Jeff Beck "performing this week" OMG

I know I just finished listening to this disc. I know that sometimes music doesn't always hold up after repeated listenings. I also know that this disc is the single best guitar performance I have heard maybe ever. Last night I had just finished listening to Santanas " song of the wind" and was wondering what had become of this level of virtuosity in todays music. I put on "perform this week" which I had bought on a whim and was dumbstruck. Many years ago I was a big Jeff Beck fan but had lost some interest as I felt he was stuck in a fusion time capsule. He was terrific on Claptons crossroads ( he's always been a great blues player) and his manic depression on a Hendrix tribute was fantastic so I bought the disc hoping to not be too dissapointed. Never EVER have I heard such beauty and virtuosity at the same time. I've seen a clean SRV in concert. I saw Return to Forever back in the day. I've seen Albert King, BB king, Mclaughlin/Dimeola/Delucia, John Mayer, Eric Clapton, Santana, Buddy Guy and a hundred others that don't come to mind just now. This is a supreme performance of jazz, rock, blues even reggae. Listening to this reminds me of the story of Sonny Rollins listening to john Coltranes "Giant Steps" and retiring for two years. It was just too mind blowing. The band and the recording quality are likewise topnotch. I know this is way over the top but to me at least it's that good. Check it out. - Jim
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Is the DVD of this out yet?

Is there an official Jeff Beck DVD slated? I sure hope so. I have a couple of bootleg JB concerts on DVR, but they were copied from VHS....
I have the DVD on advance order with Amazon, should ship early April. I have the CD and it's nuts! He does transcend the usual guitar platitudes and takes it to a new level.
The dvd and blue ray come out March 31. They have much more music ( almost 3 hours)including two cuts with Eric Clapton joining J.B. The blue ray has even more than the dvd. The video and audio quality are reportedly top notch. - Jim
Thanks for the reco. Here's another I stumbled on. Lindsey Buckingham: Live At Bass Auditorium. I believe This one is only available with both the CD and DVD. I picked it up at Barnes and Noble, for $ 24.99. I have no idea about the DVD, but the CD sounds fantastic. A nice treat for Fleetwood Mac fans, as he covers a few Mac tunes as well. What can I say, just killer guitar work, that sounds incredibly good IMO. Enjoy responsibly!
thanks Jim. I order it on your recommendation - got it yesterday.

I like it!! Looking forward to the DVD . . .
The DVD is unbelievable. Buckingham is kind of annoying - a little smug and self satisfied. However, he is a tremendous performer, singular guitarist, and terrific songwriter (or at least tunesmith, the lyrics are variable). Either way, this is by FAR my favorite DVD of the 1,000+ (99% movies) I own. It's the only one I re-watch regularly.

Just finished the first listen. My God it's good.
The songs that have the feel of his playing on "Amused To Death" are beautifully done.
I got the Jeff Beck DVD yesterday, put it on last night and finally had to shut it off at midnight. I have seen most of it and it is unbelievable! In addition to the CD's songs there are female vocalists which blew me away and a set with Clapton and another Rockabilly set, which is what Jeff started with in his youth. Additionally, there is a great interview with him and he speaks about every song. I just have to wonder what it took to get tickets to one of the shows (he played 5 nights). If you like Jeff Beck and respect what he's doing this DVD is mandatory. Sorry, it's the law.

I got this on Blu-Ray and it is indeed everything you say and more. I thought I should add something to your thread (after picking my jaw up off the floor).

The audio quality is awesome - although I might be biased 'cause they use ATC at Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club. I also enjoyed the Rockabilly extras with the Big Town Playboys and the appearance of Eric Clapton. I also though Imogen Heap was in superb form - the disc is worth the price just for her two tracks alone.

I was floored by Jeff Beck - although I have to admit - like Santana - I don't like the over emphasis on the guitar all the time (it is kind of in your face). What I enjoyed most was Vinnie Colaiuta on drums - man was that guy in the pocket and yet so amazingly versatile...

The video quality is stellar although the drumming is slightly blurred as perhaps they did not have enough light back there or they interlaced it instead of 'P' but it won't bother most people.

They also seem to have got mostly the timing between video and audio correct - it is only off in a few places. This is important for those who want to follow Jeff's magical fingering.

I found the keyboard playing to be a little uninspiring but the young girl (Tal Wilkenfeld) on bass had the grooves nailed.

All in all I'd recommend this BD to anyone seriously interested in the Blues/Rock/Reggae.

You'll also spot Robert Plant and Jimmy Page in the audience if you look carefully...
Ok - just in case nobody takes me seriously (which I fully expect being a crazy
and opinionated a b*stard that I am).

