JL Fathom repair

I have a JL F112 and the rubber surround has developed a hole in it.  I am located in the Portland Oregon area and there doesn't seem to be anyone that can do the repairs....it sounds like you have to ship this massive thing back to JL in Florida for something that should be pretty simple.  Does anyone have any suggestions or alternatives for repair that don't involve a return to JL?


I just sent my F-113 in for updating. It is quite a massive unit to ship.
But, it is really the only way to get it fixed correctly.

I had a similar problem in a woofer.  I used an epoxy made for rubber.  It worked perfectly and I never had a problem with it.  My cat had torn the rubber surround.  I got the epoxy from Lowes/Home Depot.
Duck tape? Seriously, won't JL send you a driver? Shouldn't be that hard to swap in.
I can only encourage you to do it the right way and send it back to JL. Their service program is second to none. For a reasonable flat fee they go through it and replace anything and everything that is possibly suspect or is in need of replacement. As you are probably aware, first generation F series subs have capacitors that are prone to failure and these also get replaced with updated caps during the repair. Communication was excellent, service turnaround time was quick. 
dweller - the way the sub is made you can't just pull the driver out. (it's not your standard 4 screws in the front of the driver plate kind of build). At least that's what Randy Wagner at JL told me.

to scottfields: seriously consider sending it in. you pay freight one way (they pay the return) and for a flat $300 they will upgrade any other components as well that need repair. Mine made a popping sound at high levels so they replaced some caps and chips in the amp, and I have never been happier.
That is generous to do a flat rate with shipping for only $300 ....a lot of that money goes toward shipping I'm sure.
They redid my F112last year and it is as good as new now and has some of their 1 year repair warranty left on the clock. The way that JL and Randy stand behind their products is admirable and the service they offer for $300 is basically unbeatable and justifies (along with their awesome sound quality) the high cost of entry into this brand. 
Well I may be changing my mind about recommending JL Audio Service. Today is 2 weeks since I sent my JL-F-113 in for repair and they haven't looked at it yet.
Originally I was told it was about a 3 week turnaround. Now that they have it I'm being told it may be 3 weeks until they look at it. They said sorry about the confusion. More like BS...

JL Audio's Fathom (and Gotham) subwoofer series sport foam surrounds, not rubber, and while earlier types of foam surrounds have been known to deteriorate more readily than rubber and not least cloth surrounds - typically going into degradation mode from somewhere between 5-10 to 15 years, depending on different factors - I'm surprised this material is still used in drivers build today in the specific compound that offers no advance in lifespan. How old are the JL Audio subs in question here to need reconing/"updating"? I'm assuming they are no more than 10 years old. Newer foam variants, including foamed rubber, should be more resilient and durable and last up to 20-25 years, so I'm surprised why these types of foam surrounds haven't been implemented in JL Audio's premium subs years ago to prevent costumers from the hassle of "updating" so relatively close to their purchase year. 
Well its been over 3 weeks now and I can't seem to be able to get any information on my sub. Shane from JL originally was communicating with me but for the past week there has been no reply.

I hope I get the sub back...

JL Audio has a program that for $300 they will bring the sub back to the original operating conditions. Replacing caps, boards etc. 
I thought it would be a good idea since mine is quite a few years old and was exhibiting a rattling sound on low bass.



Anything new to report?  I haven't sent mine back yet and your experience doesn't have me rushing to the UPS store.