Lessloss Reference review?

A review on 6moons just came out and the latest, greatest revision by Lessloss got analyzed. What does the article really say? All I got is that 2K cord is better than a $1 cord? Is it just me but some of these reviews are pretty much useless?
It's not just you, reviews ARE worthless. Though I suppose they are not totally useless, they can provide some photos or specifications that may not be available otherwise. They are only worthless when it comes to wasting time reading and trying to decipher any honest sonic impressions. Reviews are more like infomercials.

This goes all the way back to the days of Julian Hirsch in Stereo Review "Of all the speakers that I have ever auditioned, these XYZ speakers are certainly one of them.". LOL! That's hard-hitting reporting right there!!
There is a nice review in Nomono a Danish publication 4 different power cords were reviewed Lessloss reference came off very well,although the cord that seemed to please the most was the new Ansuz entry cord
One valuable function of a review is that it can sometimes provide information that otherwise might be missing or difficult to locate. I recently needed an alternate phone number of a company whose product was reviewed at Stereophile. I ordered one of their products that I received shipping notice for but had not received it after over a week. Surprisingly, they provided no phone number. I dug up a number for them. The phone number I called for and left a v-mail msg they did not return my call. The company had no phone number listed at their website. No replys to emails either. I found a different phone number listed on Stereophile's review. This number lead to a response from the company and I received the product. Good product too, but poor customer contact.
Branislav, I also came away from that review wondering what purpose it served.
Well I haven't read the review, but it does not sound as if it was a glowing review. There are only two categories of reviews, glowing rave reviews, and not glowing rave reviews.

You can take from this whether the reviewer really thinks the subject of the review is great or so-so. Finding negative reviews is not so easy in these days of high finance.
As I described in previous posts (See, A New Superstar), I find these cords to be nearly transformative. I have tried many cords but somehow I find the LessLoss hits my sweet spot. Starngely, though Louis Motek, the designer, says they need hundreds of hours to burn in, when I inserted the fist Ref in my Wyetech Opal pre, the improvement was startling and immediate. When the second Ref was used on my PS Audio PWD MkII DAC, however, it sounded awful for the first 50 hours and only now are its true colors shining through. Listening to Tift Merrett's "Make You Happy," a quietly achingly beautiful song that absolutely requires a black background, took my breath away with this cord.

As far as the 6 moons review goes, here is its coda. What more praise do you want?

"In conclusion we have to say that the LessLoss DFPC Reference is completely true to its nomination [as a reference]. Once this cable is used in combination with a source, the complete system benefits more than a new piece of equipment will achieve.


N.B. I have no financial interest in LessLoss, direct or indirect.
Thank you Lula...I guess sometimes reviewing become a job and even though I can find contact info or brief blanket recommendation, you still have no idea what characteristics a particular component has. Btw, I just pulled trigger on Silent Source power cord so I'm curious how it's going to work in my system. Still curious about Lessloss though...
Alright, I read the review, yeah it was pretty poorly written. I couldn't help but notice that the two reviewers were the same ones that wrote about the original LessLoss cord when it came out in November of 2008 (Marja & Henk). I haven't read more of their stuff, but I'll just assume that they are poor reviewers. They spend most of their time discussing technology, and very, very little time discussing actual sonic characteristics.

Perhaps people who can not describe what they are hearing should not be reviewers....just a thought.
There are only two categories of reviews, glowing rave reviews, and not glowing rave reviews.
Har! So true.
Reviews and reviewer's are like a women's Bikini ...

What they reveal is seductive but what they conceal is really what is critical ;-)
The 6Moons review wording may have something to do with the fact the reviewers are Dutch and are techies more than audiophiles (they run IT Depts). There are glowing reviews of this PC in more conventional audio publications like Stereo Times, etc. (Check LessLoss website.) Inasmuch as these PC's are designed and made in Lithiuania, you are going to see more foreign reviews first.

I can only repeat that this cord is a revelation, and I say this when I am as cynical if not more so than most others about the Next Big Thing in audio. But sometimes it actually does happen.