Just listen to this and if you don't get it then you
have no soul. (yeah - you are lost forever if this does not move you - give it up and go buy Barry Manilow albums)

Of course the sound on the Blu-ray is about one hundred times better than
youtube...but you surely get the idea....
Just wanted to give my two cents on this DVD. I am a fan of guitar and Jeff has always held some slots in my cd slots. The concert was awesome. I think Clapton was a little blown away by Jeff's style and ease. Don't just walk out to buy this one.........RUN
Just listen to this and if you don't get it then you
have no soul.

wow! I take it this is on the DVD?

I am glad so many others are enjoying this performance. I've got the dvd now and it's terrific. I didn't really comment much about his band earlier but Tal is an absolute prodigy like Paco and Vinnie is like having Billie Cobham in your band. The keyboard may be a weak link but I actually prefer him to Jan Hammer as a sideman because he lays out more which makes the already complex music less fussy. - Jim
I also thought Imogen Heap was in superb form - the disc is worth the price just for her two tracks alone.

ABSOFUCKINTIVELY! Those are two GREAT cuts. That's saying a lot too as the entire set is outstanding, and the band is remarkable - not a weak link there and tight and intimate as can be. Joss Stone is also great on the single cut she sings on. Great recommendation!!! Thank you for the post and recommendation. This one really took my breath away. Definitely a DVD worth owning.

This is certainly my favorite aspect of A'gon - I get way more enjoyment from finding out about a really great piece of music than I do in swapping out gear - and damn, this is a really fine piece of music - best of the year for me thus far. Best concert DVD I've seen since Stop Making Sense - it really conveys the intimacy, spontaneity, the energy and joy of the moment.

Yes - keep spreading the word. Thx should really go to Jim for starting this thread.
Yes - keep spreading the word. Thx should really go to Jim for starting this thread.

I've already sent off a few emails to friends I know will enjoy this one. Yes, sorry, I did mean to be extending my thanks to Jim (the OP) for starting the thread. I don't know if I'd have taken as much notice without the link to the song "Blanket" with Imogen, which really hooked me (what a beautiful song). The DVD is worth the price just for that one single cut and the rest is all frosting. I really have been enjoying the whole performance though..every cut. I remember another thread that pointed out his bass player, Tal Wilkenfeld. When I checked out the two of them playing together I made a note to self to pick up some of her stuff with Beck. Apparently the note got lost and I never followed up. She's a great musician and the chemistry between them here is just contagious. How bizarre to see her (a tiny 22 year-old who honestly looks all of 15, and way too cute to take seriously...until you hear her play....Albert, are you listening here?) on stage backing two of the greatest guitar players of all time. Both drummer and keyboard player were...well, as has been already said...just breathtaking! I could not recommend a concert DVD more highly.

I "brainfarted" when ordering this. Went for a great low price on Ebay but realized I'd ordered the CD instead of the DVD!! Don't get me wrong, the CD is killa, but truth be told, my intention was to record a CD from the DVD. Just last night I'm flippin' the thru the channels and lo & behold, on the Paladia HD channel, is Jeff introducing Eric to the stage!!! Caught the last 15 minutes of the show and there's no indication of when (and if!) it'll be on again. I'm gonna try to wait for it to be broadcast again but if I know myself I'll wind up buying the DVD, soon!;)
Paladia has run this several times (that I've noticed) over the last few weeks. You may check the listings to see when it runs again.

As for Imogen Heap's performance, I had never hear her before this DVD. I immediately bought her CD "Speak for yourself" after seeing the DVD. It's excellent and I'll probably get more from her soon.

I bought the CD before getting the DVD - it's great, but would have been greater if it had more of the tracks off the DVD - especially those with Heap and Clapton.
Wasn't the recent Paladia performance entitled "Jeff Beck Live at Ronnie Scotts"? I caught part of it ,as well. Saw Heap, but only caught the tail end of Clapton. I hadn't listened to Beck in a long time, but this performance opened my eyes. He's in a league of his own.
I had the great experience of working with SRV on his last album and have seen Clapton and Page live many different occasions. With that said, I am very enamoured by the Blu Ray version of this and how the sound just shimmers through out the performance. I can't think of another guitarist who can coax so many sounds out of a VOX and Strat using a simple playing techniques and the instrument assumes almost a "vocal" like presence. I especially like his interpretations of Nadia and Day in the Life.

Funny you should say that - I liked Beck's work when he is not so busy too. He has great timing and I felt that the less aggressive numbers they played at Ronnie Scott's showed his real skills. Like the drummer who plays incredible polyrhthms at jaw dropping what....somehow I appreciate at lot more the drummer who can simply sit in the pocket and enhance the experience with great Pee Wee Willis remarked once about funk music - "it is more about what you DON'T play than what you do play."
Ditto Bongofury. Nadia is my favorite cut followed by Cause we've ended as lovers followed by Angel ( an almost classical music composition). J.B. was always known for his tone and for his phrasing. Over time he worked more and more on his velocity which while extremely impressive forgoes his absolutely beautiful use of space. Like all great art I think that ultimate achievement is found through subtle means and more often than not by implication. Louis Armstrong was a master of that and while he could play with great velocity he always loved a great melody. That said Scatterbrain is still awe inspiring and Big Block is still bad *ss nasty guitar virtuosity. - Jim
Shadorne and Aldavis

I am related to "Big Dom" Mumolo, who just passed away this week at 91 in Rancho Palo Verdes, CA. One of the best session alto sax players in his day, played with everyone from the Ella, Duke, Frank, Dino, Sammy, and Nat (was on "Unforgettable"), both in the studio and television. Really incredible player, and played up to the day he died (had 12 students and retired from touring at 89).

