Lenco owners - arm/cart discussion,suggestions?

Curious to hear what arms others are using on their Lencos, and experiences they may have particularly with MC carts.

I currently have a Lenco L75 with custom plinth and 2 armboards (one with RB300), along with a Nottingham Spacedeck/Spacearm.

Has anyone tried the Spacearm on the Lenco? Any feedback is much appreciated.

What other arms are people using, particularly with low output moving coils?

I would really like to try my van den Hul Condor on the Lenco for a real gauge of the table's performance. While I feel the RB300 is a good match on the table, it will not work well with the Condor.

Just curious of other people's experiences before I drill the other armboard for an A/B of the Spacearm/Condor on the Spacedeck vs. Lenco.

Am considering other arms (SME V, Graham Phantom or 2.2) so any experiences of these with the Lenco would be helpful.

Have also considered something like a Shelter 501 for the Rega arm. Any experiences with low output MCs, RB300, and the Lenco?
Following up on my first post, I have seen a lot of folks using a Denon 103 (and 103R) on Lencos. Just does not seem like the right fit to the Rega arm (arm is light for the Denon). I tried a 103R some time back on the Spacearm (which is 1.5 g effectively heavier than the RB300), and it just did not work very well. Anyhow, looking for other experiences...

you may want to try posting your question on VE, pink fish or even lencolovers... might get a few more responses.

Actually, kinda interested myself cause there maybe a L75 in my future!
In my view, a turntable is a straightforward machine, be it a Lenco or any other, that has the simple task of spinning at the selected speed without imparting any detrimental effects to the resulting sound. If that turntable doesn't play well with others, then one of two things is happening. Either it reveals the shortcomings of the associated tonearm and cartridge, or they reveal the shortcomings of it. It is that simple, really.

That said, I believe that any tonearm and cartridge should perform with any turntable. If the result is not as good as should be, something is wrong with one, two, or all of them.

Try your tonearm, and if it sounds better than on the Nottingham, at least you can ascertain the merits of the Lenco. If not, more work is in order.
I agree that any decent arm should work well with your Lenco. On my two-armed 70-pounder, I'm using an SME IIIs as the "second" arm and switch off between a JMW 10.5 and that 12" cherry wood arm sold here on Audiogon as the "main" arm. The latter two arms are on separate armboards making for quick and easy switching. Good luck, Dave
Thanks for the responses.

My primary goal is to find out what others have experienced withe their Lencos and their impressions of different components and combinations of components on this table.

Dopogue - this is exactly the information I'm looking for. What do you think of the SME vs JMW, and what carts are you using? I am also using a 70 pounder two armboard setup, and seriously considering a JMW 10.5
Mbort, the JMW is clearly superior to the SME III. The real surprise is how good that inexpensive wood arm is. I just wrecked (don't ask) a Soundsmith-retipped DL-103 on the JMW and am now using a Decca Super Gold Mk. VII on it. The DL-103, now back at Soundsmith, was more detailed and coherent, the Decca more dynamic and "authoritative." The SME III is currently sporting a Pickering TL-2S, one of my favorite carts, and there's a Grace F-9E on the wood arm. Not bad, but not as good as the Pickering, IMHO. Dave
I've heard Dopogue's system several times, and I can back up all of what he says. I liked his sound so much that I invested in a Nantais Lenco too. I use a Triplanar with Koetsu Urushi on my L75, and I am very pleased with the result. The combo blew away my previous Notts Hyperspace, for example. So you can see that though Dopogue and I use very different tonearms and cartridges, we are both pleased with the performance of the Lenco cum giant plinth, which goes to support what Mosin wrote. Usually, you should believe anything Mosin says about turntables.
Thanks everyone for all the info, this is very useful.

I am just going to go ahead and drill out the other armboard for the Spacearm and give it a try. Can't afford a new arm just yet - but it looks like the Lenco can handle some of the finest arms and carts available. I guess my concern, in the end, was that the arm and cart would far outclass the table.
I'm seriously thinking of getting a lenco as well, the 103R seems to be a popular choice with this table. I guess I'll have to try it out to see what the fuss is all about.
Mikey, I don't know why the Denon 103R would be a popular choice to use with a Lenco. It's much more important to match cartridge and tonearm. Once you've done that, you can use that pair on any turntable. Different tts will add different sonic signatures to the basic signature of the cartridge/tonearm combo. The whole point of relating the experiences of myself and Dopogue is that anything goes with the Lenco, or any other topflight tt for that matter. You probably do see a lot of Denons on Lencos, because the Denons are per se among the most popular cartridges maybe of all time. Sorry if I sound too adamant; it's just my $.02.
I think the 103 is simply a good performer and a good value, so it has been widely accepted. I look forward to trying the Graham with other cartridges as well.
Just as a follow up - I mounted the Spacearm and vdH Condor on the Lenco. Need to resolve some VTA related issues - ran out of travel and still too far above level (and don't want to just use a really thick mat), but all in all my first impressions of the Lenco table are extremely favorable.

