JW Audio Signature Interconnect - I can't get anyone even to try them

I recetntly posted an ad for them on Agon, and it has generated very little interest. I'm offering a 30 day trial with refund if not happy. These cables have been my reference for many years and sounded better than anything I've owned including a pair of $1200 Audioquest silver. I recently found Iconoclast to be incrementally better, but it retails for $1740. 

Does anyone have any suggestions?

If a long-time member here with a trusted sales history is interested in just trying them, I will send you a pair if you are willing to pay for shipping both ways. Let me know what you think of them. I think you will be surprised at how good they are.

If you live anywhere near me at 53005, bring your cables over for a comparison. My system consists of a Luxman L590AXII, dCS Debussy Dac with a dCS Network Bridge connected to Canton Reference 8C floorstanders or  ProAc Response 1SC monitors. 


You can afford expensive interconnects, but you can't afford to place an ad?

Hmmm ….

- No ads on HIFISHARK, and Nil / Nada / zip in their sales history too.

- No response and no interest yet expressed to your ad here…

= a harbinger that appears to be negligible interest in them at best .

My take: Last resort

(1) suffer the likely and entirely predictable big haircut on a potential ( if any) dealer trade-in quote

(2) try a similar big revised haircut on your current asking price as a last resort (Hint: think, say a similar healthy BIG slash off your current asking price …) …if you are serious in trying to ever sell them. The next guy is a hard lock to minimize his investment losses when  unable to offload them easily too. 

IMO , your Pleadings for personal auditions on this forum is logistically a predictable no-go, without prejudice to the prevailing general user indifference expressed above.

Choose wisely.

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@audiojerry …. 

(1) @stereo5 +1. Kinda nailed it, sir. They are not a popular cable brand and absent a meaningful published sales history . The lion’s share of buyers choose mainstream brands that they can easily pass on by trade or sale. The competition of performance among cables is huge with a large cohort of members steering towards mainstream brand that are performance peers and better .

(2) personal cable Auditions on YOUR system don’t provide any meaningful basis for a synergy assessment to buyer in HIS bespoke system in his bespoke listening arena. Hence It won’t provide more hyperbole than a mag review or a YouTube video .The fact that you have no personal audition acceptance yet regrettably speaks volumes .

(3) Offering a take-it-home audition wild card option to prospective buyers is limited to a trusted local resident paltry few; it’s unacceptable high risk and not a doable option for 99+% of prospective buyers.

Carry on but Choose wisely

To me problem number 1 is you're trying to sell a brand most folks never heard of. Problem number 2 is you're asking 80% of your stated retail price. Regardless of how wonderful you think these "rare" (your listing word) cables are you're not going to get 80% of retail, 30% maybe. 

+1, @facten 

Consider yourself lucky if someone would pay 30% of full retail. Discounted cables, unknown brand…you might as well hang on to them. May be you can use them in a 2nd system. When I couldn’t sell my Signal Cables at 30%, I ‘donated’ them to a friend who was building a 2nd system. 

When looking for used cables, I just check hifi shark. It would list anything up for sale anywhere, even the stuff here on audiogon. A word of advice, go on hifi shark and see if any of your cables are up for sale anywhere and simply beat their price. That will be much more effective than your auditioning offers.

The Admins of Audiogon really are an enigma. They delete posts after posts because someone says the wrong word, uses the wrong pronoun, farts without saying excuse me, etc. etc. But they are like crickets when someone makes a post that is nothing but an ad for a product being sold. LMFAO


To the author of this thread -- your cables aren’t getting a sniff because you have them at a ridiculous price, just like most of the gear offered on Audiogon. Face reality...it doesn’t matter if "2 year old awesome, gold plated, sprinkled with Unicorn poop" cables are being offered 60% below retail, because the retail price of multiple thousands of dollars was multiple thousands of dollars OVERPRICED to begin with. Sometimes I truly wonder if 99.99% of those in this hobby are billion dollar Trust Fund babies.

Jumping in on what most of the rest have already said. No Name cables don't sell- at almost any price. Used top quality, well known nad reviewed cables sell at 50% off or even deeper discounted- the assumption is that the original buyer could have bought them brand new for 30-40% off MSRP so used they have to go for less. And I agree, posting a thinly veiled "ad" here in the forum is not the best approach. 

Even if I come over for an audition and they sounded fantastic, say the best I have ever heard, I would have to get them for almost nothing because I would never be able to sell an unknown name cable. I would have to think that I would own these cables forever and I never keep any audio gear forever.

good luck

Oh man, I did not know that JW passed away. Did he go by the user name “zmanastronomy”?

I owned his best interconnects they were pretty respectable my brother has them .

my Wireworld Eclipse interconnects are more balanced imo.

JW was a nice guy ,RIP.


You might consider lowering your price.  I bought all but one of my Audioquest cables at half price, shipped free from a trusted dealer and they were new in the box.  They were just yesterday’s model and AQ changes model names often.


Not only have I tried the JW Signature ICs, but I've used the Schroeder method of running identical IC pairs using 4 sets of connectors to a particular connection.  As with all the combinations I've tried, using 2 rather than 1 set of ICs has a much bigger improvement in the ICs SQ than using one that is st least double the price by the same manufacturer.  Also done with Teo GC II's, and Acoustic BBQ double ICs.  It is a great way to upgrade at reasonable cost.  I still use one set each of the mentioned ICs and have compared the difference with the much more expensive IC in my system that a friend brought over for comparison.  In all cases, the double ICs outdid the single set by the same maker.  The JW's are very good sounding ICs--BUT...the double ICs by any of the makers is a very significant difference in SQ for the better compared to the single set of ICs, with zero drawbacks other than the cost to do it.


Thanks Doug S. for the tip.  Doug is a professional reviewer for Dagogo.  And sorry if this is beyond your desire to improve the sound of your system.




+1 @ facten.

To the OP you probably don't want to hear this but most of the above has been my experience with buying small brand no-name cables. There are some great values out there with basically one guy making cables out of his garage, but resale value sucks pretty much without exception. Just accept that when buying the cables. Getting 30% of "MSRP" will probably be what they are legitimately worth which is around $100. The market has already told you they are not going to pull 80% of retail. If that is too hard to swallow keep them.