My last conversation with him was a two hour stretch two weeks ago, where he talked at length about all the Jazz Orchestra arrangements he had worked on and how they had to "one take" everything back in the day, so you literally had to sheet read and produce over any genre in a moments notice. Not many musicians today could probably roll with the previous environment of rich improvisation, so I am always amazed when I come across artists like Jeff Beck who are more than one trick ponies.

There are the intangables like "in the pocket", "space", "groove" and "feel" that are so central to music that rarely get mentioned in these blog postings because very little gear can recreate this magic.
To go from Scatterbrain to Nadia on a dime and make it effortless is truly a gift.
Right on brother. Most people get caught up in all kinds of audio gobledegook like to justify their investment. Take " transparency" for example. You only know if something is transparent if you know what it sounded like in the studio or at the venue. My guess is that most audiophiles don't and rely more on comformance to certain kinds of sound that they have been taught by manufacturers and critics to expect and to associate with high end stereo. How often do you hear about tone in a right up or an ad ? For me it's all about the things you mentioned because to me thats what makes great music. Getting that to translate well at home is what motivates me to spend so much time on this crazy hobby. And you're right - it isn't easy. - Jim
My Condolences. I will add that 91 is pretty good going though!

I looked him up and he was on Sinatra's "White Christmas" (Capitol Years) - so I figure nearly everyone alive has probably heard Big Dom although they might not know it.
I'm sorry for your loss bongofury. It's wonderful to see someone fully enjoying his life doing what he loved to do and sharing it with others. He must have been very special. - Jim
Thanks for your good thoughts. He left three generations of players (son, grandson, and great grandchildren) below him. He was the patron and could play to a professional level up until he died, running circles around the rest of his family. In total, we have six remaining pro working musicians in my extended family and I have been in the management side of the biz for three decades, with a web design and live tour production company. I am the black sheep at family parties since I can't play a lick.

"You only know if something is transparent if you know what it sounded like in the studio or at the venue. My guess is that most audiophiles don't and rely more on comformance to certain kinds of sound that they have been taught by manufacturers and critics to expect and to associate with high end stereo."

Jim: totally agree with your statement. Most audiophile systems I hear are overbuilt for the room they lie in, with poor sound dynamics caused by too many watts pushing air in disportionate levels, hampered by the box like structure of most homes. Very few consumers appear to know how to balance out a stereo system in a near field "musical" environment. I have usually seen the opposite--soundstages overwhelming the room. I know many well healed consumers addicted to the pursuit of capturing and recreating the "live" extended bass and the sizzling horns--the holy grail.
I thought Beck was playing Marshall JCM 800s & some plexis. I never saw a Vox on stage.
Uses VOX in the studio and backstage green room. Nice picture in recent Uncut Magazine using this.
On a seemingly unrelated topic, but because someone here (Chazro) mentioned it; can anyone tell me how to extract the digital audio files from a music DVD like this? The Beck DVD has performances on it that are not available on CD and I'd like to rip them to my music library to listen to without a picture. I'm on a Mac...any advice appreciated.
I have a Pioneer PDR-19, a stand-alone CD recorder. It functions exactly as cassette recorders do, it will record any source that's part of the system. Once the CD's recorded, I can easily transfer thru my computer to my Ipod.
This is a really nice thread.

Bongo, sorry to hear about your loss.

I can relate to the family party deal. My wife hadn't touched a piano in 20 years when we got ours and - despite a real investment of time on my part - she plays rings around me. Don't know about you, but in my case it's clearly just a lack of talent!


PS Does anyone prefer any track on this disc to "Cause We're Ended As Lovers"? I know there's a lot of great stuff here, but - IMHO - that one is for the ages.
I use teh audio hijack pro.

Thanks, Synthfreek! That looks like a good option. I was hoping one of the native MacApps would do the trick, but for $32 that looks like a good way to go. Thanks for the response - Chazro too!
There is freeware or shareware around but considering that it may take you
several hours to split the files $32 bucks ain't bad. I did this last about 5 years
ago as I wanted the soundtrack to the opening credits of
[url=]Witches of
Eastwick[/url] and could not find it on CD. I can't remember what I used exactly
(ripper or extractor) but i do remember it took me a whole evening.