on the subject of lenco's, can anyone for a jean natais plinith some cone footer figuration for me?


Lewm, what arm did you have on that Hyperspace?

Currently I have a Moerch DP6/Dyna 17D3 on a Space 294. I've had a couple of Nottinghams. I preferred them with different arms (Rega, Origin Live, Micro Seiki). I felt they made the tables sound more dynamic than with the Space/Ace Space arms.

I have an L75 on the way from Canada. The plan is to do some maintenance on it and then build a plinth. I'll try the DP6 arm on it. I’ve had one supposed belt drive destroyer here already, and need to hear it for myself.
Audiohifila, here's what I did with a Nantais-built table. Replaced Jean's
carriage bolts with Mapleshade Threaded Heavyfeet. Mapleshade has these
solid brass footers in stock with the same 3/8 x 16 thread size hangar bolts
already attached. Just screw them into the carriage bolt holes and enjoy the
improvement. Three of the Heavyfeet cost $120 (total) and are well worth it,
IMO. Dave
Lets just say "Dopogue" is da man
Very helpful individual who's has lot's of knowledge to share

Thanks Dave
Scompracer, I used the very same Triplanar on my Hyperspace that I now use on my Nantais/Lenco. To mount the Triplanar on the H'space, I needed to have Tom Fletcher (Nottingham Analog boss and mentor) make me a special platform that raised the tonearm base to an acceptable height.

As to the question about feet for the Nantais/Lenco, when I bought mine, Jean had some threaded brass cones that were made for his projects. I bought a set of 3 for some extra dough, $160, I think. I've no reason at all to believe they would be any better than the Mapleshade cones or any other solidly made cones, but having the threaded attachment to the plinth is nice for height adjustment.
Lew, I thought of using the threaded Heavyfeet for leveling the TT but then decided to screw them tightly against the plinth's underside and do the leveling elsewhere. Maybe nothing to worry about, but seeing that gap between the top of the Heavyfoot and bottom of the plinth bothered me :-) Dave

I went to the website and the threaded heavyfeet 3/8x16 come either with stud or hanger bolt?

Do I need the platform too or anything else with the four heavyfeet?
The hangar bolt version is what you need. As to what else you need I can only tell you what I'm using. The Mapleshade brass Heavyfeet sit directly atop a 22 x 24" maple platform (from Timbernation). Below this are four double-thickness IsoBlocks (from Mapleshade) which I happened to have already. I level the whole shebang by inserting enough thicknesses of 1 1/2 x 2" Post-It Notes (no kidding) between the top of two of the IsoBlocks and the bottom of the maple platform. This will naturally depend on how level your rack is (or whatever the turntable is sitting on).

My maple platform is 2" thick. If I had it to do over, I'd go for a 3-incher.

My turntable is 19 by 23 so will probably have to special order that size since usually comes in 18 by 24 or 24 by 24. 24 by 24 is too big for my reference shelf top though. I wonder if the platform is slightly smaller than the tt by one inch if that would even be a problem?

Mike, you can probably get away with an 18 x 24" platform IF the front-back distance between the bolt holes on your Lenco is sufficient (i.e., no more than about 16 1/2"). Dave

Thanks again for all the responses!

I swear that the Lenco is something else. I was able to get the armboard milled down such that VTA could be properly adjusted on the Spacearm. And with the Condor, it certainly seems that pace, frequency extension, and clarity are much improved over the Nottingham deck. I have not A/B'd back to the Spacedeck, BUT have listened to many albums that I know very well on two different integrateds (same tube configuration), and noticed the same differences on both setups...

Will definitely report more as I listen and become more familiar with this deck. But initial impressions after a week of listening - this Lenco is something else!
Interesting Choice Mbort

I really like the Nottingham tables.
I've just secured a lenco as well

Will read on with interest