing musicians.
and then there's the yet-again-reissued Elvis Costello disk w/his "Allison" on it.
Hey guys, along this line you should give The Tarbox Ramblers (Rounder) alisten. Vocalist sounds like a cross between Jim Morisson and Bob Hite(CannnedHeat). Musically, dark alt country new/blue grass stew is how I would describe it, tho a band like this is hard (thankfully) to pigeon hole. Their version of "The Cuckoo" is worth the price of the disc alone. I hope one of you tries this, as I would be curious to hear some other opinions of what I feel is one of the more interesting new acts out there. Happy listening, Winoguy
Paul; I think I'll probably end up with all of AKs CDs before long too. Thanks Sarah, I'll look for the Allison Brown CD. I'm not a "mainstream" blurgrass fan, but really like good female vocals. The AK CD "Forget About It" is more country/pop than bluegrass-- but the Union Station Band is just so good.........Cheers. Craig
Thanks for the tip. I love good female vocals and have just ordered "Alabama Song." Wish more Agon threads would contain music recommendations. Joel
Ain,t nothing sweeter than Allison through a set
of Maggie,s .
Try some Lucinda Williams ,"Essence" or any of hers
and you can experience meltdown.
My first high end speakers were a pair of ALLISON AL 115 bookshelf units that I drove to their death!

Beside the distaff Al(l)isons there is always Gillian Welch.
OH, I'm sorry. I thought y'all was talking about Luther and Bernard Allison. My mistake . . . ^_^